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Oh, please don't go
I want you so
I can't let go
For I lose control
-Please Don't Go, Barcelona

MAGGIE sat cross legged in the middle of her bed playing with the charms on her bracelet that she wore on her left wrist. She hadn't slept at all the previous night nor had Damon. All through the night she sat in her bed and stared at the charms that Damon had given her as she cried quietly to herself. Damon sat outside her bedroom door all night until his phone had rang earlier in the morning and he actually got up and left. Somewhere in the middle Maggie had finally stopped crying.

For the past 2 years on her birthday everyone gave Maggie another charm for her birthday. Since she was 16 she had worn the charm bracelet that was given to her by the most important people in her life. And yet looking at the charm bracelet made Maggie feel alone. When she fingered the charms that Damon had given her there was a stabbing sensation that filled her heart. It wasn't until a tear hit the charms that she realized she begun crying.

Maggie began to wipe the tears from her eyes. It seemed to her that she was always crying and she was tired of it. She didn't want to cry anymore. Maggie decided that it was time for her to stop moping in her room and to get out but not before slipping the bracelet off her wrist and putting it away in a drawer.

Her wavy light brown hair was tied in a loose ponytail that hung over her left shoulder. She wore a pair of her best dark blue jeans matched with a long sleeved gray shirt. When Maggie got to the bottom of the stairs she walked into the library where she heard Damon moving around in.

She walked into the library to find Damon placing things into a black backpack and he had his leather jacket on. "It's a care package for Stefan. Figured he could use it being trapped with the bitch and all."

Maggie nodded but made no move to go closer to Damon staying exactly where she was.

"Bewitched is over at Elena's but she'll be by to visit you later," Damon said.

Again Maggie nodded as she played with her hands and chewed on her bottom lip. You could feel the awkward tension that surrounded them and Maggie didn't know what to do. Things were never this bad between the two of them.

"Mags," Damon's voice was gentle and broken.

She looked at him and could see the guilt in his icy colored eyes. He glanced down at her wrist and saw the absence of the charm bracelet. Maggie could see the pain that flashed over his face quickly before he grabbed the backpack and made a quick escape. She heard the front door slam shut behind him. As bad as she was hurting at the moment she knew the eldest Salvatore vampire was hurting just as much.

Standing alone in the Salvatore house, Maggie wrapped her arms around herself. She missed Damon. But she was angry at him. He had hurt her and he was the one person she never expected to hurt her. Maggie slide down to the floor with her back to the archway. She didn't want to hurt anymore or feel guilty about being mad at Damon. She soon found her eyes fluttering shut as more tears filled her eyes and she fell asleep.

It only felt like a few minutes but as Maggie opened her light green eyes and glanced at the clock she found that she had been asleep on the floor for about an hour now. As she sat up slowly she heard knocking at the front door. Maggie rubbed at her eyes as she stood from the floor and walked to the front door. It was probably Bonnie coming to check in on her.

When she opened the large front door she nearly collapsed to the ground. She was sure her heart stopped as her eyes widened.


"Afternoon Maggie," Elijah smiled at her.

She still hadn't gotten over the shock of Elijah standing in front of her. What if Damon had been home? What if Bonnie had been here? Elijah was here. He was here at the house.

"It's lovely out is it not?" Elijah asked.

Maggie allowed herself to give a nod. The sun was out and shining and there wasn't a cloud in site.

"I was wondering if you would accompany me on a walk?" Elijah asked.

Maggie paused a moment and thought about Bonnie and how she was coming over and Damon. When would he be getting home?

"Unless of course you're busy," Elijah said.

Maggie shook her head. Turning she grabbed her jacket and put her cellphone in her pocket and then closed the front door behind her.

"Where would you like to walk?" Elijah asked.

Maggie gave him a smile and began to walk to her left which would lead to a path that went through the woods. It was one of her favorite places to go walking and she knew it well. She gave Elijah another smile as he walked close beside her.

The sun shined through the top of the trees giving the woods a magical look to them. Silence rang throughout the woods except for the cracking of twigs as Maggie and Elijah walked together. She didn't know how long she and Elijah had been walking for but she didn't care. She enjoyed spending time with Elijah. With him the feelings of hurt and dread disappeared if only for a little while. The butterflies would flutter and she felt light when he was around. And Maggie smiled. Elijah made her smile.

"You know this path well," Elijah commented.

Maggie nodded, "I walk it often."

Elijah smiled, "Well, I'm honored that you've shared it with me."

Maggie could feel her cheeks turn warm as she quickly looked at the ground and away from Elijah. Did she mention the butterflies and how he made her blush too?

The moment was ruined as Maggie heard and felt her phone vibrate allerting her of a text. She pulled her phone out and found a text from Damon asking where she was.

"Out for a walk." She replied.

Damon texted her back. "Bonnie stopped by and you weren't there."

"I'm fine." Maggie texted back.

"Bonnie put a spell on Elena so that she can't leave her house." Damon texted. "I'm going to see her."

"Alright." Maggie replied and put her phone back in her pocket.

She let out a sigh. She could see Damon shaking his head as he put his phone away. Even when they sent texts to each other it was strained and awkward.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Elijah asked.

Maggie snapped her head to him and blushed. She was so caught up in her emotional drama with Damon that she forgot the original vampire was there with her. Did she want to talk about it? Yell about it was more like it. Maggie wished she could scream her lungs out about everything but she couldn't.

Elijah grabbed Maggie's arm, gently bringing her to a halt in front of him. "You can talk to me about it, Maggie. What's wrong?"

Maggie moved over to a fallen tree and sat on it with Elijah following behind her and taking a seat next to her on the tree. Taking a deep breath she told Elijah about Damon already knowing about her silent daughter curse and keeping it from her. She told him about their fight and how Damon had hurt her. She told him about she felt alone and how she was angry at Bonnie and everyone else for not being there for her. And Elijah listened to her without interruption. He was there for her.

"It's okay for you to be mad at Damon," Elijah said. "You shouldn't feel guilty about that. And you have the right to be mad at everyone else too. That doesn't make you a horrible person, Maggie."

Maggie nodded and looked at him. "Do you know anything more about... my curse?"

"No," Elijah sighs and stands up. "I only know what I told you. In all my years of researching the silent daughter curse I only know so little."

Maggie nodded. She understands that Elijah had spent centuries researching her curse. She didn't hate him because he didn't have all the answers. Especially since it was a family curse and she was the only surviving member.

"I'm sorry that I can't give you more," Elijah said.

"You've done everything you can," Maggie mouths to him as she walked over to him. "You didn't give up. It's alright."

"The same goes for you," Elijah looked at her with his soft brown eyes. "You haven't given up. You've done everything you can, my love."

My love. She loved hearing him call her that.

"I'm tired, Elijah," She said. "I don't want to hurt anymore."

Elijah stood in front of her and placed his left hand on her cheek so he was cradling her face gently. "You're strong. You'll make it."

Maggie raised her hand so that it covered Elijah's as her light green eyes stared into his brown colored eyes. Without breaking eye contact Elijah leaned down and pressed his lips gently against hers. Maggie closed her eyes and lost herself in the warm sensations that shot through her entire body. Elijah brought hit other hand up and cradled her face in between both hands.

Maggie knew that Damon and everyone else would be furious if they found out but she didn't care. She didn't feel guilty about her feelings for Elijah. It felt right. Elijah and her felt right.

She was happy.

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