Ok I've read the story and I thought about it for a while... Yall... it's good as it is and I do not feel comfortable Continuing this story any longer.

I feel more happy with the way it is and I can't finish it out. It's not you guys it's me. So I am sadly putting this story on a close.

I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL THE SUPPORT aND LOVE FOR THIS STORY! If anyone wants to continue this story in their own version on their own account, I be glad to give anxious readers a link to the story if you wanna continue this in your own perspective. But guys I I LOVE you all and thank you for your support.

I been planning on writing a new fresh story for Perry the Platypus (which has been in the making since 2010). I feel like if I want to doing fanfiction again, I need to start fresh and start out with a new idea and concept, which will make me feel good instead of going back to old work, which was Great work, but still.

Again, Thank you all for supporting this story and I feel REALLY sad to give this up, but I may not be able to work on this anymore. I know a lot of you will be mad at me, I would be too. I have to be true to myself and start anew :) Please forgive me all you fellow readers.

But guys just know this.

1. Margaret doesn't deserve Mordecai.

2. Eilleen will find someone else (hopefully).

3. Morby... FOREVER! 333333


… My last Update was in the month of May... and I have moved back to Georgia right after that update.

My mom kicked me out (cause she's a crazy bitch) and... yeah now I work in another Walmart and...

Guys, I've noticed that ALOT have reacted to my story and I haven't been on here since July. So... my art computer has recently broken and I just thought about this story. So I came back on here and re-read my story... entirely. At the beginning of this, the chapters were choppy and so many grammar issues are there. But as I read on, I started remembering things that I have forgotten about in this story. Like... wow.

Hmmm... I don't think many are going to read this cause it's been forever but... I am willing to write another chapter to this. My computer is broken and while I don't have any commissions of art to do (except one but I'm waiting till he has the money) I actually have nothing that is forcing me to draw. I'm just waiting for the computer to be repaired. It's gonna cost money so I may be financially in trouble again :/ That's why I been on the art side all this time, for the money (until now). Now I realize that money can be a hold on what I want to do for 'fun' and help me feel better mentally. But it would be COOL if I could get donations on each chapter to help me be able to write while I can pay the bills. Would you guys donate at all? It sounds crazy, but really the comments themselves can make or break my day, so money is just a silly scenario.

I also have to point out that I MAY NOT write another chapter but give it to someone else and this time I HAVE to be confident if I would want to do that, or leave the story at a stand still and not continue.

So with that said, after reading what you guys have given me, here's what I need to do...

1. Finish reading this Story (I'm on Chapter 5)

2. Catch up on the notes people have sent me (since June... yikes)

3. Write a new chapter (if I can or not)

But it really depends if it's even worth continuing this story cause I am not sure if it's worth my time now since I been so busy and I've delayed. But then again... my computer is broken so... eh? I could continue this but I'm going to read the rest of this really fast and then decide if I wanna continue this or not.

What do you guys think? Just comment please don't send me notes :)