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Chapter 14

A "Friendly Match" pt 4

"Does that change anything?" Leif replied casually.

"Well… yeah it does!" Scoscvisc yelled "How am I supposed to go up against somepony who actually played the sport, somepony who was a player-"

"Captain of the Team" Leif interrupted.

"Whatever, let's just get started." Scoscvisc said while using his magic to fly up to the spot where they would be shooting the ball.

Leif flew in front of the net and began to stretch, "Don't go easy on me just because I'm older." He yelled to Scoscvisc while stretching his forelegs.

"Don't worry. I won't!" He yelled back "Are you ready?"


"Okay, let's GO!" Scoscvisc yelled as he pressed the button on the ball and kicked it higher into the air. He used all of his strength in one flap, and then he twirled his body and delivered a roundhouse-type kick to the ball. He realized that he didn't put enough spin on it and it would go just under the net.

Leif quickly flew over to it and caught it so that it wouldn't go barreling into the ground. Leif had to admit, that ball was flying extremely fast.

He started flying over to the shooting area and as he passed Scoscvisc he turned and told him, with a grin, "Nice shot, but now it's my turn"

He could see Scoscvisc quiver in fear.

End Chapter

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