The more they learn, the more they are intrigue by their human ancestors. The Fta Tei started their discovery of their ancestor's history after detecting a distortion in the space-time continuum. The accidental time-travel of Grantville into the past has created another universe akin to the one they live. Because of the Assiti's accident, the humans and their descendants have their lives altered for the betterment of their universe!

With this in mind, the Fta Tei has two objectives:

Ensure the victory and stability of the Common Principalities of Europe.

Combine the alternate universe and theirs to give the Fta Tei and other descendants of humanity a better life.

However, the Fta Tei could not use the Assiti's technology and have no clue as how to connect one universe with another.

It was at this moment that the enigmatic being, covered in dark energy (so that the Fta Tei does not discover his identity) named Reaper appeared. He gave them the information needed to complete their agendas. As the Fta Tei test the time-travel machines, the hybrid leaves the room.

He answers a call from his father, Emperor Marcus.

"Did they fall for the bait, my son?" said Marcus

"Yes and in just a few more years the Fta Tei would raise arms for our cause! (Evil laughter)" said Reaper.

Reaper and his father belong to the Hybrida race of the Solarian Empire. Using their unnatural and advance powers, they would assist other races, but in the end the Hybrids benefit the most from the agreement as those who associate with them are targeted for elimination by the Hybrids' own enemies, who are the masters of all sentient races: The Angelic warriors of the Light Alliance, and the Demonic troops of the Darkness Legion.

Due to the interference from the Fta Tei, the armies of the CPOE have grown EXPONENTIALLY! I will list the three good factions: (Units and technologies with an asterisk* is my ideas/part of the fan fiction)

Swedish Army:

Infantry- Equip with Henry repeating rifles.* Strong against everything except artillery and vehicles.

Elite Finnish cavalry-equip with modern handguns and revolvers. Strong against infantry

Lennart Torstensson's Elite Artillery Regiment- The revered artillery regiment of Sweden. Equip with Grantville's artillery cannons and volley guns they are have no equals! (By 1663, they have two WW1 Vickers machine guns.)*

Nils Krak's Sniper squad- Thirty-four German snipers armed with modern hunting rifles. Need I say more?

Hopeville, Louisiana- Town from the year 2001 is teleported to the year 1633 southeast of the city of Luebeck. The town has over 4 000 up-timers with a factory, that creates American Civil War weapons, a tank museum, and several scrap yards.

German Fusiliers- About 200 Germans armed with pump-action shotguns!

Grantville's Army:

APC squad- Five construction vehicles outfitted with steel armor. One APC has a M60 machine gun on top.

Elite snipers- About a dozen American hunters armed with hunting rifles.

Elite Riflemen- 180 Americans armed with hunting rifles.

United States Air force- 5 diesel engine powered planes armed with rockets or bombs.

United States Navy- Four ironclads and twice as much timberclads armed with 19th century artillery cannons!

Wallenstein's Army:

Red Sybolt's Rocket Truck- Red's pickup truck improvise with several rocket launchers, akin to the Soviet Rocket Truck of WW2. Effective against Infantry and Artillery.

Gottfried Pappenheim's Elite Cavalry- the cavalry of Wallenstein's Army, which unlike that of Sweden is effective against both infantry and other cavalry.

Jewish militia-The fanatical men of the Jewish community of Prague. (Armed with Henry repeating rifles)*

Three Israeli Merkava III tanks- Israeli main battle tanks armed with a cannon, machine gun and a concealed mortar. Doubles as an APC and is very mobile on rough terrain.

Israeli Commandos- A dozen Israeli commandos armed with Uzis and Micro Uzis.