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I took the welcome basket and dropped it into the garbage and grabbed my keys. I picked up Laura within about 15 minutes, I wanted to be home just

in case. "Hey girlfriend!" I said as she climbed in my car. She smiled at me and dropped her bag in the back of the car. "So," I started. "What was going

on at home? You don't have to tell, I just wanted to be there for you." She smiled appreciatively at me and shook her head, "It's good to have

somebody to tell my secrets to." I hugged her awkwardly with one arm, keeping the other hand on the steering wheel. "We can save the secretive talk

for my room. I have something to share to!" We walked into the house and the first word out of Laura's mouth was. "Is that a Marc Jacobs?" she asked

this as she saw my aunt. Hannah wiped her hands on the towel and walked over hand extended. "Hi, it's nice to meet you! I'm Hannah, Evie's aunt."

Laura warily shook Hannah's hand. "I'm Laura." After I introduced Laura to my uncle we rushed upstairs and past Oliver's room.

"So, what was it that you had to tell me?" I asked curiously. She just looked at her hands and didn't answer. "Laura," I said. "You can tell me anything."

She smiled at me and then opened her mouth to speak, "My stepdad, he hates me. I thought it was just because I'm not his child, but it's not that. My

mom is never home and when she is, she's always doing things for Count Von Bastard. She never gives me her attention. Ever. A few years ago I got

into the habit of cutting myself. It took away the pain of being beat and scold by my stepdad and the hurt of being ignored by my mom." she took a

deep breath tears coming to her eyes. "I stopped the cutting about a year ago...someone had noticed a scar and pointed it out. I told them it was from

an accident, that happened years before. I don't think they believed me though. After that I couldn't cut myself anymore, I didn't want to risk anybody

noticing. None of the cuts were very, life threatening, so they faded so that hardly anybody could see, unless I pointed it out. My stepdad still beats me

from time to time. He's says I''m a bastard child and he will never have me as his daughter. If you think that's bad, my real dad, left my mom to marry a

stripper, before I even knew him. They have two kids now and live just down the street from my mom's house." I stopped her then.

"Wait, doesn't Cassie's family live down the road from you?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah, actually her family does." she stated. "I think I saw my dad come out of their house a few days ago."

"That's who he married!" I said excitedly. "He married Cassie's mom, Diane, she was a stripper!" I smiled evilly, I had something to destroy Cassie with.

My phone went off and I checked to see who it was. "Who the hell is this? Some idiot just texted me."

Hey. I just want you to know, that I'm not interested in you. Other guys might be, but I'm not. Sorry, so go back to somebody who's actually interested. Bye.


"That asshole!" I exclaimed furiously. "Christopher Shelton, will never have another girlfriend as long as I live." I stated through clenched teeth.

"Really?" she asked. "If you don't want him Stephanie will probably go for him. I mean she has liked him since like 5th grade. That's commitment right

there." I gave her the look that said don't mess with me and climbed into my computer chair. She pulled my other chair up to the desk and sat as I

tweeted something.

I may not look like much, but sweetie, I can promise, no girl will ever like you. Ever AGAIN!

I didn't wait for anybody to comment this time. I immediately grabbed a paper and pen from my desk drawer and plopped on my bed. "Now. This is

what you've been waiting for Laura. The first bitchy thing that you will do with the fabulous Evie Taylor."

"Wow, I'm so lucky." Laura said and sat down next to me on the bed.

How To Take Down Christopher Shelton

I jotted down a few notes and smiled happily with myself. It was just a rough draft for now. Besides, I could edit it at anytime I wanted. It was my list

and nobody, besides me and Laura would know about it. Nobody.

"Are you hungry?" I asked tucking the notebook back in my desk drawer.

"Yeah, a little bit." she stated. I rung the bell that Hannah had put in every room, she didn't like straining her voice she's a singer, and waited for

Bertha to come so I could tell her what type of snacks we would like. She came running in a few seconds later, "What would you like Evie?" she asked

sweetly, it was obvious that she was on her best behavior. "I would like a Fiji water and salad with the fat-free ranch that auntie Hannah brought with.

Laura?" I asked.

"Um, I would like a Voss and a fruit salad. No pineapples or oranges though. Strictly apples, pears and bananas. They have to be cut up though and I

don't want any of that disgusting FAT-infested dressing. I want it fat and sugar free." she smiled sweetly and waved as Bertha left the room. "Dude!" I

excaimed. "You SOO know how to handle help!" She blushed and hid her face.

"Oh, just years of bossing around my cousins. No big deal." she laughed, I laughed with her. Then the bitch decided to show up.

"Whose this?" Vivian demanded standing in my doorway.

"I told you to get lost earlier skank. Why are you back?" I growled. She just snorted at me and walked even further into my room. "I don't see what you

owe me. Unless this chick is it."

"Vivian, once you made out with him you lost all chances of me ever helping you get anyone again." I snapped. "Now turn your ugly ass around and get

the hell out of my room."

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