Okay, in this story, Maddie and Jack thought that they had Danny when they were spreading the cables, and then the new Tuck Bot disappeared. They realize this when the Op Center jet comes crashing through. That is also where this story starts. Also, Tucker is not the mayor of Amity Park, the old mayor, whose name is eluding me right now, has been reinstated as the mayor. Also, Sam and Danny are not dating. They never had that close scene in Phantom Planet. Probably like all the other SamxDanny fans out there, I was jumping for joy when they finally got together, but, for the sake of this story, they are not dating. But, keep hope, I am a stickler for that pairing and WON'T write about any other pairing, possibly Danny bonding with Valerie, though. But, and I repeat, I WILL NEVER WRITE ABOUT ANY OTHER PAIRING BESIDES SAMXDANNY. You have my word.

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Chapter 1: Phantom Planet's Ending- My Way

Maddie's POV

"Jack! Where's Danny?" I demanded. Jazz turned the other way; not speaking.

"Look!" someone exclaimed, "It's Danny Phantom!" With that, the whole crowd began shouting out for joy when Phantom flew through the Ghost Portal followed by about a million ghosts. With that, everybody forgot their previous problems, including myself and Jack and got to work. In the back of my head, I could hear my nagging, motherly conscious asking me where my son was.

Then, the whole world went quiet. There wasn't a single sound. And, then we were all struck with awe when the asteroid passed through the North Pole. The next thing I knew, we were all running down to congratulate Phantom on saving the world, but, my main objective, was finding Danny. I knew that if I was able to find Jazz or Tucker or Sam, I would find my son. In a matter of minutes, I saw a ghost that I had come to know as Skulker say something to Phantom that made him smile. That ghost's attitude will boggle my mind forever. One moment Phantom can be all serious and the next he has a careless average teenager attitude about him.

After ripping my eyes off Phantom, I saw that the three kids I was looking for were around him. I pushed through the crowd, and pleaded to them, "Have you kids seen Danny?" They all stared at each other, including Phantom.

I don't know how they did it, but they must have communicated with each other, because after about fifteen seconds, I caught Phantom slightly shaking his head, and the others nodded. Then, Sam said, "I think he was in the back of the crowd. He probably got pushed out of the way when we all came down. He's most likely just coming down from the tower with the rest of the stragglers. You know Danny, he likes to take his time with things."

I nodded at them and began to make my way through the crowd and toward the tower. I saw Jack just a few steps behind me, but I quickly warded him off. I didn't want to lose Jazz, too. He obliged, understanding, and walked back through the crowds. I briefly heard Phantom saying a good bye for now' and then saw a glimpse of him flying through the portal. But, I really didn't care about this at the moment, because I wanted to find my son.

Danny's POV

I told everybody good bye and claimed to be leaving for the Ghost Zone and then to the Amity. But, little did everybody else know, I really came back through the portal invisibly. From there, I followed Sam's lie and went into the tower. I made sure to stay invisible until I reached a bathroom and changed back into Fenton. I quickly walked out and made my way toward the staircase. When I was only about three flights down, when I saw my mom walking up the steps. At seeing me, she ran up to me, and wrapped me in a deep hug. It was obvious to me that they had not made the connection between me and my ghost half. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because my secret was still intact, but bad because, today, I finally realized that I'm not afraid of them anymore. Not that I'm afraid of them, it's more of the unknown, if you will.

Maddie's POV

When I saw my son walking down those steps, my heart jumped out of my chest at the now known fact that my baby boy was okay. I ran to him, embraced him, and began to stroke his hair. A tear then fell from my eye. "Do you have any idea how worried I was?" I said, "Please, please, don't ever do anything like that again. God, Danny, for all the times for you to disappear, that was probably the worst. Promise me that you'll never do that again." I felt him nod, and then I held tighter.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I was kept from leaving cause of all the people rushing out," he apologized sincerely. I embraced him for another thirty seconds, and then I let go, and we both began walking down the steps in silence.

"Finally, we're home!" my son exclaimed, immediately plopping on the couch. It didn't make sense, why was the boy so tired? He did the least work of all. The only reason he even came along, was because Jack and I were needed, and we could bring our family. But, he didn't even do anything, and, despite the fact that he fell asleep on the ten hour plane ride, he still looked like he could drop over dead with exhaustion. Finally, Jack vocalized what I had been contemplating:

"Why are you so tired, Danny-boy?"

Danny looked petrified as soon as the question was asked, but, at least from what it looked like, Jazz swooped in with an excuse. She said, "Umm, you have to remember, Dad, Danny's a fourteen year old boy who was just thrown out of his regular sleep cycle. Actually, we all are kind of tired. At least, I am. So, despite the fact it's noon, I'm going to bed."

"Yeah," Danny said, "Good night-I mean day-er whatever. See ya." With that, he walked up the stairs.

I just stared as my kids trucked up the stairs to apparently 'go to bed'. If I didn't know better, I'd say that Danny might have even have whispered a thank you to Jazz as they walked upstairs, but I must have been hearing things. Right?

Though Jazz's story made sense and it was perfectly logical, I was having my doubts. I mean, what could he have possibly been doing in the time we had been at the Pole? I know that he was with us when we were spreading the cables, but after that, now that I think about it, he just sort of disappeared. Where the heck did he go? Unless… No, he couldn't have been with Phantom, because Phantom left before we got back from spreading the wires. Unless Danny was never with us when spreading the wires. I know that Jack, despite how sad this is, has thought Danny was with him, but really it was a sack or something. I decided to question this, and I turned to my husband saying, "Jack, are you sure Danny was with you when you were spreading the wires?"

He looked at me quizzically and then said, "Of course! We even talked a bit."

"What did he say?"

My husband looked at me with a strange glance. Then he said, "Well, um, I said something 'Isn't this great father-son bonding?' then, he said, 'That comment does not compute,' or something. After that I commented on how his voice is changing, and then I think I rambled on a bit about ghosts and Phantom's plan. He just nodded and agreed after that. Why?"

I nodded at my husband, I know that he asked a question, but, I needed to think for a second. That was really strange. Danny's voice was changing, at least not yet anyways, despite a few cracks here and there, but still. And it was fishy that he really didn't say anything else, granted, Jack might have been forgetting something, but still. Jack must have been getting pretty fishy of me, because, after that, he said, "Maddie, what are you thinking?"

"Well, we know that our kids were friends with Phantom now, but what if Danny had been with Phantom in the Ghost Zone? That would explain why he is so tired!" I exclaimed.

"But, Maddie, Phantom crashed the Fenton Op Center Jet when he came back. And when he flew back through, he was followed by a bunch of ghosts. So, Danny couldn't have been with him. Unless Danny's a ghost," Jack said. The last comment was meant to be a joke, but, at the moment even the impossibility in that comment made it seem possible.

But, despite that, Jack had a point. There was no way that Danny could have survived that, and I know for a fact that he is with us now, so that being said, why is he so tired? Jazz must be right. Danny is just getting over getting kicked out of his sleep cycle. "I guess you have a point, Jack. He just has me so worried with all stunts he's been pulling lately."

"He'll be okay Maddie, trust me. He's probably just going through so teenage ag-an-"


"Yes, angst, I 'm sure he'll be fine. Now, common, let's go tinker with so gadgets, I know that it helps you think," Jack said. I nodded to him and followed him downstairs. He was probably right. Danny was probably just going through a stage of his teenage life. Nothing to worry about, right?

I know, kind of short, but this was just kind of my prologue to the story. I just needed to get you comfortable with the premises of this story before I got on to the rest.

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