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A Silent Welcome

I always could pick out those new to District 13. Their wary gazes and hesitancy in talking to others or even eating the food put on their plates. From the gaze I felt being locked on me as I wandered the room, I knew I was being watched by one. Wary eyes locked onto mine as a young girl watched me clean a table. The tall built boy next to her gently encouraged her to try the soup which was her assigned ration. Even though the overall mood of the District 13 dining hall was subdued, the girl would startle at nearly every noise: A chair scraping against the floor, the tapping of silverware on a cup two tables away, the rolling of the cart carrying clean dishes across the dining room.

"She's watching us, Gale." The girl said tensely to the boy nodded. I smiled them as I passed by.

"I think she works here, Katniss." Gale replied. He caught my eye again. I nodded. Katniss began to relax.

"How long have you been here?" Gale asked. I held up 10 fingers. For 10 years. Gale nodded. "We just got here." I gave another smile to Katniss and pointed to her food and then touched my lips. "I bet you're used to the food by now." Gale quipped. I chuckled and rubbed my stomach grinning. To my surprise, Katniss chuckled. She ate a spoonful of soup and began to relax. Though being an Avox rendered me silent, tonight I was able to tell her: You're safe now. District 13 is here for you.