Chapter 3

Pebbles on the dirt road started to tremble and shift as the golf cart passed by. In the cart, Mordecai and Rigby were cruising along looking over their list of chores. It was around 3:30 p.m. and the heat was fading away due to the sun being blocked by puffs of random clouds. They have completed practically everything so far. But they had one last thing to do. Mordecai looked down at Rigby while driving and saw that Rigby 'borrowed' sunglasses from the concession stand. He usually 'borrowed' stuff from the stand, since no one watched it.

"Hey! You can't take sunglasses from the concession stand… Unless you get a pair for your pal!"

"Why wouldn't I!" Rigby slid him a pair and they both put theirs on.

"We're wearing Suuuuunglasses…"

"SUUnGlassess!" Then they broke down into a beat and sang out,





Mordecai then put on his serious but cool face and spoke with his bad ass voice,

"Hey Rigby, let's go… clean the bathrooms."

They both hive fived each other and started nodding their heads up and down. They headed up a steep hill and Mordecai stomped on the gas. The cart sped up as they drove it right off the top of the hill. They were airborne for about six seconds while feeling the wind brushing across their bodies. The sun's light gleamed on the wannabe daredevil's shades as they dropped to the ground with a couple of rebounds. Then they performed a 720° spin near the bathroom shacks and slammed on the brakes. The cart made a screeching noise while smoke from the burnt wheels covered the area of where they stopped at.

Mordecai and Rigby got out, with their sunglasses still on, and stood there in the park. They have left dark tracks on the roadand their cart was covered in dry dirt. They looked around and noticed that there was no one there other than them. Mordecai and Rigby shrugged and headed inside the bathroom shacks which had the stench of dirty socks. But they were used to it, since they did this every day. They pushed the raggedy, bathroom door and grabbed their supplies from the chemical drool labeled 'For Bathroom'. The sunglasses made it difficult for Mordecai and Rigby to see since it was kind of dim in there. So they place them on the chemical drool. The bathroom was littered with toilet paper, scattered across the floor, and the sinks were left dripping. The light bulb hanging from the ceiling was already out. So Mordecai grabbed a new light bulb and twisted it in the outlet. It flickered a little then it went bright white. The light illuminated the room, showing more of the bathroom and its disturbing contents. Mordecai and Rigby sighed from the sight of the place. They never understood why the bathroom was always disgusting, even when they cleaned it once every two days.

"Ewww man! Who throws wet toilet paper on the ceilings?"

"I don't know man but we have to focus. As soon as we get this done, we can start getting ready for the movie tonight."

"Yeah, we both know you wanna snuggle with Margaret right! You and Margaret sitting in a tree, K.A.S.S.I.N.G!" Rigby laughed out loud and started sweeping the floor. Mordecai shook his head, noticing that Rigby couldn't even spell the word 'kissing'. He went and turned off most of the sinks. He went to the last one on the far right and twisted the greasy handle. But no matter how hard he tried twisting it, the sink kept dripping water. Mordecai left it and moved on. He got out some Lysol, sprayed each sink and wiped each one down.

Ten minutes passed and Mordecai and Rigby were partly done. They had to clean the toilets, plus anything else in the stalls. Rigby and Mordecai went and flushed each toilet, ignoring the contents within each.

"Mordecai, have you seen all of these words and slangs on these stalls?"

"Yeah dude, there are probably a hundred of them all over this place!" Mordecai looked at his stall and what it had on it. There were phrases like the following; 'The World is on Crack', 'Rrrrrun (n word)', 'KKK', 'Baby doll, I Love You', 'I'm Peeping on You', and many more symbols, drawings, and graffiti. Mordecai was really fed up from all the biased remarks stated on the pale walls. He then looked to his left and saw a huge drawing of a swastika with words all around it. How did I miss that?, he said to himself. He stared at every word and yelled to Rigby,

"Hey Rigby, check this out over here." Rigby soon came and looked at the very detailed swastika and the different shadings on the lines. The words that surrounded the swastika were names for types of beings. Mordecai read out loud some of the words,

"Jews, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, (n word), Arabians, Animals," but then he stopped at one of the words and froze. Rigby saw it too and froze as well. Then Rigby whispered in disgust,


Rigby looked down and Mordecai just stared at the word. The swastika sparked horrid flashbacks in the back of Mordecai's mind. He ignored them and spoke out,

"Really! Why do these people have a problem with practically everyone who isn't white and straight! They're Crazy!" Mordecai immediately went out of the stall, grabbed a ' Magic Eraser', came back and started wiping the drawing away. Mordecai then started to rant, which he typically did when he was annoyed.

"Like seriously! What are wrong with beings who have different skin color, or are animals like us? Or even those who have different sexual interests? Why do people like these Nazis freaks still exist? You know what? Who cares what they think! Right Rigby!"

Rigby looked up at Mordecai. He quietly spoke with a curious tone of voice.

"Are you saying that you don't mind homosexuals?"

Mordecai looked down at Rigby, confused. Why did he ask that? He lowered his 'magic eraser' and sighed. He then spoke with more enthusiasm,

"Yeah, why not? Homosexuals are just people with different sexual interests. What's wrong with them pursuing on who they want to be with? If all men and woman were created equally, then people should be allowed to date whoever they want to date. If straight people want to go with the opposite sex or if gay people want to go with the same sex or if bisexuals want to go with either sex, then so be it!"

Mordecai turned back around and glared at the swastika on the wall. He continued scrubbing it off, not taking his eyes off it. Rigby smiled and blushed to himself, but noticed how ticked off Mordecai looked. He walked back to the other stall where he was previously at. Mordecai was all by himself in the violated stall, scrubbing and spraying, watching the marks go away from every stroke. The water from the unfixable sink dripped slower and slower. The drops cascaded into Mordecai's mind. He was full of anger. He revisited his memories from the school he used to go to before he moved and met Rigby. He remembered meeting those he wished he had forgotten. The droplets from the sink continued to batter his mind as they reminded him of his past.

6th grade.

The first year in Kristman middle school was a life changer for him. Mordecai came into it with a different approach then what most students did. He was different compared to the students there, since he was one of the only anthros (animal with human characteristics) there.

He only had one best friend before Rigby, named Samson, who also went to Kristman. He remembered that Samson was a pale, kind-looking young boy who had a small scar across the bottom of his chin; due to a car accident. His parents had a divorce before he was born and he lived with his mom, who smoked a lot, and his older brother to whom he looked up to. His brother seemed like a good person on first impressions, but was sadly a bad influence on Samson. Samson got his style of talking from learning the words that his brother would use to talk back to his mother when they got into fights.

Samson had it tough and usually kept to himself before he met Mordecai. As for Mordecai, his life was practically normal. An only son with two loving parents, he had it simple. No major catastrophes or such. It's just that Mordecai was pretty lazy when it came to work or chores. He lacked enthusiasm to try new things. (Mordecai smirked to himself. He still lacks responsibilities sometimes, but he was more irresponsible in the beginning of his 6th grade year.)

Mordecai thought of the first time he met Samson while continuing to scrub the swastika. Their first classroom was full of students talking to each other. They were forced to talk to each other, since the teacher saw that they weren't talking to anyone. After awhile, they realized that they had a lot in common, like favorite food, color, etc. They started hanging out in the 6th grade bathrooms and talked about the classes they had and the teachers they had to deal with. Their above normal high pitch voices interacted like cobwebs, with the dripping of the sinks in the bathroom, as they discussed everything with each other. They were the best of friends; always giving each other silly faces in class, playing hooky and heading to the arcade, or just hanging out after school. They both weren't good in their school work, since they didn't care too much for school. They wanted to get away from the work and just have fun playing games or finding things to do. Mordecai's parents weren't impressed. They said that his grades needed to improve or they would take serious actions. Mordecai didn't care though. He was too focused on how Samson thought of him. He had a secret journal to where he would write about his day with Samson and he brainstormed on what Samson thought of him. He had deep feelings for him. He just never admitted it to anyone. He knew it was wrong or weird but he couldn't help it. He liked girls but he also found boys interesting too. One day in the third month of the school year, Mordecai and Samson met up in the bathroom once again. The more they saw each other, the more Mordecai liked Samson and the more Samson talked with a tuff dude attitude.

"Heeeey! What's up Mordie!"

"Nothing much man, nothing much."

Mordecai slapped fives with his friend and did their secret handshake. Their special handshake had specific steps to follow; thumb press against each other's hands, twist the thumbs and smack the hands together.

"So dude, did you do the assignment from the teacher?"

"Nah Mordie you know that I don't try for someone like him!"

They both laughed and joked some more. After a while Samson interrupted Mordecai's laugh.

"Hey, guess what my brother got for me yesterday." He looked around to make sure no one was in the bathroom and then he slipped a pack of cigarettes from his jacket."You wanna try some later at my house? He got it from my mom's treasure box." Samson held the pack closer to Mordecai's face. Mordecai was shocked at the sight of his friend having a pack of this.

"Ummm… nah dude. I really… don't want… to try it out and neither should you. You should throw those away since they can hurt your lu- "

"Oh come on man! Did health class get into your head!"

"No, no it didn't! But it's not smart to be tryi-"

"Wait a sec. Are you calling me dumb since I want to try some cigs?"

"Umm… no… it's just that you're better than this Samson. Drugs don't make you cool dude. I… I care about you dude." Samson stared at Mordecai and gave him a disappointed face.

"Are you a pussy dude? Because none of my friends can be fags, you hear me?" Mordecai countered back remarking,

"NO Man! That's so immature of you! I'm just worried that you might get addicted to this stuff and that you'l-"

"You know what? I don't want your advice fag!" Samson then picked up his pack of cigarettes and headed out. He paused at the door way and sighed, "Talk to you later."

Mordecai stood there, feeling guilty for not saying yes to the cigarette part or the fag part.

They hung out during the next weeks that followed, visiting each other's houses. While Mordecai did all the talking, Samson didn't really say much. Conversations between them became awkward as Mordecai saw that Samson had changed. Time passed by and Mordecai saw Samson less and less during the middle of the school year. He saw that he was too busy hanging with the big ugly kids. He also acted tougher just to look cool. Mordecai didn't like Samson as he used to and threw his journal away in the neighborhood's dump. In school, rumors spread like a plague that Samson was selling many types of drugs. But no adult heard of the rumor.

Since they didn't see each other much, Mordecai decided that he should focus and improve on his school work to keep his head off of Samson. Besides, no one else wanted talked to him anyway. He moved from C's to B's, and then he was able to get A's and B's on his report card.

On the last week of the 6th grade year, Mordecai's parents told him that his father was fired from his job but they found another one off state. They told him that he was being transferred to a new school. What the parents expected Mordecai to do was to probably cry for hours on end. But instead Mordecai jumped for joy and hugged his parents. Finally, he thought, one more week and I'll never have to deal with that school ever again. I can start brand new!

On the day before the last day of school, he went into the bathroom and saw his long-time-no-see pal, getting out of one of the stalls. Samson glared at him and grunted. Mordecai saw that Samson's skin was almost as white as snow and that he was skinnier than usual. Samson snorted a little and spoke.

"Aw Mordie, how's it going for you man?" Samson was acting weird as he kept shifting his eye positions left and right.

"Um… doing great dude. And you?"

"Haven't felt better! I got loyal friends now who give me what I need." He chuckled to himself and shifted to the chipped mirror, looking at his reflection closely. Mordecai noticed that some of his body parts were flinching as he saw a small swastika on his ankle.

"Samson, are you feeling alrigh -"

"YOU THINK I'M NOT FEELING FINE? YOU THINK I'M CRAZY? YOU ANIMALS DON'T KNOW WHEN TO SAY NOTHING TO US SUPERIORS!" He then went over and backhanded Mordecai on his beak. Mordecai backed off and shoved Samson away from him.

What the h is going on with Samson? What did I do to cause him to do that? Mordecai got to his feet, while feeling his beak, and went into 'flight' mode. He tried running out of the bathroom but got bumped back by some other dudes.

"Hey Samson, is this jay bothering you?" One of them started to kick Mordecai on the ground and Samson joined in. Mordecai was gaining bruises all over his body until he finally go the nerve to swing his wing right up against Samson's crotch.

"EEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHH!" Samson knelt down from the excruciating pain and whimpered a little. His pals went around Mordecai and helped Samson with his problem. Mordecai then ran out hearing,


Later that day, Mordecai said nothing to his parents about what happened to him. He didn't want to cause any more drama right before the last day of school. During the night, Mordecai pondered about what Samson was planning on doing to him tomorrow. A fight? Mordecai looked back to all that happened this year and what he could have done different. Should I have been nicer to Samson? Should I have tried to be cool with him? No, he's a crazy douche who deserved the worst. Mordecai shook his head in agreement and fell asleep.

The next morning was quite windy as Mordecai felt the cool winds on his feathers as he jogged to school. His alarm clock rung two hours after he was supposed to wake up and his parents didn't wake him up since they were gone running errands early int the morning. When he arrived, he noticed that a lot of students' faces were looking straight at his. Some of the students whispered to each other as Mordecai started to sweat from being watched at. He walked his way down the hallway as students came up and were laughing at him. Mordecai was confused as to what was going on. He grabbed himself a late pass and walked to his class. In it, the teacher took the pass and asked him to sit down. He was reading from the textbook out loud. During this, Mordecai was given a letter from one of the students. Mordecai opened it and read,

"Hey gay jay! Love the journal!"

Mordecai froze and stared at the letter, frozen from fear. He looked up at the sight of most of the students' faces glaring and smirking at him. At the back of the room was Samson, waving at Mordecai and mouthing 'Faggot'. He then held up his secret journal, the one where he wrote all about his feelings about Samson. Mordecai felt his whole body chill up as the school bell ringed for third period. Mordecai stormed out of the room where he saw students pointing and laughing at him, calling him homo or faggot. Some threw pieces of paper at him as he stood there looking around and yelled at them to stop. He opened one of the sheets that were thrown at him and saw his handwriting. The papers that his peers were looking at were copies of his journal, with Samson's name marked away with a black sharpie line. Everyone in the hall started to yell, "GAY JAY,GAY JAY!" and kept repeating themselves. Mordecai threw the paper down and ran for it. He wanted to get away from all the laughter and name-calling. People shoved him leftand right as he was taped witht the papers. His eyes were filled with tears as he ran out the doors and into the parking lot. He ran all the way home and locked the door. He cried to himself on his bed, trying to forget what had happened to him. That was the last time he ever saw the school. He skipped the rest of the day and was comforted by his parents.

A week later, Mordecai and his parents packed and started heading to their new home during midnight. They wanted to get a head start on the next day so that his dad wouldn't miss his first day at his job. He saw the streets one last time, examining every crack and building there was. At a stoplight, Mordecai noticed on the side of a gas station a big swastika with extra graffiti on it. He then saw police officers arresting a boy about his age who probably had something to do with the graffiti. A pack of cocaine was on top of the officer's car as well. The boy who was getting arrested was very pale and a little underweight. Mordecai put his face to the mirror and realized that it was no random kid, but it was Samson. The car drove forward as Mordecai saw, for the first and last time, a glimpse of what Samson's future was going to be like; drugs, swastikas and time.

Mordecai opened his eyes. He looked at the bathroom wall and realized that he had already gotten rid of the swastika. He felt tears running down his beak as he wiped them away. He didn't want Rigby to see him cry. He looked around the bathroom and saw that every other toilet in there was clean and spotless. He looked to his right and saw that the sink that was broken was now fixed; not a single drop fell from it. He looked to his left and saw Rigby, who was putting away some sprays and chemicals.

"Wow Rigby! You got some serious skill dude!"

"Yeah I guess I do have valuable skill when I want to use it. But be aware Mordecai, I also got gun skills too!" Rigby then pretended that his hands were like guns and he blew on them. Mordecai laughed and joined in on the pretending. Mordecai was confused on how Rigby cleaned the bathroom without him noticing. But he exclaimed,

"Since were done dude, we can head back and get ready for the movies tonight, and possibly some game time!" Mordecai and Rigby slapped hive fives and yelled,


They grabbed their sunglasses and headed out the bathroom. They jumped into the cart and Mordecai slammed on the gas, speeding on the dirt road. They both sang their song again about sunglasses, busting new rhymes and beats with one another.

Mordecai was so glad that he knew Rigby. To Mordecai, Rigby wasn't a follower. He was his own raccon and Mordecai respected him. He knew that Rigby wouldn't tramp up his own friends just to benefit or make themselves feel better. He was a true friend.

Moredcai was in love with Margaret and would do anything for her. But it's not like he didn't have mixed feelings for Rigby either. He did; ever since he met Rigby at the new school that he transferred to. He just wasn't open about it until it was necessary. He never told Rigby, or anybody for that matter. Why would he? To be judged or to be laughed at agian? He also didn't want to risk the chance on losing his friend too. He only wanted people to think that he was straight, and only straight, so he wouldn't have to deal with being made fun of. So he emotionally attached himself to Margaret, the girl of his dreams. He felt like it was the perfect solution to hide his 'other' desires and pursue to those that were acceptable in this society.

He wanted Margaret to love him back, but he questioned if she would ever fall in love with him. He could only keep trying to get to her heart.

If him and her never worked out, well then maybe... just maybe... he could go for Plan B.

Or Plan RigB.

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