Rigby has always been there for Mordecai. But deep down inside, Rigby has loved him all along and yet never has told Mordecai about it. Now, he fights with the fact on either telling Mordecai the truth and risking their friendship, or never telling him? Full of emotions and relationships, this story focuses on the perspectives and feelings of some of the characters and how they feel for one another. In the end, true love always wins, right?

Rigby stared into his cup of cappuccino as he didn't pay attention to his surroundings. He imagined himself jumping into it, hoping the sudden hot, scolding liquid would wake him up. That's what he wanted to do; to wake up and to feel awake. But he kept dozing off from reality as he struggled with the thought of either carrying the weights of his eyelids up or succumb to the desire of falling to sleep. Mordecai held Rigby up, trying to help Rigby from his predicament.

"Come on man! Wake UP! Gosh! We have a lot of work to do today and if you wanna see Rocketeers 3 then I expect you to stay awake. I bet Benson's not in the greatest of moods for some apparent reason and he'll probably have a huge list of chores for us to do. That gumball boss… *phish*… why are we bossed around by a gumball machine? ...*sighs*… Anyway, I brought you here to the Coffee Shop because… well, you know… so you can wake up."

The sleepy raccoon grumbled and held his head up with Mordecai's assistance. He moaned really loudly and used his hands to hold his eyes up. The blue jay looked at Rigby's feeble attempt and complained,

"Look at you. Your eyes look like they are carrying dumbbells. This is what you get for trying to complete 'Sumo-Wimps' all night and morning. Look, just drink your cappuccino. I don't want Margaret to see you like this… besides, I'm gonna see if we can make her come with us to the movie later!"

When Rigby heard this, he immediately woke up with his eyes wide open. Mordecai was shocked on how fast Rigby slammed the table with his fists. He was now fully awake.

"WHAT! But I thought it was just gonna be you and me going! Now if she says yes, then I'll just be a third wheel to the group again!"

"No! Not really Rigby. You can…" *Snaps* "You can bring Eileen with you! It's like adding an extra wheel to the group!"

Rigby grumbled to himself as he knew Mordecai was going for Margaret again. Mordecai was deeply in love with her. Like deeeeeply in love with her. Every time they met up, Mordecai would always blush and sometimes stuttered with his words. Rigby thought to himself,

Why does he even try to get with her? She barely even realizes him much! He should just stop trying to impress her! Why can't he just try to hang out with me like he used to? Why can't he realize that there are better beings that care for him instead of the gorgeous yet fake Margaret? Why can't he realize…

He stared at himself at the reflective window across the shop and froze. He stared deeply at himself and then slowly looked at Mordecai in the reflection. Mordecai was drinking his coffee. Rigby looked at the overall picture reflecting back at him.

Me? Rigby fought with his thoughts and bobbled his head. GO AWAY Gay thoughts!

Before he could respond to himself, Mordecai shoved him a little and pointed at Margaret who was coming near them.

"I'm gonna do it! I'm going to ask her to come with us! Wish me luck Rigs!"

"Oh yeah, you're gonna need it."

But Rigby wished that Mordecai would mess up. Or he wished that even Margaret would say no due to some other random thing. Even though he wanted Mordecai to be happy, it was difficult watching him try to get with a girl like Margaret. Rigby had to admit that she was really good-looking for an avian, but he knew that there was something fishy about her and he didn't like it. Not one bit. Besides, he wanted nobody to take his Mordecai away, especially not this bird.

Margaret walked up to their table and gave the receipt for the drinks. She appeared to be in no rush as there was nobody in the shop this morning. Rigby glared at her. He then shifted his face and started looking around, acting like she wasn't there. Mordecai stared at her and was in total awe. He stuttered a little but regained some of his courage.

"Hey Margaret! Have you heard about the new movie coming out today! You know… Stee… I mean Rocketeers 3!"

Margaret looked at Mordecai as she fumbled with her pen.

"Um… actually… no. I've been busy lately so I don't keep up with any of the new movies lately."

"Oh well, um… so ummm… Would you… um…"

Rigby watched with anticipation.

Come on Mordecai! Mess up!

"Would you… ummmmmm… want…w…w…"

Rigby turned around and smiled to himself trying to hold his excitement. If there's no Margaret tonight, then there would be just him and Mordecai at the movies, like good ol' times. He wanted to be Mordecai's emotional support if Margaret denied his request or if he couldn't pull the words out of his beak. Besides, it's been a while since they've actually hanged out at the movies. Suddenly, Rigby heard a familiar voice coming from the back of the coffee shop.

"Hey Margaret! Guess what tickets I have for tonight!"

Eileen, Margaret's best friend, came running up to the Margaret and the two boys and stood near the table. Usually, she was quite shy and quiet but the other three could tell that something was up with Eileen. Just by looking at her face, they could tell she had something exciting to say, which she doesn't do much. The female mole beamed and said,

"I got tickets to go see Rocketeers 3 tonight! You wanna come and see it Margaret?"

"Oh, Sure! Hey wait a minute! You two boys want to come and meet us there tonight around 8:25? We all have the same time apparently."

Eileen spoke out, "Yeah! Especially you Rigby!" She blushed at the thought of asking Rigby to the movies. She had a hidden crush for him and yet Rigby didn't even know about it.

Mordecai thought that this was a miracle. He felt extremely lucky since he felt like he was a total mess before Eileen came up. Mordecai uttered in a response.

"Sure… We can definitely come and watch the movie! Right Rigby!"

Rigby grumbled to himself at the thought of being so close to being the only one to hang out with Mordecai at the movies. Now he had to deal with Margaret and Eileen. Mordecai realized the delay of response he needed from Rigby and looked at him with a sorta pleading face towards the raccoon. Rigby sighed. He put up his macho attitude to hide his feelings to the situation.

"Yeah we'll check you girls out later."

Eileen giggled and walked off. Mordecai looked at the time. It was around 9:20 and he realized that he and Rigby needed to be back at the park pretty soon to avoid Benson's yelling.

It's hard to keep a strict gumball machine happy when he is never impressed with how the park looks, Mordecai thought. So he, without thinking, started gulping down his scolding, hot coffee. His eyes then became watery as he spitted out some of the coffee on the table. Margaret heard Mordecai's coughs and rushed over to help him. She dropped her pen on the table that Rigby was on. Rigby saw it but paid no attention to it.

Actually, he was not paying attention to what was going on around him. He didn't even notice Mordecai gagging from the coffee. Instead, Rigby was into his deep thoughts again. He stared at his reflection and at Mordecai's on the window. During Mordecai's mishap of chugging hot coffee, he saw Margaret pull Mordecai off his seat. She then brought him to the kitchen in the back to get him some water. When she did this, Rigby couldn't see Mordecai's reflection on the window anymore. Rigby only saw himself in the reflection.


He felt as if Margaret had stripped his best friend and love interest from him. Rigby felt angry and enraged deep inside and he gritted his teeth. He looked at the pen on the table and grabbed it. He started scratching on the table as he was trying to push all his anger out on the pen. He then focused on making something on the table; something that he wanted express to the whole world. He did this pretty fast as Margaret and Mordecai didn't realize what he was doing. They were too busy dealing with the coffee mishap. Rigby suddenly stopped from his spasm and realized what he was doing to the table. He scuffled up his napkin and hid his jagged marks on the table. He then heard Mordecai and Margaret coming from the kitchen. He then saw that Mordecai had left a huge coffee mess all over the table and floor. Rigby pulled his napkin up one more time and covered his pen marks on the table, hoping no one saw it.

Getting over his silly mishap, Mordecai felt so embarrassed in front of Margaret and helped cleaned up the mess he made. He asked Rigby to help because they had to hurry back to the park. So they rushed, paid an extra tip, and ran out the door. A couple of minutes passed and Margaret was in the kitchen making some bread. She realized that she left her pen somewhere in the shop. She shouted for Eileen to go find it since she was busy making the bread. Eileen humbly accepted the task. She looked all over the place. She finally found the pen on the same table that Mordecai and Rigby were on. She picked the pen up and realized the pen was messed up on the tip. Eileen knew that Margaret would have never treated the pen like this. She glanced down and found a napkin that was left alone on the table.

"Oh my. Guess they forgot to pick up their napkins."

When she picked it up, she noticed that there was some sort of message written underneath it.

"Hey Eileen! Did you find my pen yet?"

Eileen froze after looking at the message on the table.

"Ugh… yeah! I'll bring it to you!"

Eileen glance back down and examined the message.

It was a 'M + R' phrase surrounded by a heart.

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