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Part One


Slim fingers flew deftly over the keyboards of the computer, bright blue eyes fixed eagerly on the image that was being loaded onto the screen. Clucking his tongue in annoyance, Kobayashi Ruiji wiggled his mouse around on his table in a futile attempt to get the web page to load faster. He pounded his palm down against the surface of the table in frustration when this didn't seem to help any.

Forcing himself to take deep, calming breaths before he snapped and finally did something that he might regret later on, such as hurling his coffee mug through the computer monitor, he sat back on his chair, and watched as slowly, but surely, the face of the object of adoration came into view.

Shindou Shuichi…

The sight of the Japanese Rock idol smiling up at him was enough to take his breath away. That smile… There was nothing else like it in this world. Even through a photograph posted on Bad Luck's official website, you could see the sheer joy, the energy and basic zest for life emanating from that beautiful, all out smile. " Another one for my collection!" He declared, grabbing the picture's print out as soon as it emerged from the printer. Taking out a pair of scissors from within his desk, he began to carefully clip the picture out, as he sang along to the Bad Luck CD that was blaring out from his stereo in the background.

A lot of people had told him before that his obsession with the young rocker was rather…unhealthy, to put it lightly. They had told him that it wasn't normal for the walls of his room to be plastered with hundreds of pictures of the pink haired performer, it wasn't right for him to be so engrossed in thoughts of Shuichi Shindou that he had let his school work suffer until the teachers in his college had finally recommended a year off for him to try and get his priorities straight, it wasn't normal for him to be devoting every single waking minute to this man. But he didn't care what those people, who thought that they were giving him all of that unwanted advise for his own good, thought.

How could they even begin to understand the bond that he shared with Shindou Shuichi? Sure, the guy might not even be aware of his existence right then, that could be easily remedied soon enough, but those songs…those songs that he wrote, that he sang, he could tell that they were meant especially for him, that they had been written for him, meant for him. Otherwise, how come he could relate to them so much? How come the messages of the songs just struck him right at the guts whenever he heard them?

He was sure that fate meant for him to be with the young rock idol. But since fate was doing such a lousy job in bringing him together with the man who he considered to be his reason for living, why shouldn't he intervene? He would just push things along a little, help himself out a bit…

His lips pulled up into a small smile as he pushed his light brown hair back so that he could get a better view of the photo that he had printed out just a few moments before. The guitarist and keyboardist of the band were also with Shuichi but he only had eyes for the small, pink haired youth. Soon enough, tomorrow to be exact, he would get to meet his idol. He had been preparing for this moment for months and he wasn't about to mess things up after all the time that he had spent tracking Shuichi Shindou all around Tokyo, getting to know his schedule, his favorite haunts.

Soon, the man that millions all over Japan adored, would be made aware of his existence. With this sole thought running through his mind, Ruiji got up from his seat, after having stuck a piece of sticky tape onto the back of the picture, and almost reverently stuck it onto the wall, which was already covered with enough posters and other printouts as it was. He stepped back to survey his work, his hand reaching out to gently brush a finger against the image of his idol's face, before he murmured softly, " Soon…"


" Hiro! I'm bored!"

There it was. The pathetic little whine that, even after all of these years, never failed to get into his nerves. Nakano Hiroshi groaned inwardly as he watched his best friend roll off the couch where he had been lounging about, and bound over to where Hiro was sprawled onto an armchair, lazily flipping through the channels on T.V. He pointedly ignored the face that was thrust only a few inches from his own. " You know, Shu, between you and Yuki, I would have thought that you would have had enough money to invest on a nice, entertaining satellite dish…" He commented, having decided that there was nothing worth watching on all the local and cable channels, he settled once again on the Disney Channel, which he had been watching in the first place before he had decided to see what else was on.

" Hiro! I'm bored!" Shindou Shuichi repeated doggedly, tugging on the arm of his childhood friend. He refused to be ignored in his time of need.

" I know. I heard you the first time. What do you want me to do about it?"

" I don't know! But I didn't invite you over here just so that you could sit there watching the television all day! I mean, there's only so much of the Disney Channel that a guy can take!" Letting out a loud sound of frustration, Shuichi wrestled the remote control out of Hiro's hand and switched off the television set. He was going to go crazy if he had to go through another Donald Duck cartoon. He knew he would. Oh, he liked the Disney Channel well enough, he watched it whenever Yuki wasn't around to tell him that he was going to rot what was left of his brain by watching those inane cartoons, but he had had enough after two hours of Hiro chuckling over the antics of the cartoon characters on the screen, when his best friend could have been lavishing all of his attention on his poor, lonely self. " I'm bored! I'm lonely! I. Want. Yuki!" The name of his lover had been wailed out dramatically, vaguely reminding Hiro of wolves howling out to the moon. Having finished his pitiful little monologue, Shuichi threw himself onto the floor of the apartment, flailing his arms and legs about like a toddler in the midst of a very bad temper tantrum. He raised his head a little, so that he could catch a glimpse of Hiro and gauge his best friend's reaction, and was slightly gratified by the softening of the guitarist's face.

Just as a man could only take so much of Disney's disgustingly over cutesified characters, a person could also take only so much of Shindou Shuichi and his whining at a time. Though Hiro's resistance to Shuichi's ear-piercing wails were slightly higher than that of other people's, he still had his limit. And right then, he had reached it. He let out a sigh of defeat. Damn Yuki Eiri for going off on that book signing tour and leaving Shuichi behind. A Shuichi without his Yuki made for a bored Shuichi, and a bored Shuichi made for some potentially very dangerous situations… " All right, so what does my spoiled rotten best friend want to do, then?" And Shuichi was spoiled by everyone. Even Yuki tended to indulge the young rock star's whims once in a while.

" Anything that will get my mind off Yuki!"

And that seemed to be a very good idea to Hiro. Maybe if he managed to get that good for nothing romance novelist out of his best friend's mind, Shuichi would stop asking him what he thought Yuki was doing every few seconds, as if he even cared. " Want to watch some Nittle Grasper music videos?" That had always managed to get Shuichi back to his usual, bouncy self whenever he was depressed. He couldn't stay wallowing in his pool of self-pity with his idol, Ryuichi Sakuma's voice blaring out of the entertainment system.

Shuichi sat up, a small pout on his pink lips. " I can't do that. All the Nittle Grasper songs remind me of Yuki and how he always comes out of his study yelling for me to turn the volume to the damn T.V down…" For some weird reason, Shuichi seemed to treasure this memory of Yuki yelling at him. This only managed to prove to Hiro just how twisted his whole relationship with the novelist was.

" All right, then let's go over to Ryuichi-san's right now and play with Kumagorou!" He had been reduced to this: A baby-sitter taking care of a pink haired little boy, suggesting that they go over to the home of another little boy, this time a green haired one, to play with a pink stuffed bunny.

" We can't. Tatsuha is most probably there trying to get Ryuichi to do perverted things with him and I don't want to see Tatsuha… Tatsuha looks too much like Yuki for his own good!"

" Want me to dye Tatsuha's hair blond and give him contact lenses so that you can pretend that he's Yuki? Would that make you feel better?"

" Do you remember what happened the last time that Tatsuha pretended to be his brother?"

Hiro grimaced, recalling the time that Shuichi and Yuki's relationship had been accidentally outed on National T.V.
" You're right. Very bad idea… Let's just get out of this apartment already, okay? Of all the days that K had to call off practice it had to be today, when there's no Yuki around to keep you busy and there's basically nothing else for you to do…"

" I know…" Shuichi wailed. Why did Yuki have to leave him? It wasn't that he didn't appreciate Hiro keeping him company and everything, but Hiro wasn't Yuki of the cold, piercing, golden eyes. Hiro couldn't yell at him the way that Yuki could…Hiro couldn't hold him the way that Yuki did, and he couldn't make him feel the way Yuki's expert hands could. Now he knew how Yuki must feel when he was off on one of his concert tours, presuming that Yuki actually missed him on those occasions.

" Come on, Shu. You've managed to live without Yuki before. You should be able to do that now for just a couple of more days! Then the guy will be back, meaner that ever after five days of being on the road, and then he'll yell at you all you want!"

" I know, I know…" frowning slightly, Shuichi sat back onto his heels, his eyes zoning in on a silver key ring resting on the coffee table. The rather rusty wheels and cogs in his mind began to turn slowly then as he perused Yuki's car keys… " Hiro-kun?"

" Yes?"

" You know how to drive, right?"

" Yeap."

A manic smile forming on Shuichi's lips, he lunged forward and grabbed the keys. " Then teach me!" He exclaimed excitedly, jumping up onto his feet and pulling a startled Hiro off his seat. He threw the keys to his best friend, Hiro staring down dumbly at the little, metal things in his hand. [1]

" Have you gone absolutely mad?" The guitarist demanded. From the way that the guy was smiling, that seemed to be the case. " These are the keys to his Benz! He loves that car! He takes better care of it than he does you!" Instantly, Hiro knew that that had been the wrong thing to say from the way that his best friend's face had fallen.

Shuichi turned big, hurt violet eyes towards his best friend. They shimmered slightly in the light, like the eyes of a Shoujo anime character would. " Please, Hiro-kun! You said that you would try and help me get my mind off Yuki, and this is how you can do it!"

" By letting you drive us off to our potential deaths? And Shuichi, you need learners permit and all that crap! You can't just suddenly up and decide that you want to learn how to drive! Besides, Yuki will kill you if anything happens to his car!"

Once more, the pink haired singer turned his pitiful, puppy dog eyes onto his friend with full force. " Please, Hiro-kun!"

He knew that it was no use trying to resist Shuichi. Sooner or later, he would end up caving in to whatever the guy wanted, so he guessed that it would be much easier to just agree to his latest whim this early on… " Fine, fine. At least if you crash the car, you're going to have to be the one to explain everything to Yuki!"


Never in his life had Hiro ever experienced such sheer, and utter terror. There had been that one time, when he was six years old, when he had been swimming around in some beach and he had been caught in an undercurrent. He had thought that he would die back then, but that couldn't even begin to compare to the horror that he felt right at this moment, with Shuichi behind the steering wheel of the black Mercedes…

" Am I doing okay, Hiro-kun?" Shuichi demanded as he took a sharp curve, sending Hiro smashing against the passenger side door.

Too scared to speak, Hiro merely nodded and clutched onto the sides of his seat as his best friend over took a Honda dawdling before them. " I…is this your first time driving, Shu?"

" No. Yuki tried to teach me before but he gave up after a couple of lessons. He said that he had too much to live for at the moment…" Shuichi actually looked sort of cute, hunched over the steering wheel like that with his pink tongue poking out from between his lips in a show of concentration. But Hiro was too preoccupied by his impending death to pay much attention to this…

Come to think of it, he also had too much to live for right then. He had his promising relationship with Ayaka, and Bad Luck was at the height of its popularity. He didn't think that their band would be able to continue if ever Suguru were to be left behind without a vocalist and a guitarist, so for his sake, Shuichi's and the youngest member of Bad Luck, he had to get Shuichi off the road. He was barely able to suppress a scream of horror as his best friend just barely missed another car at an intersection. " Err…Shu…"

" Isn't this fun, Hiro?" Shuichi demanded, his eyes glittering in excitement as he floored the accelerator, not seeming to notice the pallor of his fellow band mate's face.

" Uh…yeah, Shu, it is…" The auburn haired boy agreed weakly, somehow managing a smile. " But…you know what? I could really use a drink right now, something preferably with some stiff alcohol…think we could maybe make a stop over at that bar nearby?"

" You want to drink in the middle of the day?"

" Yeah. I really, really need that drink right now…"

Shuichi shrugged, a little puzzled. He didn't think it was such a good idea to get drunk so early on in the day, but since Hiro had been nice enough to try and entertain him, he guessed he might as well go along with what his best friend wanted. " Sure, Hiro-kun. If that's what you want…"

" And Shu?"

" Yeah, Hiro?"

" Can you let me be the one to drive you home? I…" Hiro paused, thinking of some way that he would be able to get Shuichi off the driver's seat with minimum blow to the pink haired boy's pride. " I really want to see how Yuki's baby drives…"

" You've just seen how I drive!"

" I meant the car…"

" Oh… Sure thing then, Hiro!" The bar was coming into sight. Hiro heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that now he would finally be able to get his feet onto some safe ground again. Right then and there, he decided that never again would he willingly get into a car that Shuichi was driving.

" You do know how to parallel park, right, Shu?"

" Erm…yeah…" Shuichi reassured him, through he sounded a bit doubtful about this. "Yuki taught me how to before…but you know, I don't really remember that much about it because he was shouting at me so much about how he was going to haunt me if he died with me behind the steering wheel…"

Hiro closed his eyes, taking deep, calming breaths. So they weren't out of the woods yet after all…He concentrated on praying to the powers that may be as Shuichi came into sight of an empty parking space. He swore to God that if he managed to get him out of this one alive, he would do his best to become a better man. No more beer binges, no more cursing, and he would donate money to charity…

" Here we go, Hiro!" Shuichi announced their impending death cheerfully.

Hiro took in a deep breath. There was a sickening sound of metal screeching against metal as the guitarist was thrown against his seat belt after a strong impact. After a few seconds of whimpering " Oh, God. Oh, God." Over and over again, he finally dared to open his eyes, catching sight of a wide-eyed Shuichi, staring forward into the windshield in shock.
" Are you…are you okay, Shu?"

Shuichi nodded woodenly, bringing his hand's up to tentatively touch his face in examination. " Yuki!" He whimpered.

" Yeah…Yuki…" Hiro twisted around so that he could try and examine the damage to the car's bumper. It was hanging half off onto the ground. " Shu. It's been really nice knowing you. I know that you've done a lot of stupid things to get Yuki all mad at you in the past, but this, my friend. This is going to make him blow up… He's probably going to singe you to death with his cigarette butts once he sees what you've done to his beloved car. Of course, you're always welcome to hide out at my place, seeing as how you're my best friend and all…"

With thoughts of his impending doom in his mind, Shuichi jumped when someone suddenly knocked on the driver's side window. It was a young man, he couldn't have been more than a couple of years older than himself, with longish brown hair, pale skin that reminded Shuichi of his lover's, lips that right now, were pulled down into a frown, but which you could see would have been able to form a very nice smile under better circumstances, and light blue eyes that smoldered with barely suppressed anger. Gulping, the young rock star hesitantly lowered the window, offering the guy one of his most charming smiles. " Hi! I'm Shindou Shuichi, as in, the singer of Bad Luck…" If he had hoped that the guy would recognize his name and therefore, be a little easier on him, he was sadly mistaken. The look on his face never changed. He offered his hand to be shaken, but the brown haired man just ignored it.

" Hello, Shindou Shuichi. I'm Kobayashi Ruiji," The guy replied with a small, slightly forced looking smile, " as in, the owner of the car that you just smashed into. I think we have a little problem here…"

~**~ To Be Continued ~**~

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[1] I don't know whether Shuichi actually knows how to drive or not… so, just for the sake of the story, I'll assume that he doesn't.