AN: So everyone was surprised at Emmett's err reaction. But if anyone would bend vampire rules to make a scene it would be him I think. That's why we loves him long time. Hope you guys enjoy xx

Ch 17


I took a second to glance at Emmett, passed out with splinters of the wooden floor he just destroyed flying into the air throwing out a scent of timber and wax. But that second was all I could spare and my eyes immediately found Bella again.

She was worried about Emmett, even as Peter and Garret went to his aid, a small crinkle in her brow. But she never stopped her gentle sway of the baby in her arms.

She looked so natural holding her goddaughter. They were both freshly bathed with pink skin and damp hair. Finally she took her eyes off of the mound on the floor, looked around at our ragged group, and then met my gaze.

"You're here. You're all here." Her voice shook with the myriad of emotions she was feeling, but most of all love and relief.

"Promised you we would darlin' and I always keep my promises." I went to take a step towards her but she stepped back. The pain of rejection shot through me. After everything that had happened I needed her in my arms more than my next meal.

"Bella?" I heard my own strangled voice.

"You guys don't want to eat the baby do you?" Her voice was so strong it was almost an accusation. I stared at her incredulously and heard a few snorts behind me.

"Um, sug, she smells a bit human but more like a yummy perfume then food. How often do you chug down bottles of Chanel No 5?" Charlotte answered.

The tension left Bella's shoulders and I was finally able to go to her, to hold her. Her smell was mixed with the soap the Cullen's used but it was still her, still that mix of sweet and stormy.

"Are you guys really all ok? What happened?"

At that moment Carlisle came down the stairs and knelt down next to Emmett. His worry and confusion were taking over the air in the spacious room, drowning out all the warm and fuzzies.

"I think he will be ok." I offered. My guess was based on nothing but hope since not even emotions were coming from the man who was as still as a statue.

"Vampires do not faint Jasper. Unfortunately we also do not have vitals that can be checked in the traditional sense either." I didn't need my gift to hear the frustration and fear in his usually calm voice.

Bella giggled. "Look I love Em but he's not always the best at handling the heavy stuff. Start saying something like 'grizzlies' or 'boobs' in his ear and I bet he's up in no time."

Chuckles spread around the room and started to quiet before Garret walked over to us and bowed deeply towards Bella.

"Miss Bella it is a pleasure to meet you finally and to see that nothing about you has been exaggerated."

Bella of course blushed to her hairline but stuck her hand out and mumbled a 'thanks', which just set the room to laughing again. No one understood her delusional self image, me least of all.

A particularly loud scream erupted from Rose and every vampire in the room flinched remembering their own transformation. No matter how many decades passed, the memory of the excruciating pain of the change refuses to fade. The only one not cowering was Bella who's attention was back on the baby.

"Whats her name darlin'?"

"Lillian." She replied softly.

"Lillian?"Emmett mumbled shocking the Hell out of all of us.

"Help me get this big bastard up, my arm's still healing." Peter said gruffly while reluctantly letting go of Char.

We each reached out and took one arm, pulling the giant man to his knees. His eyes were unfocused and his neck looked like it was made out of limp spaghetti but he was definitely in the land of the living again.

"Huh, guess he has something he loves more than boobs now," muttered Bella. I went to give her a dry smirk before Emmett started swivelling his head around saying boobs over and over. She shot me a crooked grin that said 'told ya' loud and clear. God how I love her.

It took another three minutes to get him upright and saying more than boobs but as soon as that happened his eyes were on his tiny daughter. I felt the absolute awe coming from him and the overpowering love.

I felt so conflicted watching him explore his new child, breathe her in, and stroke her cheek. The moment I walked in and saw Bella cradling a child a part of my mind had been picturing the possibility of her doing that with a baby of our own.

My hands could almost feel the swell of her belly beneath them. I could almost see her radiant smile as our baby grew, or her furrowed brow when picking out how to decorate a nursery. She would be the world's best mother, loving and kind, while fiercely protective. A lioness with her golden cub.

The problem was there was no way to guarantee Bella would survive the birth even if she agreed to be changed. I couldn't bring myself to wish for anything that would put her in danger, and so would never ask that of her, but a small secret piece of me will always wonder what that would be like.

When the proud papa started to finally let others hold little Lillian Bella laid her hand on my arm and motioned for me to sit down with her. Her warm hand on me was not enough so I pulled her until she was in my lap, with my arms caging her in and my head buried into the crook of her slender neck.

"I'm so happy to have you back Jasper. I was so scared." She pressed a kiss to the top of my head and again to my lips when I raised my head to look at her.

"Will you tell me what happened?"

I sighed deeply, not wanting the earlier events of the day to mar all the happiness in the room. It had not been pretty.

"Char got caught running after Victoria. She thought it would just be her and James, but there were more wolves and they cornered her. They took her to a cave up in the mountains which made things hard. They had the advantage of the landscape.

"Luckily they didn't kill her outright, preferring to use her as bait. Em and Garret went up and over the back of the mountain to try and surprise them. Peter and I went head on to try and lure them out."

Bella gasped and held me tight. I rubbed her back and kissed her throat to calm her. If she kept squeezing my stone body so hard I was afraid she'd rip open the stitches in her shoulder. Not a great idea in a house full of emotionally drained vampires. I placed a kiss there too, silently asking her not to injure herself. Her grip loosened the tiniest bit.

"Peter and I went in first and the fight started. There was blood and fur flying around, Peter almost lost a limb or two. Em and Garret followed once the wolves were good and confused."

I swallowed hard hating the piece of news I had to deliver. " Bella I'm sorry to tell you this but one of the wolves did not survive."

"Who?" her shaky voice asked.

"Leah said his name was Quil. Did you know him?" Her sadness was so dense he must have been a friend.

"Not really. I met him once or twice when he came to see Leah. How is she? Is she ok?"

I was confused. "If you didn't know him why are you so sad?"

"It wasn't his fault Jasper! That uber-bitch and James the cocksucker are the ones who need to pay a price. And he was so young, maybe seventeen. The entire pack will be mourning over this."

I grabbed her face and kissed her, consumed her like she was my last meal. She was so good, so true and kind and strong. When I finally released her she looked a little dazed and I allowed myself a cocky grin at being the cause. She shook her beautiful head and sent me an impressive glare.

"No fair Whitlock. Now what about Leah?"

"Physically she's not bad. The wolves heal very fast and in her case that was the problem. Someone at the hospital will have to re-break her broken arm and set it again."

A violent shudder ran through Bella and I gave her a questioning look. "Sorry, that just sounds horrible. Breaking it once is more then enough. You said physically. How is she otherwise?"

"She's a mess, over what happened, over Quil, and she was very worried about you. I admit I wasn't too happy when I heard your secretary was a shifter," Bella shot me a not so friendly look," but after all of this I change my stance. I can't hate anyone that loves you like she does."

She snuggled into my chest and her words were muffled. If not for my vampiric senses I never would have heard her asking about the fate of the vampires.

"Victoria is dead. Once Char got freed she was, uh, ready to work out some of her frustration. She actually teamed up with Leah on that one. Think they might become friends." I huffed still amazed how well those two bounced off each other.

"They're at least war buddies if you think about it." Bella's voice was quiet and while I felt her fear at the still unanswered question I heard her smile in her enchanting voice at her two friends finding kindred spirits in each other in these regrettable circumstances.

"Bella, James got away."

"I figured as much." Her uninjured shoulder lifted in a shrug.

"I'm so sorry darling. At first Peter and Em had him then two wolves attacked Peter. Em tried to keep him cornered but got his leg ripped off."

"It's not your fault Major. An evil man like James must be good at escape if he's been walking around free all these years. I mean, you can't tell me he hasn't made anyone else want to turn him into a candle."

I lifted her face until our eyes met. "I will protect you Bella, I give you my word."

Second passed, then turned into minutes. She studied my face, looking for something. If she only told me what she wanted I would give it to her.

You want my heart? Ill cut it out of my chest and gift wrap it for you. My body, my soul, the stars, the fucking Siberian wilderness. Just ask. All of these thoughts were displayed in my emotions and I pushed them to her urging her on.

"Jasper I think you need to change me."

Well shit.