Chapter 3- No Surprise

Bard knew. He knew because Ciel took dance lessons and Sebastian was his tutor. One morning Bard went to the ballroom to ask Sebastian what he should prepare for lunch. He quietly opened the door- and stopped at the sight before his eyes. Although Ciel was the one being tutored, it was Sebastian who took the lead, his gloved hand resting on Ciel's waist as though it simply belonged there. The young master had one hand on the butler's upper forearm, and their free hands were clasped, two sets of fingers in a perfect fit. Ciel was, very surprisingly, dancing as gracefully as his partner was But the magnetic force that ensnared Bard to keep looking were the looks on the two males' faces. Ciel was looking up at his butler with a small smile gracing his features, which Sebastian answered with a soft grin. Azure eye met crimson orbs, gazes locked in a soft, tender warmth. As they executed a particularly good turn, Ciel let out a hushed, contented sigh. Bard decided to leave the two alone and answer his question on his own. And so Bard knew.

Mey-Rin knew. She knew because she was returning to her room after a late night repolishing the silver. As she passed the master's room, a soft lullaby poured out. She recognized Sebastian's silky voice, flowing like golden honey as he sang a soothing melody. She peered into the room through the crack in the door and was pleasantly frozen by the image lit by the candles on the dresser. There on the bed, bare-chested with covers pulled to their waists, were the slender forms of the butler and his master. The two lay facing each other, Ciel's head resting in the crook of Sebastian's neck. Their arms were wrapped around each other in a loose yet possessive embrace. Though the earl's eyes were closed, his smile made it clear that he was listening to his servant's comforting voice. As the song drew to a close, Ciel remarked that Sebastian certainly was one hell of a butler, to which the taller man replied that if he couldn't make his master happy, what kind of butler would he be. Ciel then opened his eyes-which, Mey-Rin noted offhandedly, were mismatched- and turned his face up to Sebastian's. The butler's elegant fingers entwined themselves in the earl's onyx locks and pulled their lips together in a passionate kiss. As Mey-Rin backed away from the spot, she heard the older man wishing his master a goodnight. And so Mey-Rin knew.

Finny knew. He knew because once again he was wandering about the gardens when he came across the pair standing under an apple tree in full bloom. Finny heard Ciel ask if Sebastian would promise to never leave him. The gardener was surprised because usually the master would just give an order rather than ask. Then he realized such an order to stay would mean nothing, but that a promise to stay meant everything, as it was the other person's true choice. Finny watched as Sebastian knelt in front of the earl, taking both the boy's hands in his. He stared intently into the other's eyes while replying that he would never dream of leaving. The lovers then came together for a soft, chaste kiss before parting again. The last words Finny heard before slipping away were "I love you, Sebastian" from a blushing Ciel. The butler replied "And I love you, my sweet Ciel". And so Finny knew.

And when the two were caught kissing in the hallway, the three servants weren't the ones who were surprised.


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