Bleed Like Me

Universe: Prime

Pairing: RatchetxDrones, GenexProwl

Story Rating: R/MA+

Chapter Rating: MA+

Warnings: Sexual situations.

Description: One day Ratchet shows up without any warning on the Nemesis and living with the Drones no less. When he shows them an ounce of kindness several decide to take him under their wings or wheels without any question as to why he left the Autobots.

"It's a pretty common offer, Prowl. I've already told you that," Gene states, still staring at the datapad in his servo. He was working on some coding for Dante that would help fix up the ship's systems. He always seemed to be working, which wasn't all that surprising for me; I was always working…until I met Gene, that is.

I purse my derma slightly. "Would you even care if I agreed?"

Gene finally looks up at me, obviously humoring if the look on his faceplate was any indication. "Should it?"

Sometimes, the differences between our cultures were astounding. "I guess," I state, thoughtfully. On Cybertron and even on Earth, it was common for jealousy and possessiveness to occur when someone's lover was being hit on or propositioned by another person. "There's no jealousy within your ranks?"

Something dawns on his faceplate suddenly. "Do you want me to be jealous?" he smirks, devious and curious all at the same time.

"It's…a common emotion to feel when one's lover is being propositioned by someone else," I snort derisively. Jealousy and possessiveness were emotions I usually shunned, especially back on Cyberton, but now…

Gene stands up to take my servo. "Listen, Prowl, perhaps we should discuss the specifics of our relationship. We need some compromise to make this work," he smiles, pulling me back to sit on the couch. "It's extremely common for things like that to happen. You have to get used to the idea that Drones are going to offer the only thing they can to you. Especially, since you are the one helping to fix their coding."

I ease a little, being next to him. "They have things to offer now. High-grade, energon and services other than…that."

"Yes, but sometimes those things seem…miniscule in comparison to what was given," he points out easily, wrapping an arm around my shoulders to pull me into his side. I easily slide into the crook of his body, enjoying the warmth of his proximity. "For someone to offer that so easily is a compliment, Prowl. Don't take it as an insult."

"I don't!" I insist, warming as he caresses my shoulder idly. "It's just…do I accept?"

He shrugs. "You don't have to if you don't think the trade is equal. You can offer something else instead or offer to hold off until you think of something comparable."

We sit in silence for a couple of minutes, something eating at my processor. "Would you care if I accepted?"

He chuckles. "Prowl." He turns me so that we are looking at each other. "It's not like I don't hold you very highly or don't care who you interface with, please don't take it like that. Jealousy doesn't really exist in our society; we sleep with who we want, when we want and don't really take on permanent partners. Dante was a lover with Puck but that didn't stop them from interfacing with whoever they needed to repay. They weren't jealous; they knew it was a necessity but they always came back to each other in the end."

I think over his words and find them to be logical. I didn't want someone who was clingy anyways. "Okay, so it makes sense…we might just need to explain as much the Autobots so they understand. It'll take some time, especially for someone like Optimus, to understand the system but if it's your culture then we have to adapt. I just worry about someone like the twins taking advantage of it," I mutter.

Gene chuckles. "Don't worry, we're not stupid. We understand our bartering system more than anyone else. The person who got the initial gift or service must be the one to offer," he explains with a smile. "We're not docile anymore either so if we feel the trade isn't equal, we're allowed to decline or offer up an alternative."

It made sense so it put my mind at ease. Instead, I was worried about something else. If this was their bartering system then at some point Gene would be on one end of that deal. Could I handle the thought of my lover being with some other Drone? Or, Primus forbid, if someone like the twins offered him such a deal?!

"What?" he asks as my silence draws on. It was like he could hear my thoughts, my stress. Maybe I was tense. "What's going on in that processor of yours?"

I let out a long vent from my derma. "I'm trying to decide if I'm ready for this bartering system where you're concerned."

"Oh, I see," he nods, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, yet another human habit. "I guess that's up to you. It's not always interface that is traded in these deals, you know? Now, it's mostly other things and services since we actually acquired freedom. How do you want this to go?"

I think on it for a moment. Could I stand seeing him after I knew he had interfaced with someone? Would it bother me, for that matter? I wasn't even sure it would bother me. I wasn't much of a romantic bot back on Cybertron and the war had kept me from enjoying such frivolous things. I hadn't had a berthpartner in…Primus, I couldn't even remember the last time.

"Would you like me to show you how the system works?" he offers slowly.

My faceplate heats quickly. Show me? I can't understand. "H-How?"

He shrugs, "I had an offer not too long ago and I haven't given a response. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I brought along another person to…observe." I falter a little, stalling for time to think. "You don't have to decide right now. You can think it over. If it helps, the person is Sermin and I can introduce you to him if you like. I did some work to clear out his room before he moved in. I've been putting it off because of work and then you."

I feel a little curious. "So is the offering party the valve or…"

He laughs. "Ratchet asked the same thing! It doesn't matter," he shakes his head, amused. "If can be either depending on preferences. Gabe is more of a spike mech, Sermin is more of a valve mech and Ratchet's a switch."

"O-Okay, too much information about Ratchet but that makes sense. So…you would be the spike mech with Sermin?" I ask, conjuring an image of Gene holding the much more docile medic down. My body temperature spikes; was I sick for finding the image so stimulating?

His smirk tells me that he doesn't find it sick at all. "Should I tell him to come here later?"

"Would he mind?" I find myself asking without really meaning to. "I wasn't part of the original deal."

"I'll find out, hold on," he waves, turning to his comm-link. His face twists into the most devious smirk I'd ever seen on a mech and I was suddenly a little nervous. "He'll be here after duty. Do you have any plans?"

I can only shake my helm, shocked to silence.

"What?!" Ratchet nearly spits out his energon when I tell him. "Are you sure we're talking about the same Prowl?! The one who constantly has a rod up his aft?"

I smile, lying on my stomach on a table as the Medic worked on the tools in my servos. One of them had been damaged during the drills that morning; I couldn't very well do them on my own. I kicked my pedes in the air absentmindedly. "Yeah, that's what I thought too!" I giggle lightly.

"What'd you tell Gene?" he asks curiously. Was he worried for me?

"I said that I'd do it." The glare he gave me was dangerous but I merely ran a servo down the medic's faceplate. "You can't keep me all to yourself, Ratch, you know that. Besides, if it helps him to understand our bartering system then it's for a good cause. He needs to understand that no one is being used."

He makes a face but relents. "You're right. If he and Gene are going to fit together then he has to understand and accept the culture of the Drones. Otherwise, their relationship won't work."

I lean close. "How is he?"

Ratchet sputters at the insinuation. "I have never interfaced with Prowl!"

I laugh brightly. His reaction was exactly what I expected but I enjoyed teasing him. "I'll never understand the culture! If you have needs then you take care of them!" I state, pulling my servo away as the medic finishes up. "Besides, he's pretty hot!"

Ratch sighs. "Stop spending time with the humans, Sermin, they're slang is infecting your processor."

I smile and wrap my arms around the grumpy mech's neck from my spot on the table. "Don't be jealous, Ratch!" I coo, nuzzling his neck cables tenderly. He huffs without really saying anything. "You can come with me if you want!"

"I will not!" he snaps, reaching up to grab my servos as if he is about to pull them away. I hold him tighter. He finally relaxes in a small slump. "I'm just…worried, Sermin. He doesn't know and I worry that he'll…slag, I don't know! Prowl's not the type to take advantage of anyone…I'd be more worried about the twins."

Ratchet always seemed to be worrying for us when there was no reason to. "I'll be fine. Gene will be there to stop it if anything goes wrong. I'm sure it won't though. If Gene trusts Prowl then so do I."

He didn't seem to have a rebuttal and just nodded. "Okay, but if something goes wrong then come see me," he demands.

"Deal," I smile, kissing his cheek lightly before hopping off the table. "I'll see you later on, Ratch. I still have some things to get done before tonight. Take it easy, okay?"

He grumbles a response and goes back to what he is doing. He was so grumpy since Gene left our circle even though Gene was still quite friendly with him. I think he was getting too used to having so much attention and not having it was annoying. If anyone had told me that the medic would be so loving…I don't know. It just didn't seem like that when I first met him. Now…it was all so different.

I happened to pass Gabe as I was walking towards the door of the ship and smile. "Gabe!" I rush forward even as the large mech gestures for the Drones following him to disperse. "Oh, I didn't mean to interrupt something."

He shakes his helm. "You didn't, we just finished," he states, focusing completely on me. "You need something?"

"As a matter of fact, I do!" I smile, sidling up to his side easily to the giant mech. "Can you go visit Ratchet tonight to keep his mind preoccupied?"

He quirks an eye ridge in question. "Why?"

I smirk. "Gene and Prowl want to play."

His face contorts into surprise. "Really? Why?"

"Gene wants Prowl to see how a trade in our culture goes. He wants him to understand that it's not prostitution. He asked me to help since I offered for his help cleaning out my room." That same look crosses his faceplate that crossed Ratchets. "Don't even think about it, Gabe! You know Gene would never ask me to do anything dangerous!"

He seems undeterred. "Just be careful and get out of there if anything goes wrong."

"It's a frag, Gabe, not a battle."

His derma catch mine to easily take the wind out of my vents. I had to admit that his kisses were the best when spontaneous. They made you feel desired. His kiss was like a cup of warm energon on a cold night that soothed all the aches away.

I lean into the touch, hooking a servo around the back of his neck to pull him down a little closer. He reacts properly and slicks his glossa across mine teasingly. Never in a million years had I ever thought I'd be standing here kissing the Captain so openly back when this all started. Instead, I assumed I would only ever be a frag bot without any other uses.

When he pulls away I give a soft grunt of displeasure. He smiles knowingly. "Save your energy for tonight. If I can tell anything, it's that Prowl will need a lot of coaxing," he kisses the top of my helm lightly. "But, you're the best mech for that; you're probably the most tantalizing of us all."

I heat at his compliment. I hadn't ever seen myself as that but now that he mentioned it…he was right. I was pretty good at making unwilling mechs enjoy the moment. Perhaps, that wasn't the most welcome compliment for other people but for me…it was a huge contrast to what it used to be like. I never thought of myself as attractive until Ratch came around.

"I'll keep Ratchet occupied, you worry about Prowl," he smirks, patting me lightly on the aft before walking away.

I sat on Gene's couch waiting. The other mech was still in the washing racks and I was, honestly, an emotional wreck. How would this go? I was having a hard time imagining myself in something like this but if it were for Gene…I would endure. Perhaps I would even enjoy myself?

My body flinched when the door swished open. Standing there was the small medic with a large container of what appeared to be high-grade. I had to admit, he was an attractive young mech with his large, doe optics and slender, gently curved body. I could get past the lacking of digits on his servos, just as I had with Gene.

He smiles gently as he comes over to set the high-grade on the table in front of me. "I thought this might help tonight," he offers, going to grab some cubes from a cabinet. "Gene in the wash racks?"

I nod slowly, taking the offered cube so he can pour me a drink. "So, how…I mean…I'm not even…" stuttering was so uncharacteristic of me.

Sitting down next to me, he sidles up to my side to get comfortable. It was unnerving to have him so close but I quickly sipped at the high grade to ease my tension. "Don't stress yourself, Prowl," he soothes, sipping at his own cube. "It's all up to Gene because he's the one that I'm repaying but it's also for you." His faceplate eases into a look of gratitude. "Thank you for trying to understand. It means a lot to not just Gene, but all of us that you're stepping out of your comfort zone."

"It's not betrayal to you?"

Shock registers on his faceplate. "Betrayal? Oh, to interface with someone that isn't your lover? No, of course not. We don't usually keep exclusive lovers, honestly. We usually just interface when the fancy hits or when it is pertinent to offer. You're not betraying Gene by doing this and he would never think that."

I feel a little better hearing it from more than one mech. At least I knew that this was indeed a common thing and that I wouldn't hurt Gene's feelings. "Should I feel jealous when he takes up an offer from someone else?" I ask, feeling that Sermin was the best mech to ask. He seemed kind enough to offer truthful advice.

He thinks for a second, giving me a bit of time to finish my first cube. He refills it idly before shrugging. "I know it's normal for Cybertronians to bond with their lovers for life but…we don't really have the option of bonding so we don't feel that kind of requirement out of a relationship, honestly." Pausing in his explination, he smiles. "I guess you just have to understand that no matter who he frags, he will always come back to you and still enjoy your company. A frag is a frag but compatibility, companionship, is much more important."

His words easily set my mind at ease or maybe it was the high-grade but either way, I felt better. "He's taking a long time," I mutter absently, glancing towards the door that lead to his berthroom.

"Yeah he is," Sermin agrees, before his aft is planted right in my lap. I have enough coherency to not run away but not enough to keep the high grade in my cube. A good bit of it spills right down the front of us, splattering blue across our spark-chambers. "Oh, what a waste!"

He proceeds to lean down and lap at the high-grade with his glossa. I sputter uselessly as my body suddenly heats at an exponential rate. I feel his slick appendage easily glide across lines and ridges before pushing between cables of my neck to tease sensitive wires.

I should push him away. Gene was the one getting the deal, not me. I should…oh slag he was moving downwards. My cube of high grade was suddenly plucked from my servo and I glanced up to see Gene smirking down over up, casually leaning on the back of the couch. Heat flashed across my faceplate at the combination of his gaze and the glossa that suddenly ran across my panel.

"Sermin, you're so impatient," he comments, sipping at the high-grade as he moves around to sit on the couch facing us. I twitch as he settles down to watch feeling only more aroused by his gaze. It was a minor distraction until Sermin's fingers were dipping into a joint that I knew held my panel's manual switch.

His fingers easily find it and my panel comes open so that my spike pressurized right into his waiting oral cavity. I jerk and moan at the feeling of his deft glossa undulating against the underside as he creates just the right amount of suction. Had I known Gene was bringing in an expert then I might have done this sooner. This Drone was…phenomenal and was very quickly bringing me to my overload.

"You're so beautiful," I hear Gene whisper, his elbows resting on his knees as he watches us. I stammer incoherently as Sermin's ministrations quickened and became more intense.

"S-Sermin, s-stop I'm going t-" I plead desperately, pressing my servo to his helm even as I know he isn't going to stop. I buck a little as I overload, suddenly overwhelmed by a sensation I hadn't felt in centuries. When was the last time someone had even seen my spike? When was the last time I had seen my own spike?

I slumped back on the couch, panting air into my overheated system as Sermin stands up. His servo was gentle against my spark chamber as he saunters over to place himself on Gene's lap. Seeing the petite Drone's curved hips and rounded aft placed on the larger mech's lap was…strangely arousing. I almost didn't want to admit it but…I had to.

Gene tips some high-grade into the smaller mech's oral cavity as he stares at me. I felt a sudden spike of pleasure again. It had been a long time since I had indulged my needs and my body was very obviously overdue. I was just about ready to go again, honestly.

Sermin's panel opens suddenly and I watch as Gene uses his free servo to slip down the mech's body until his fingers are probing the slick valve. Slowly, the finger starts to move deeper until the mech is a mewling mess of sounds and spasms. Gene keeps his optics on me, nibbling gently on neck cables until another finger is added.

He sets the cube down after a bit of foreplay and easily stands up with Sermin in his arms. "Berth, now," he commands, easily coming to grab my arm so he can practically drag me to his berth.

We tumble onto the berth in a haphazard pile of limbs and parts until I find Sermin on top of me, kissing my derma passionately. "I like being the valve," he whispers breathlessly. "Do you want to spike me or Gene?"

I look over his shoulder at Gene who looks a little hesitant. "Gene?"

Sermin giggles cutely. "He's never been the valve before."

My optics widen slightly. "Really? Why?" I'm surprised I can talk so calmly when Sermin is grinding into me wantonly. The look on Gene's face is one of indecision but I can see that he was tempted. "I'll—ah—be gentle."

He eases forward until his derma connect with mine and Sermin is slowly crawling off of me to lie flat on his back. "Okay," he agrees, easily being guided to sit between Sermin's open legs.

"Deal with him," I command, quickly becoming the dominant mech in the room. Sermin, quickly kisses the trembling mech. I watch Gene's panel click open so I can very clearly see his valve, dripping already with lubricant. "Alright, spike him."

The soft groan of Sermin is intoxicating as Gene slips inside just as I push a finger into the mech's valve. He archs his back, instinctively jerking his hips forward. Sermin whimpers in pleasure, clamping his legs around the mech's back to pull him forward.

I set back on my pedes to gently stretch the unused valve. It was tight, as expected, but very well lubricated so I had no problems getting two and then three fingers into his valve until the mech was a writhing mess.

"I'm going to spike you now," I whisper, getting on my knees to position myself. Sermin's moans were loud but as I slipped into Gene, he made the most arousing groan. It was like his whole body relaxed into the sensation of my spike and I quickly thrust into him so that I could give him more.

A rhythm was set so that when I thrust forward so did Gene and the three of us were thrown the most intense frag of my life. I had never had two lovers at one time but I found that I enjoyed the slag out of it. It was enjoyable to thrust forward so that Gene thrust into Sermin; it was almost like fragging two mechs at once.

It didn't take us long until we were all reaching our limits. Gene was the first to succumb to his overload and spilt his transfluid into Sermin which prompted the mech to arch and overload as well. The picture of the two covered in the smaller bot's transfluid did it for me and I gave one last thrust before spilling into the mech's body.

We collapsed, me against Gene's back and Gene holding Sermin on the large berth. No words were needed to express what had just happened. I had to admit that this was a great trade. Who wouldn't want to use this system? It would encourage just about anyone to help other mechs!

"I think…" I pant softly, nuzzling Gene's neck cables. "I could get used to this."

"I-I don't think he's—ah—coming!" Ratchet gasps as I shove him against a wall. I had my arms up under his knees and my glossa in his neck cables.

"No," I smirk, teasing the mech by putting pressure on his valve but not thrusting fully. "But I know someone whose going to be."

"Not if you don't fragging spike me!" he snaps.

He screams as I slam home into his valve, stealing his derma in a kiss. His body shudders as I easily work him over my spike. He was heavy, but not that heavy. I liked tossing him around like a race-bot; I know he liked it too because his valve was weeping heavily around my spike.

"Primus, Gabe!" he cries out, trying to move against my spike freely. He couldn't though; I had him pinned against a wall just so I could control him. "B-Berth—oh—now!"

"Not on your life, Ratch," I chuckle deviously, slowly raising him to slam him down around me again.

"S-Slag-head!" he curses before begging for more.

Deciding he had been teased enough, I start a hard, fast rhythm that takes the words right out of him and leaves him a babbling mess of a medic. I loved reducing him to this state; he was far too grumpy when he wasn't being fragged into some kind of surface.

"You're so beautiful when you're being spiked," I whisper into his audio receptor seductively. He whines desperately, so close even I could feel it. "Overload for me, Ratch."

As if on cue, he arches his back and transfluid splashes against our spark chambers obscenely. I thrust a couple more times before his clenching valve causes my own overload. I slump against him a little but try not to crush him against the wall.

"Did Sermin put you up to this?" he finally finds the coherency to ask, hugging my neck tightly.

"Yeah but he didn't really need to; I always want to frag you senseless," I chuckle, easily carrying him to the berthroom where I gently deposit him. I quickly clean us up and settle against him. "They're fine, Ratch. Have faith. They'll convince Prowl."

He huffs but doesn't have the energy to argue. "I know. I just worry."

I smile, watching him drift into recharge. "I know you do."

To be continued...

A/N: Well this is about two years late and totally plotless but I figured I would ease into the groove with a smutty chapter first and then dig into the plot next chapter!

I'm off to bed! Good night and I hope you liked it!