"Mom, I'm going now." Andropov said while opening the door.

"Alright, Andropov. Have fun!" his mother replied.

Andropov walked to the clinic. He managed to memorize the roads in the village in such a short time. He has an amazing memory so it's almost impossible for him to get lost. When he made it to the clinic, he opened the door and peeked inside. "Kluke-Chan? Are you here?" he said. No answer.

He went in and started to search around the building. There were coughs coming from some of the rooms. It must be really tiring to take care of all of them without any help. And Kluke's just a kid. He walked to a corner and there was a room. It was more like the doctor's office. He went in and there was someone trying hard to lift two big boxes at once.

"H-Hey let me help you." Andropov said while holding on to the other edge of the box thus making it more balanced.

"Oh, thanks." The person said. Andropov saw a head peek from the other end and it was none other than Kluke! "It's you, Andropov-Kun." She said.

"K-K-Kluke?" Andropov stuttered while blushing.

They put the boxes at the corner of the room. "I-I came here to help you." Andropov told her.

"Oh, really?" Kluke smiled. "Thanks a lot, Andropov-Kun!"

"N-No problem."

Yup, Fernandez was right. Andropov has a crush on Kluke!

"S-So, what do you want me to do?" Andropov stuttered again.

"Can you start by checking on room A3? It's a little girl who has a high fever."

"Oh, ok then." He left the current room and went to room A3. He saw the little girl lying on the bed.

"Where's Kluke Onee-chan?" she asked.

"She's a little busy. She asked me to take care of you in her place." He explained.

"Um, ok…" she said nervously. Yup, she was also the shy type.

"Kluke, I'm finished." Andropov said after entering the doctor's office.

"Thanks, Andropov-Kun." She said which made Andropov blush (again).

"Y-You're welcome, Kluke-Chan." He said while scratching the back of his head.

"Do you want me to do something in return for you?"

"No. Please, I don't want anything in return. I'm just glad I could help even just a little."

"Are you sure?"

"Uh-huh. Don't worry about it."

"Oh, I got it." She moved closer to him and then she suddenly kissed him! You could really imagine Andropov's face being redder than a tomato.

When she pulled away from him, she also blushed but she still smiled. "I hope that can be enough for you."

He didn't say anything since he was still paralyzed of shock. "T-To tell you the truth, Andropov-Kun…" She said and then blush a deeper red. "I like you…"

"W-W-What?" Andropov managed to say.

She didn't say anything and just blushed. "I-I like you too, Kluke-Chan" Andropov said.

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