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Chapter Three

Outskirts of London, England

July 21st, 1996

"GRANNY!" the young Hannah exclaimed happily, lunging into her Granny's arms. Mrs. Piper chuckled and kissed her granddaughter's forehead.

The mother, Darla, and the boys greeted Mrs. Piper as they stepped foot into the house.

"Is there any biscuits?" Matthew said as he passed his Gran. Mrs. Piper looked at him incredulously.

"It's morning! If you are hungry there is breakfast in the kitchen." Matthew sighed and walked to the kitchen, hoping that "breakfast" wasn't just plain porridge. The sight before him made him stop in his tracks. He had been expecting this, yes, but already? No. Not really. Matthew had been expecting to be introduced later that morning. Not seeing his Gran's, uh, son, right away after coming.

Leaning over the counter in the kitchen was a scrawny guy with black hair all ruffled as if he had just rolled out of bed. It was a bit odd to see this guy, not only eating cereal but in dress clothes. The guy (what was his name? Joe? Jake? John? Yep, Johnny. That's it.), Johnny, was wearing black slacks and a button up shirt.

Hannah didn't seem to be so surprised at Johnny's appearance as Matthew was. She went straight to him and started talking animatly. At first Gran's kid was a bit startled but his shock was soon over and he was listening to Hannah's every word.

Which, of course, Hannah loved.

"Daddy says not to tell Mummy though. But you can keep a secret, right?" At her wide smile, Johnny nodded. Completely at a loss of what Hannah had been telling Gran's kid, he shook his head and finally spoke up.

"You're Johnny then?" Gran's kid looked up from Hannah's wide hazel eyes. Johnny scanned Matthew's face and nodded.

"Yep. I'm Johnny."

"The name's Matthew. Gr- er, uh, Francine Piper is my grandmum." Johnny nodded in acknowledgement, most likely he had already figured that out. "Yeah, and this kid here is-"

"Hannah Rose Kettleson!" his sister pronounced clearly and proudly. Johnny smiled at her.

"It's nice to meet you, Hannah, Matthew." Johnny said. Matthew nodded, not quite sure of how to continue the conversation. Hannah gave another brilliant smile at Gran's kid and then went on a scavenger hunt in the fridge and cabinets. Surely Gran had biscuits somewhere!

As little Hannah scavenged for her favorite treat, the two boys stood in awkward silence. Johnny played with his cereal, not wanting to eat in front of the people he just met. It wasn't like he was scared of eating infront of them. It was simply for the reason that Johnny always became more aware of how loud he was chewing in the presence of other human beings.

As for Matthew, he desperately wanted to go and get food from the fridge (which was newly stocked with all of his favorite foods by the looks of it!) but he ended up just swaying on his toes and making odd faces.

"Find the stash yet?" a voice came from the doorway, it was hushed, as if the speaker was trying to be secretive yet still quite loud as Hannah, Matthew, and Johnny (whom were all on different parts of the fairly good sized kitchen) look up at the noise.

Peter looked expectantly for an answer. Johnny put up his hands in a "I have no clue what you are talking about" way. Peter sent a scowled at him and shushed him (in a friendly way of course) as he waited for Hannah's answer.

"I don't think Gran has any." she said sadly, her round face scrunched up in confusion.

"Nonsense. She always has some on hand. You know how she gets about her midnight snacks." Peter moved towards his sister, shoving his older brother out of his way. Matthew sent a slight scowl his way but got out of his brother's path and headed for the fridge.

Peter stood next to Hannah (who was at this point had gotten onto the counter and was digging through the highest cabinets) and searched in the cabinet next to her. Johnny watched, a bit amused, as the siblings searched for the biscuits (or well, in Matthew's case, trying to open the new gallon of orange juice).

This went on for several moments. Until, Peter (assuming that's his name of course, Johnny had been listening to Darla's and Mrs. Piper's stories of them for the past week or so) spun around pointed his finger at him.

"You! Where'd Gran put the biscuits? You got to know, you were there when she made more, weren't you?" Peter squinted, half accusing Johnny and half questioning him.

"If she has some, they would be in her bedroom. I can't have any with my meds or something like that." Johnny shrugged. Peter and Hannah simuntaneously frowned. Gran's room was off limits. That was her sanctuary and no one messes with her sanctuary.

Finally, Peter groaned in defeat. Gran had made sure they couldn't have any biscuits. Hannah slid off the counter and headed over to her eldest brother. Matthew was at the kitchen table and pouring a few bowls of cereal for himself and his siblings.

"G'morning Johnny!" a voice greeted quite happily from the kitchen doorway. Johnny turned from away from his new cousins (they were cousins right? He was the kid of their Grandmum. But wouldn't that make him their Uncle? Wow, was this confusing or what?!) and looked to see a smiling Darla.
Johnny grinned at her and greeted her with a "Morning."
"Well, kiddos, I have to go and get some errands done. You'll be good for your Gran?"

"When are we not?" Peter said with a smirk. His mother shot him a glare (only making Peter's smirk grow wider).

"Alrighty then. I'll be going. See ya kids." Darla waved at all of them and Johnny sent her a small wave and smile as she turned and left. Mrs. Piper walked after her, seeing her out.

Johnny felt suddenly awkward as he was left with all three of Darla's kids stared him. They seemed friendly enough... but, what on earth were they suppose to do for the hours that Darla was gone?

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