I grabbed the paper from off of my bed and shredded it, causing a paper cut in the process. I screamed a cuss word at the top of my lungs, but no one was home. Besides my brother, Oliver, who pushed open my door and saw the mess I had made.

"What happened here?" he asked curiously.

"Those little bitches," I stated. "They are totally going down! No longer will they be popular, after I'm through with them. They are going to wish that they were invisible." Oliver stared at me in astonishment, "But Cassie and Olive are your best friends?"

"Not anymore. Not after what Cassie did. I am done with losers like them." I growled. Oliver shook his head and walked out of the room, calling over his shoulder, "Don't forget to clean the mess before mom sees it." I threw a pillow at the door and plopped onto my computer chair.

"This is just the beginning..." I typed and then it share. My phone buzzed twice before I grabbed it.

From: Olive

Whats the dish?

I rolled me eyes angrily, as if she didn't know, and tossed my phone onto my bed. I began to drum my fingers on the computer desk and then stood up, spinning the chair around. "Bertha!" I screeched. Our chubby maid came rushing into the room, boobs bouncing up and down; I rolled my eyes at her shock as she noted the mess in my room. Pillows were destroyed, paper was strewn everywhere, and a bunch of picture frames were smashed.

"Tell my parents, you'll be wishing you hadn't. Do they need to know about you and my uncle?" I asked threateningly. She shook her head and went to grab her cleaning stuff before she began busily cleaning my room. I sat comfortably on my computer chair and searched the internet, looking for a Juicy sweater. Bertha finished within an hour and I spun around thrilled that my room was all clean again.

"Thanks, Bertha." I said sweetly. Last year when my uncle and aunt came to visit last year, I was innocently walking into the laundry room to see if my sweats was in there when I caught my uncle Arte and Bertha making out, nasty! I had cleared my throat and they saw me, they begged me not to tell my aunt Hannah or my parents about them. Do I use it against them? Of course. I mean who wouldn't? Thinking of my uncle, my phone is being unusual testy lately, I think it's time for a new one. I grabbed my Blackberry 3G 9330 smart phone up from where it landed on the bed and called my uncle. "Hey uncle! It's me, Evie...yeah, see my phone I have now, just isn't working for me...I want a new one uncle...no I don't want your old phone...I want a fuchsia Droid X...do I need to tell aunt what happened...okay...thanks! Are you ordering it right now...it should get here in a week...okay...love you...Bye!" I hung up the phone and smiled into my mirror.

Just seconds later I heard my parents pull into the driveway and was suddenly grateful that I had threatened Bertha into cleaning my room; my parents were such neat freaks.

"Evie!" my mother called up the stairs, I sighed and walked out of my room and clambered down the stairs, my Juicy Couture flip flops slapping the stairs.

"Yes mom?" I demanded. She was waiting very impatiently at the bottom of the stairs.

"Darling, your father and I are going to Europe on business, you and Oliver will be staying here with Uncle Arte and Aunt Hannah." she smiled at me. "And we have a surprise for your brother and you in the garage." I rolled my eyes at her as she turned her back and then climbed up the stairs and pushed open Oliver's door.

"Mom says we have to go see our surprise that's in the garage." I said and walked back out of his room, he followed behind me and down the stairs. A Ferrari California and a Aston Martin DBS, our mom walked in the room and smiled at us, "So do you like them? The Ferrari is Evie's and the Aston Martin is Oliver's." she gave us her this-is-what-we-are-giving-you-in-exchange-for-not-taking-you-with-us, smile. I smiled sweetly back at her and reached for the keys that were in her palm, "Thanks, mom." I smiled. Oliver smiled and thanked her as well grabbing the keys and pounding up the stairs and back into his room. I followed after him and dropped my keys on the desk as I walked in my room and grabbed my phone, I was about to text Cassie and tell her about my new car, but I couldn't. I needed new friends. I needed them now.