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The day started so quiet, so beautiful. The team had just on the way back from a perfect mission in the bio-ship and even Artemis and Kid Flash seemed to get along.

The only one frowning and looking displeased was Robin. The team didn't notice this though they were celebrating their success.

Artemis shouted Muahaha XD we totally showed the justice league what we could do this mission. KF sent Artemis his most charming smile and said: 'You totally rocked today angel^^'.

Artemis looked a little bit creeped out at KF but you could still see the small blush appearing under her mask. She turned the other way purposely not looking at Wally and said: 'you weren't to bad yourself … B B B bbaywatch'. The nickname rolled out of her mouth stuttering.

Robin could only sigh and roll his eyes. He already knew that the justice league wouldnt be as pleased as they all thought. Especially Batman he would be very, very angry. He knew that this mission was to close to betraying his real identity.. Dick Grayson.

No, the Daddybats would be very annoyed and angry and he knew that he would get the worst of it. This argument would even continue at home. Dick sighed, even now he couldn't have his peace. No, he had to keep listening to the annoying flirting of Artemis and Kid Flash.

The bio-ship finally landed and the young justice team walked out. A happy KF, Arty, Mega'nn, Supes, Kaldur and very grumpy Robin came out last.

The teams mood started to swing very fast though. When they walked into the mountain. They saw their mentors standing with an angry face and they wondered what was wrong, want after all the mission went perfect.

The team couldn't believe their eyes when robin walked op to the batman and pulled him away from the other mentors to talk to him.

Supes tried listening in, but the bats communicated on a completely other level. Even Superboy couldn't follow what they were talking about. He just shrugged it of. It couldn't be important anyway.

All of the sudden the conversation between the Batman and Robin started to heat up as they were waving with their arms in anger and they started to talk much louder. Still they couldn't understand what they were saying.

Until they heard one sentence coming out of Robin's mouth. A sentence they never expected to hear.

'Fine I Quit'. The voice sounded so angry that the team stared in disbelief. 'I stop being your partner, I stop being Robin, I stop being part of this .. Team'.

'I stop existing in your world'.

Robin almost spit those last words out. He was shaking with anger

KF's eyes went big as he stared at the reaction of the Batman...

The Batman just laughed it off

Robin couldn't believe it, such a small argument so blown out of proportion. But there was no turning back.

He started a war with the Batman and now he was no longer Robin, no longer Dick Grayson the ward of Bruce Wayne.

He had to go and he knew it. The bats would never take back those hurtful things he said and neither would he.

Why in hells name did he had to say that he would stop existing in his fathers world? He didn't know anymore.

Batman had seemed all fine and happy about it to.

Dick Grayson started to think. What could he do? Where could he go?

After this night he could forget about a crime fighting career. Batman would make sure that he would never be accepted. Yes, the bat can hold grudges to an extreme.

Dick packed his back and threw it on his shoulder and then he left Wayne manor. Planning to never look back.

Walking through Gotham Dick breathed in the poisonus gotham air. The air in which he grew out to what he was.

From now on things would truelly change. He would show them all. And robin.. no, Dick Grayson cackled as he walked through the dark Gotham streets.

Bruce entered the manor looking around to see if he saw Richard. Their last argument had become really heated and now that he had cooled of he wanted to go apologize to Dick.

Bruce started to call his wards name, but with no avail. He walked to the elderly butler and asked him if he had seen Dick.

Alfred frowned his eyebrows since he hadn't seen the boy the entire day and this was also what he told Bruce.

Bruce sighed, but was undisturbed. Since Dick would come home, just as he did after he cooled his head.

Oh, if only he had known how wrong he was.. then he might have been capable of finding his ward back.

KF was totally outraged after Robin, Batman and the rest of their mentors had left. How dared Batman laugh robin's threat of?

KF was positive that robin was serious about this threat, but how would he make the rest of the team realize that?

He could even hardly believe it himself...

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