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Warning- They're gay. You'll live.

On with the show!

Title- They Knew

Author- Phoenix Foxfire

Rating- T for references of nudity, however slight.

Author's Note- Sorry, Tanaka fans. He's not in this, much as I

love him.

Chapter 1- The Raven

Bard knew. He knew because he had been secretly observing Sebastian clean, and Sebastian was a very quick and efficient cleaner, emphasis on the word quick. In fact he moved so fast that Bard couldn't keep up with his movements. That is, until Sebastian came to a halt in front of the earl's portrait hanging on the wall. He gazed upon his master's visage, one hand reaching out as though it could touch the pale flesh represented on the canvas. The butler gazed on with a gentle expression that Bard had never seen on the man before. It was...concern, but more than that, it was care, a genuine expression of fondness and something deeper, something that transformed Sebastian's eyes into deep ruby pools of emotion. He sighed softly and resumed cleaning as if nothing had happened. But Bard knew.

Mey-Rin knew. She knew because she had gone to ask Ciel one last question before he fell asleep. She peeked through the crack of the slightly ajar door, damn the impropriety of it, because quite frankly it was an important question. But the young master was already curled on one side, drifting away on grey ships to that dreamland people visit as they slumber. She saw Sebastian standing at the side of the bed. He picked up his candelabrum from beside the discarded eyepatch and made to go for the door, but then stopped and turned back to the earl. He looked on for a moment as if making sure the young boy was truly asleep, and then he leaned down to place a kiss upon the boy's forehead. He brought one hand up to lovingly stroke a soft cheek and brush a stray strand of silky onyx hair back. Then he turned again to the door. Mey-Rin, blushing slightly, ran away before he could get there. But Mey-Rin knew.

Finny knew. He knew because he was the gardener of the Phantomhive estate. Naturally, as such, he wandered the grounds to tend to the greenery. One day he came across Sebastian sitting on one of the benches in a small courtyard. He swiftly stepped behind a hedge to observe the man, since he had never known the butler to have free time. Sebastian was holding a rose, plucking off the petals one by one and letting them drift to the ground, almost as if he were a lovesick schoolgirl playing "he loves me, he loves me not". But it was the flower itself that drew Finny's eyes. Sebastian must have planted it because he knew that he himself couldn't have grown a rose bush with such perfect, unearthly blooms. Plus he hadn't even known that roses existed in such a colour. For the rose was a sapphire blue, matching the hue of Ciel's eye exactly. And so Finny knew.