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A vague and unpleasant smell started to administrate in his still slightly unconscious brain. Dick Grayson was slowly coming to. The smell was not one that he was unfamiliar with, nor was the touch of rope on his skin indicating that he was tight to a chair.

The strong iron like smell was blood. Probably his blood to. Dick started groaning as he started to regain consciousness. He knew better then to open his eyes, seeing as he had been in this situation often enough. The longer you play unconscious the more likely you will get out unhurt. He started to reminisce on what had happened.

The painful fight with Bruce, leaving him, becoming Jesse McCartney, Bruce not recognizing him.. unintentional his eyes started to tear up when he remembered all of those painful moments, but he knew better then to wake up.

Becoming Nightwing, the new robin, the offer to join the Justice League, the concert in Gotham… the green gas!...

Dick knew that he was taken as Jesse during his live.. and that the one responsible could only be the Joker. The moment he realized that it was the Joker who took him he opened his eyes, only in time to shut them again in extreme pain due to the blast against his chest.

The joker had hit him there with a crowbar.. and he had hit him hard…

And even though the joker was laughing through the first couple of hits.. he stopped laughing and started to look dissatisfied when he realized that Jesse was not screaming for him..

The joker narrowed his eyes.. and started to pout. 'Now now, music boy.. how can we lure the batsy here when you are not performing?': Joker asked. At that moment Harley decided to waltz into the room and her eyes narrowed the moment that she saw Jesse sitting… she slowly walked towards him.. halting in front of him…

'I don't know pudding.. but something is familiar about him': she said in a quaking voice. She looked at the Joker expectantly. As if he would know where she knew him from… And the Joker catching Harley's gaze .. knew that there was something more about this Jesse McCartney then they knew…

The joker started ice bearing in the room.. thinking about where he knew Jesse from. He had only taken the boy in the hope that Batsy would come… but then again teasing the boy with his crowbar had been so much fun that he might have gone a little bit to wild.

Seeing as the pop star was now unconscious, but then again his reactions had reminded him so much of … … … And the Jokers eyes grew wide! No wonder that he had wanted to cut the boy up and hear him sing in agony and pain.

But what he would do now was going to be so much more fun.

'Don't worry birdy boy I will make sure that that replacement of yours is gone soon enough': Joker whispered into Jesse's unconscious ear.

And the Joker started to laugh and dance as an maniac as the glass around him shattered and the Young Justice team came into his lair.

Joker swept up Harley in his arms as he danced together with her towards the exit. Let them take back the boy for now, because the fun that he would have in the future would beat all of this.

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