Mounting Troubles

Summer 2035

"I promised the courts I would keep Natalie under my watch until Nathan came back, or her probation ended. Now the issue we have is that Natalie is not UEO, or an officer. I am willing to accept opinions." Hudson laid it out for the room. Ford, Piccolo, Dagwood, Wolenczak, O'Neil, and Henderson all sat at the table. Hudson looked at each of them, waiting for opinions, or comments.

"Well, when she was here, she would do homework, assist in the science labs, and occasionally help Lucas with various tasks that Nathan gave them. We could put her in the science lab again." Ford stated and looked at Lucas. Lucas leaned back in his chair sniffing slightly. It had been three weeks since he last saw Natalie. Now she was cleared from her doctors, and now under court order to report to Captain Hudson. Lucas was too distracted thinking about the past months drama. Drama always seemed to follow the Bridger family.

"What about weapons? She could always help me." Piccolo said and shifted in his chair.

"I am not giving that girl weapons. I saw the police video; she seems dangerous enough without something to shoot at someone." Hudson said, rolling his eyes.

"We could put her with Lucas." Henderson piped in. The entire room looked at her, then Lucas. Lucas swallowed and shifted in his chair so he leaned on the table.

"This was a science ship. The Macronesians have declared a peace treaty. We could turn the ship back into a research vessel." Lucas said almost too softly and Hudson leaned in to hear him.

"You want me to re-format the entire ship, so some bleeding heart teenager who can't adapt to being seen as an adult can have something to do?" Hudson thought about what he said. Everyone in the room, but him, had been forced to age 10 years overnight. Everyone looked at him and shifted slightly. Hudson sighed and got an irritated look.

"Fine. Our next mission has to do with the science colony off the coast of New Zealand. Call this a test run. She steps out of line or causes an international incident, she goes right back to jail." He stood up and looked at the group as they stood up.

"Oh, and all of you are coming with me to greet her." He walked out and everyone followed.

On the dock overlooking Seaquest Natalie stood with two officers. She was not cuffed, but did have a cigarette in her hand. She took a deep drag and inhaled as she rolled her eyes at the wait. She exhaled as she saw the Seaquest open and Hudson walk towards her with the meeting group. She sighed and did not want to do this. She took another drag as Hudson walked to her, yanked the cigarette from her and crushed it.

"Hey! Listen here pal-" Natalie started to go off, but was silenced by Hudson getting in her face.

"No you listen. I volunteered to take you. Consider it respect for your grandfather. Stop acting like a child and get in the sub. Now." Hudson glared down at her and Natalie looked scared for a moment, and then got a hard look on her face. She took another cigarette out of her bag and lit it up, blowing the smoke in Hudson's face.

"Oh..." Hudson grabbed the cigarette, tossed it, and yanked Natalie towards the sub. Lucas swallowed and Ford watched as Natalie was dragged down the dock and lifted up. Hudson tossed her into Seaquest and walked in after her. Hudson grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to the wall. Lucas moved to stop him, but Piccolo grabbed his arm, shaking his head.

"Ok, girl. You want to act like a jerk off teenager; I will treat you like one. Your old quarters are now your new quarters. I am posting a guard and if you move, he will shoot on sight. You are grounded." He was talking softly, through gritted teeth and was nose to nose with Natalie. Natalie was released and fell to one knee coughing. She looked up at Hudson with a look of pure hatred. Hudson yanked her arm and pulled her towards her old quarters.

"Talk about getting off on the wrong foot." Piccolo said and followed.

"Remember, you even open that door, he will shoot." Hudson tossed her into her old room, across the hall and down a few doors from Lucas quarters. She was also next door to Hudson's quarters now. Natalie stumbled into the room and looked around. She looked at the door as the door was slammed and sealed.

"That did not go as planned..." Hudson stated and glared around.

"No, sir." Ford said and looked in where Natalie was. He sighed, shaking his head, wondering where she went wrong. She had so much promise, so much drive. At least she did until Bridger left the Seaquest.

"Oh and Wolenczak... I know what you two talked about. You go near her; I will skin your ass. Understand? I am not running the Love Boat." Hudson stated and stormed away. Lucas nodded and looked into the room. He saw Natalie looking lost and realized he could have ended up like this. He took in a deep breath and looked at Henderson, who patted his shoulder.

"She will get back into a groove. Watch." She smiled reassuringly and Lucas nodded.

"Thanks, Henderson." He looked back into the room and shook his head, mumbling to himself.

"Natalie, what happened to you?" Lucas mumbled. Inside the room Natalie looked around at her old room, only it was not her room anymore. Someone had used this room in the past three years and now it was simple, empty, missing everything that she once had in it. She looked for the program she once had, the same as Nathans, which Lucas had programmed to show her grandmother. It was gone. Natalie looked around, her eyes watering up and she moved to the bed, falling onto it, crying.

1 Week Later

Hudson stood at the docking port, lips pursed, glaring at the door as he waited for it to open. Behind him were Lucas and Ford. The door opened and Nathan Bridger walked onto the Seaquest. Hudson just looked at him, eying his UEO uniform. Nathan had a stern look on his face and looked the three men and then got straight to business.

"I want my granddaughter back. Where is she?" Nathan said and his eyes stared through Lucas who fidgeting slightly.

"Your granddaughter is in her quarters. She has been there for a week, grounded, for conduct unbecoming a human being." Hudson said back, with no hint of friendship. Nathan took a deep breath, looking at Hudson.

"Take me to her." Nathan said with an edge that made even Ford shift slightly. Hudson motioned down the hall.

"You know the way." Hudson glared and followed as Nathan made a brisk walk of the trip to Natalie's room. Once at the room, he looked in and saw Natalie doing push-ups. He reached for the door, seeing it sealed.

"Unseal the door, Hudson." Nathan demanded and Hudson just looked at him, and then nodded to the posted guard. Once unsealed the door opened and Natalie jumped up, freaked out. She saw Nathan and swallowed. Hudson followed with Ford and Lucas. Natalie looked at all of them, her gaze stopping on Lucas. They kept eye contact for what seemed like an hour. Lucas swallowed hard. Seeing Natalie in a sports bra and yoga pants made him slightly uncomfortable. She was sweaty, and her toned ab muscles tensed as she took a deep breath. Lucas noted the scar on her stomach, still pink and fresh. Her chest heaving slightly. Nathan nodded.

"Natalie, we are going home." He said softly, his rough demeanor changing. Natalie looked at him backed up a step. She looked like at any moment she may run. Nathan held out his hand and Natalie pulled back even more.

"And where is home, grandpa? I have been living week by week for the past three years while you disappeared on some Sector 7 mission! Now you want to go back to playing grandfather and taking care of me? I'm an adult now. I don't have to do anything you say..." Natalie glared at him, panting hard.

"You are just 18! You are not quite an adult! Now drop your atti-"

"I am 28! I lost 10 years of my life! You saw to that! That stupid mission, blanking my mind!" Natalie spat at him, interrupting him.

"You are not the only one that was affected! Lucas was and look at the officer he turned out to be!" Nathan stated it, making Lucas blush slightly.

"I AM NOT LUCAS!" She screamed at him. Everyone but Hudson looked taken aback.

"Natalie, I-"

"You are always comparing us! Stop it!" She glared, holding her abdomen, rubbing the scar.

"Natalie, calm down..." Lucas said, half worried, half warning.

"Calm down?! Oh, the great and powerful Lucas is giving me orders! Yes sir!" She straightened her lips and then closed her eyes before falling to her knees, holding her stomach. She doubled over and tilted slightly. Lucas ran and grabbed her, resting her head against his chest before she could fall completely.

"We need medical to crew quarters Level 3, section G!" Ford was already coming the medical area. Hudson walked over as Lucas cradled Natalie in his arms. Natalie opened her eyes and let out a few gasps and cries of pain. Nathan watched the two of them and saw the look on Lucas' face.

"No..." He said softly, before kneeling in front of Natalie. She looked up at him and tried to get up, but Lucas held her in place. His hand brushing her hair off of her head. He felt her head again and looked up, worried.

"She is burning up." Lucas looked at the men huddled over Natalie.

In the ships medical facility, Natalie was being tended to. Lucas, Nathan, and Hudson were the only ones left as Ford had gone back to the Bridge. Hudson eyed Nathan, who was eying Lucas, who was looking where Natalie was. The doctor walked out and looked at the three men, who all stood up.

"She wants to see Lucas." The doctor said softly and Lucas stepped by him, heading towards the bed Natalie was on. Nathan went to follow and the doctor put his hand up, shaking his head.

"Only Lucas." The doctor said and Nathan straightened up, glaring towards where Lucas headed and shook his head.

"They are in love, you know." Hudson said, sitting down, knowing this would be a long wait.

"No their not. They are just kids..." Nathan said and let out an exasperated laugh.

"No, they are, in everyone but your former crews eyes, in their late twenties and early thirties. They are also not children or teenagers simply because we may think they are that old, but we both know they are not. They are two people who may be kindred spirits." Hudson said to Nathan, looking at him.

"No. You don't know the two of them like I do. They get along great, but there is no love there. Never has been." Nathan shook his head, not believing what he was hearing.

"You have been gone. Natalie seems to have grown up quite a bit since you left. Working with some car boosting operation, now she and Lucas have fallen for each other. I have seen them together. The odd looks, the fidgeting movements. They are acting exactly the same way Henderson and Ford acted when they thought I didn't know they were dating."

"No. As soon as Natalie is better, I am taking her out of here and she will never see Lucas or this ship again." Nathan responded firmly. Hudson shook his head, standing up.

"She is under court order to remain in my care throughout her probation." Hudson stood defiantly, puffing his chest slightly, looking down at Nathan.

"I talked to the judge. It was under probation, or until I came to retrieve her. I have come and now I want my granddaughter back."

"No. I don't think you are competent to handle a girl of her... distinction." Hudson challenged and Nathan's eyebrows went up.

"Really? And what experience would you have raising children?" Nathan said back, hands crossing over his chest.

"STOP IT!" Lucas' voice was heard. He looked at the two men, a mix of anger and disappointment crossing his face.

"Natalie is not going with Captain Bridger. She is staying here with Captain Hudson. That is final." Lucas said, getting a commanding look on his face.

"And who are you to give orders, Ensign?" Hudson said his voice rising as he got more upset.

"I am the only person looking out for Natalie's safety! Natalie is in the other room, in pain and upset. Two of her internal sutures have either torn or popped, causing a lot of pain. There is a small amount of internal bleeding and she will not be able to go anywhere for a while. Now, both of you sit down and stop making decisions based on who you think should be in charge. Captain, you said Natalie will work under me in the science aspect of the ship. I am taking command of her, so neither of you has to worry." Lucas laid it out simply. Neither man had a choice in this matter. Natalie would not be Lucas' problem.

"And what makes you so sure you can do what is best for her, Lucas?" Nathan asked, not happy with Lucas' defiance.

"Because I love her and she loves me." He said in a low, growling voice. His eyes narrowed and his lips pursed. He walked away and headed back to where Natalie was.

"Told you." Hudson said to Nathan and stood up, walking out of the medical area.

Lucas sat next to Natalie, looking at her as she slept. He ran the back of his finger over her cheek and sighed, thinking about the point where he realized he was in love with Natalie Bridger. He leaned forward, talking softly.

"I love you Natalie... I have been thinking about it and I think I know when that love first started. Do you remember when that guy Clay Marshall came onto the Seaquest? He wanted the Syntium we were transporting. He took you and me hostage with Dagwood. He probed my mind and tortured us for answers." Lucas thought back to that time 13 years ago.

(Siamese Dream, Season 2)

Natalie leaned over Lucas looking at the information that he was pulling up on Clay Marshall. She and Lucas had been told to keep their minds clear, so she was thinking of Lucas. She looked at him from the side and smiled softly as he works on what her grandfather had ordered him to look for. The door was shoved open and Clay Marshall walked in. She and Lucas looked over as they were both thrown into the wall and held in place before being thrown to the floor.

"LUCAS!" Natalie screamed and Clay grabbed her by her ponytail. Looked into her mind he smirked.

"We're gunna take a little tour of the boat now, Lucas." Clay said, holding Lucas down with one hand, Natalie with the other.

"Ok..." Lucas said and looked at Natalie who was biting her lip from the pain of the angle of her head. Clay read their minds and smirked slightly, seeing Natalie's thought on Lucas. He got an idea for leverage.

Walking towards Dagwood, both Lucas and Natalie were forced to walk with Clay as he convinced Dagwood to help him. Lucas tried to interrupt.

"No, Dagwood, don't listen to him." Lucas doubled over and was forced to sit down because of the mental torture caused by Clay. Natalie held Lucas and looked at Dagwood and Clay.

"He's a liar! Don't-" Natalie let out a cry and let go of Lucas as she felt the torture of her mind being stabbed. The feeling of multiple knives made her curl up. Lucas looked at her, unable to try to help. After a moment, Lucas and Natalie were walking, or stumbling, depending on how you look at it, following after Dagwood and Clay, forced into the secured area holding the Syntium. Looking through the door, Lucas and Natalie saw Nathan running towards the door.

"Captain!" Lucas cried out.

"Grandpa!" Natalie screamed out as the door slammed. Natalie listened to Clay and shook her head as he tried to explain his reasoning.

"Code?" Clay said and Lucas shook his head.

"I don't have it..." Lucas said and then doubled over.

"This can be very...damaging... to both of you..." Clay said and Natalie stiffened before collapsing next to Lucas.

"That's one..." Clay said as a code number unlocked.

"Don't... think... look at me..." Natalie said softly, her eyes watering up with pain. She grabbed Lucas' hand and held it before her eyes closed.

"Natalie..." Lucas said and convulsed in pain. Natalie's grip slacked as Dagwood realized that both of them were hurt. Lucas lost consciousness as Natalie opened her eyes slightly, looking at Dagwood.

"Stop... him..." Natalie let out one final cry of agonizing pain before her head collapsed against Lucas' side. As the group outside the door fought to open the door, Dagwood stood, watching as Clay gave the codes to open the door. The door opened and the group rushed in. Lucas had regained consciousness and was grabbed by Ford. Piccolo grabbed onto Natalie and hoisted her up into his arms, running out the door. As they got down the hall, the room imploded and Dagwood came out a moment later. As the group went to check on Dagwood, Lucas looked down at Natalie, who was against the wall next to him.

"We. Made it..." Lucas said softly. Natalie opened her eyes and nodded.

"But my head is killing me..." Natalie smirked and then winced, her head sliding to fall against his arm. Lucas wrapped his arm around her.

1 Month Later

Natalie had headphones in her ears as she bobbed her head to the music she was listening to. She was walking between a machine and a computer. She would press a button on the machine, and then move back to the computer. She started to sing softly, as she sat at the computer, typing in information based on what the machine she was working on told her.

"Show me the meaning... of being lonely. Is this the feeling, I need to walk with. Tell me why I can't be there where you are. There's something missing in my heart. There's no where to run, I have no place to go, surrender my heart, by the end soul. How can it be your asking me to feel the things you never SHOOOOOOWWWWW! "She sang softly, and then by the climax of the song, she was fully belting out the song.

"You are missing in my heart..." She bobbed in her chair.

"Tell me why can't I be where you are!" She sang out and moved back to the machine as she continued the song. As she got halfway through the song, Lucas had walked in for an update and froze, seeing Natalie in a way he had never seen her. He leaned against the wall and watched, just waiting and admiring the view.

"There's something missing in my... heart..." She stopped and turned back to her computer and looked fast, jumping and letting out a scream, throwing the headphones. Lucas jumped and smiled, moving towards her.

"I did not know you could sing... At least not that well." Lucas said softly and Natalie rolled her eyes.

"I'm not that good..." Natalie said and looked up at him he moved in front of her. Her breath quickened and she swallowed. Lucas looked down at her and he started to breath more deeply as he looked at her.

"Oh, it was good." Lucas said huskily, breathy. Natalie blinked and Lucas shook his head to get ideas out of his mind.

"Do you have my report?" Lucas asked, coming to a more professional composure. Natalie nodded and handed him the report.

"Nice work... Now, what are you doing Saturday?" Lucas asked and leaned against the lab table.

"Same thing I do every weekend. Only Grandpa is leaving now, so I am seeing him off Friday." Natalie nodded and watched as he relaxed.

"Not anymore. Saturday we have plans." Lucas said and smiled to her.

"Since when? I am grounded, remember?"

"Since Hudson said it was ok. Since we haven't been on a first date yet..." Lucas said softly, standing up, moving so their bodies were practically touching. Natalie swallowed hard and looked up at him.

"Uh..." Natalie said softly and Lucas smiled.

"I'll take that as a yes... Pick you up at seven." Lucas leaned down and moved her chin with his finger as his hand caressed her jawline. He leaned down, kissing her softly, their lips pressed to each other. Natalie let out a moan and her arms went around his waist, pressing her lips against his.

"Ahem..." Was heard from the door. Both of them looked over to see Ford standing there. They did not pull apart, though.

"Don't let Hudson catch you. I will let this go, since I know your pain. So close, yet, so far from the person you love." Ford stated and took the report from Lucas' hand, walking back out.

"Close..." Lucas said and looked back down to Natalie. Natalie smiled and nodded to him. Lucas walked away, heading for the door.

"Don't forget, seven. Dress nice, we are going somewhere special." Lucas said and walked out, leaving Natalie standing there, blushing and flushed.

Outside the Seaquest, Piccolo, Ford, Dagwood, and Lucas were standing, waiting for Henderson and Natalie. Piccolo looked irritated, Ford looked at his watch, Lucas paced nervously, Dagwood just watched.

"Lucas... relax. It's not like you've never been on a date before..." Piccolo stated and patted Lucas' shoulder.

"Yeah, well, this is the first time I am going on a date with someone like... Natalie..." Lucas swallowed hard and looked at him.

"She's a chick. Just look at her like that." Piccolo smirked and Lucas let out a huff.

"I am no chick!" Natalie said as she and Henderson walked out. The men turned around and Lucas' mouth dropped. Natalie looked around as if she were a trapped animal. She wasn't used to being this dressed up. She wore a low cut silk blouse and pleated dress skirt. Her knee high 3 inch heeled boots and up do finished the ensemble.

"Sorry, Natalie..." Piccolo said softly as he gawked. Lucas stared, swallowing hard, and then his mouth dropped taking in the entire view. Natalie looked up at him and moved her index finger to close his mouth and smirked.

"Damn right you are, Tony. Natalie... Wow..." Lucas said and went to put his hands on her waist, but the clothes being so different, he hesitated. Natalie smirked and brushed against him, walking ahead.

"Are we going?" Henderson asked and laughed, pecking Ford on the cheek, and then walking with Natalie. Natalie and Henderson walked ahead, Natalie's hips swaying, causing Lucas and Piccolo's heads to tilt.

"Ok, boys..." Ford shoved them both and the group of men walked after the two women. After a bit of walking, they walked into the bistro, sitting at their table. Lucas looked at Natalie, who shifted in her chair, crossing her legs. Piccolo watched and shook his head as the two looked so confused. Henderson saw the awkward tension between the two and shifted, elbowing Ford. He looked at Henderson and then the two and shifted.

"So, Natalie. How is it being back on the Seaquest?" Ford asked Natalie, who was looking at her blouse, almost as if she were looking down her shirt. Lucas' eyes were following hers, but when Ford spoke, he looked away quickly.

"It's ok... I mean, it's been a few years. It's certainly not the ship I left when my grandfather was in charge. Hudson seems like a peach." The last sentence oozed with sarcasm. Piccolo smiled, then shook his head.

"He is a good Captain. He's no Nathan Bridger, but they are both very different. Bridger had his way, Hudson has his." Ford stated back. Natalie drank from the glass of water poured for her and the rest of the table.

"I wanna know where you learned to drive like that." Piccolo said frankly, and Lucas' eyes got wide, then narrowed. Natalie looked at Piccolo and smirked.

"Not hard. Antique cars like the SS and Shelby ride fast, smooth, and manually. It was an honor to steal them." She nodded and looked at Piccolo. Piccolo raised his eyebrows and looked at his glass.

"Why did you go bad?" Dagwood asked and Natalie sucked a piece of ice into her mouth and chewed on it nervously. She heard the question and saw the rest of the table look at her. They wanted to ask, just did not have the guts.

"Umm... I don't know Dagwood. I was 16 and I was left on an island. Grandpa was called away on business. I was mad at him because he said he was done with the UEO and left Seaquest. I grew up on my grandfather's island and when we came to Seaquest, it was the best four years of my life. Next thing you know, life fast forwarded 10 years and I found out my father was alive and had another child. We found his mother, but Grandpa still wanted my father. Section 7 gave him that chance and I wanted nothing to do with it. " She looked into the glass as she swirled it gently as if the water showed her the past.

"Natalie, you don't have to..." Ford said and Natalie shook her head slightly, her lips turning in a frown. She almost looked hypnotized.

"I signed up for the research team, you remember, the one the penal colony escapees took over, but it wasn't the same. It wasn't Seaquest. Nothing was like Seaquest, not even Seaquest. After the time we were together, I tried to find my grandfather, but he was impossible to find. One thing led to another and I was boosting cars for money. Soon a small money operation turned into a big time deal. We were taking bigger, more powerful cars from much more known officials. I would compare it to the early hackers of the last 20th century. Keep going one step further, see how far you can go. We - I got caught. Apparently my limit was the Commodore of the UEO's prized Mustang." Natalie leaned back in her chair and looked at the group, who were staring intently.

"Wow..." Piccolo said and Lucas looked at Natalie, who shook her head and snapped out of her hypnotic trance. She suddenly looked shy and bit her lip. Henderson smiled softly to her and the waiter came to the table.

Once the meal was done, a few drinks had been finished, and their own stories being told, everyone lightened up. Natalie was laughing and shook her head as they reminisced about the first few years of Seaquest. Lucas looked at Natalie and smiled. Natalie smiled back and leaned over, kissing his cheek. Lucas flushed slightly and his smile widened.

The bill was paid and they walked out into the street. Natalie slid her hand into Lucas' hand, squeezing it as they all walked together down the boardwalk. Lucas smiled and shifted his hand, sliding his arm around her shoulder, holding her gently to him.

Later That Night


Natalie pinned Lucas to the wall of his quarters, kissing him deeply, unbuttoning his UEO jacket. Lucas' arms were moving under the fabric of her blouse as he returned her kiss, fully relishing in her taste. Natalie pulled back and panted hard, her eyes meeting his. Lucas looked into her eyes and his hand moved further up, brushing against her breasts. Natalie moaned softly and then pulled away.

"What? Did I do something?" Lucas asked, a bit of her lipstick smudged against the corner of her mouth. Natalie shook her head and let out a deep breath.

"No… Lucas… I'm a virgin…" Natalie just said it. Maybe it was all the alcohol or maybe she just couldn't lie. Either way, the secret was out.

"Oh… Do you think that matters to me?" Lucas said and moved behind her, resting his hand on her shoulder. She looked down at his hand and then up at him.

"Doesn't it?" She looked down, letting out another sigh.

"No. I have had some sort of crush on you since I was 17. I knew you were a virgin, I just didn't know you still were. If you want to wait, we can." Lucas swallowed hard, shifting in his clothes. Natalie looked up at him and shook her head.

"No… I don't." She pulled her top off and stood before him in her bra. Lucas' eyes went wide and he swallowed hard. He finished the job she started, removing his top completely. Natalie looked at his bare chest and took a step towards him. Lucas stiffened slightly, then moved towards her.

"Take it slow." Lucas said softly. Natalie shook her head and leaned forward kissing his neck, then down his chest, cupping her hands against his chest softly. Lucas let out a growl and moved his hands to her back, unclipping the three clips of her bra. He gently slid it off, exposing her chest completely.

"Wow…" Lucas said softly and Natalie moved back a bit. Lucas moved his hand over her arm, up over her shoulder, then down to her breast, cupping her breasts in his hand. Natalie took in a deep breath and breathed hard, forcing her breast into his hand more. Lucas smiled and moved his arms, one to her back, one to her knees and lifted her up, carrying her to his bed.

"You are so perfect…" Lucas said softly and gently undid the zipper of her skirt, sliding it off of her. Natalie slid her behind up and Lucas dropped the skirt on the floor, running his hands over her thighs. Her skin was soft and tanned, making him pant slightly.

"Lucas…" Natalie looked at him, her eyes wide with a mix of fear and want. Lucas smiled to her slid his pants off, kicking his shoes off as well. He climbed up her, kissing her toned abdomen and up her chest, cupping her breasts again. Natalie gasped and moaned softly, her back arching at his touch.

"You are sure?" Lucas asked and kissed her softly, brushing his lips against her ear. Natalie nodded and breathed harder, sliding her knees apart slightly.

"Yes. I want to." Natalie said, breathy and harsh against his ear. Lucas leaned up and nodded, smiling to her. He slid down her stomach, sliding his fingers under her panties, sliding them down her legs, then onto the floor. He looked over her thighs and then moaned as he moved his hand down her lower abdomen, over he pubic bone, then down further, feeling her softly. He moved his fingers further and with a swift movement made Natalie let out a gasp of pleasure. Her hips jerked and Lucas smiled, moving two fingers down, twirling and teasing. He watched Natalie's eyes close and her back arch, forcing her breasts up higher.

"Natalie…" Lucas said softly and slid a finger into her, wriggling it around gently. He felt how wet she was and this made his stomach flutter. Natalie moaned again, moving her hips as he added an additional finger, sliding in and out of her, all while pulling and teasing her. Natalie let out a cry and moan starting to rock her hips.

"Lucas..Please…" Natalie looked down at him panting hard. She looked into his eyes as he gently removed his fingers and slid his body up over hers. She missed the point he had taken off his boxers, but that no longer mattered. Lucas rested on top of her, holding himself up with one arm.

"Are you ready for this?" He asked Natalie, who nodded to him. He smiled and kissed her softly as he guided himself into her. Natalie's eyes went wide as she felt him spreading her open. She winced as he paused, and then continued. Natalie's stomach tensed as he started to rock against her. She moaned and kissed him, wrapping her legs around his waist. He moaned softly and broke the kiss, moving down her neck to her ear. She heard him whisper something and she let out a cry, calling out his name.

After a little while, Natalie rolled onto her side, looking at Lucas, smiling softly. Lucas looked at her, sleepy eyed and smiling. Natalie smiled back to him and let out a laugh. Lucas looked lost for a moment.

"You are on duty in 15 minutes." Natalie said softly and Lucas' smile disappeared. He looked at the clock and jumped up, throwing clothes on. Natalie smiled and laughed as he fumbled around.

"You.." Lucas leaned down over her and kissed her deeply. Natalie returned the kiss and nuzzled his cheek softly.

"I love you, Natalie Bridger." Lucas said and ran out of the room, shutting the door.

"Love you too…" She smiled and fell back against the pillow, sighing as she held the sheet to her chest.