AN: I'M BACK! So I am stuck on my other work-in-progress, and began reviewing old animes I like for different ideas when BRS fell upon me once again. After enjoying myself so much the first time, I decided to do this little sequel to Broken Black (please read that one first so this one will actually make sense). So here it goes. Hope you enjoy!

The air was warm and the summer grass beneath me was oddly cool and refreshing. My legs hung over the edge of a creek, the frigid mountain water running over my feet. Beneath the ancient oak towering over-head, it felt as if nothing bad could happen. Here in the cool shade, it felt as if the world was entirely at peace.

That was a lie, though.

Just a little over a year ago, all seemed to be going well. This country was bending over backwards to appease its heroes. The Prime Minister was in negotiations with their leaders, only wanting to ensure that each and every one of them got a second chance at life. Everyone simply wanted to repay the enormous debt we owed to those strange girls that had appeared out of the shadows to protect us.

They were called Krypts now, but no one really knew what they were. No one cared anymore. As it always went with heroes, their presence, with time, was seen as a nuisance rather than a help. Now, as their power and potential finally set in, the Krypts were seen as a threat. They were being hated. Attacks on them rose and grew more and more violent. Discrimination ran rampant through the cities and the schools those girls had been promised as a safe-haven.

But then, eight months ago, the fragile line of peace finally snapped. No one had thought it possible for a few humans to kill a Krypt, but on that night we found that the possibility was all too real. It was the first blow that destroyed all relations with them. Their elders immediately withdrew, ordering them home. And, one by one, the girls disappeared. Just as quickly as when they had appeared, they vanished without a trace. Our political officials tried to fix it, but only out of their own fear. They had no concern over that girl or the pain her death had caused to all the others of her kind. They simply did not want war with this powerful race that could so easily wipe us off the planet.

However, all their worry was for nothing. The Krypts did not only sever their ties with our world, but they ensured no such relations would ever be had again. Every entrance into that world that they had created had been sealed. A silence fell over the world that had nothing to do with us. For a moment, everything simply fell still. It seemed as if the world was silently mourning them, missing their presence.

"Mato…?" I looked up at a pair of beautiful green eyes. Smiling, I sat up and took the hand of the girl who had such a stunning gaze.

"I'm sorry. I lost track of time." I laughed, nervously. "Bet Kaa-san is ticked, right?"

"Mato, what's wrong?" Yomi asked. As I thought, she still managed to see through me.

I sighed, looking up at the sky and the moon that now crept up behind the setting sun. "I wonder what they're doing right now…" I mumbled.

Yomi smiled, sadly, leaning against my arm. "I'm sure we'll see them again."

We walked through the trees back towards our shared home. It was cooler now as we silently padded through the shaded little forest. We were so caught up in the peace that we did not notice the things beyond the trees. We did not notice that the birds had stopped singing and the sounds of the street just beyond disappearing. We didn't notice anything until the trees opened up on a landscape neither of us knew, but that felt oddly familiar.

The lush color of the grass was too saturated to look natural. The flowers that grew all around shone with a gentle light that resembled the moon hanging high overhead in a sky that seemed all too familiar. But this could not have been the same place. This could not have been that world that came so close to merging with ours. That place had been beyond repair, had it not? That world had been dark and cold a cruel, right?

Holding Yomi's hand, we walked into a grand mansion perched at the top of a seemingly endless staircase. Slowly, we knocked on the door. When no one answered, we walked inside. Hesitantly we peered around each corner, calling out to anyone who might have been there.

Suddenly, the lights went out. Yomi screamed and her hand tore away from me. The lights came back on the she was nowhere to be seen. Instead, towering over me stood a girl with long hair appeared before me, a massive gun in her hand pointed at my face.

"Disappear, human." she said, coldly.

I heard a shot, but it was not from the girl. A flash of blue light slammed into the barrel of her gun and it flew back. Another girl appeared between us, only I knew this one. I recognized the uneven twin tails and the flash of blue from her gaze as she glanced down at me.

"Black Rock Shooter…!"

I called out to Mato, but no matter how loud I screamed she could not hear me. Instead my shouts attracted something else. The ground began to quake in a rhythmic motion, as if something was coming towards me.

With a jolt, I fell back. Looking up, I stared into the pink eyes of a girl crouched over me. Metalling arms closed me off beneath her, preventing me from moving at all. She leaned closer, examining me from every angle.

"You're human…" she whispered. "Humans should just die…" And with that she raised one hand, moving to crush me in one blow. It came down, but that hand never made impact. There was only a loud clank as metal slashed with metal.

"Children should keep their noses in their own business." a familiar voice said with acid in its tone. Now standing between me and the strange girl was a third girl with a face almost identical to mine. A massive scythe extended from her hand, stabbing into the metallic arm of the pink-haired child.

"Dead Master…" the child looked oddly surprised. She flew back, holding her injured "hand" close to her chest. She looked from the girl to me. That expressionless gaze returned and she stood straight. "It's against the contract to take a human host anymore, remember?" she stated.

"You wish, XKFE." the other girl huffed.

There was a loud rumble and, for the second time, the pink-haired girl looked shocked. "You're not alone…" she observed.

The girl standing in front of me grinned. "What makes you think I would show up here without her?"

The pink-haired girl retreated, disappearing down the halls. Left with the remaining girl, I could not keep my hands from shaking. Acid-green eyes glanced back at me and a gentle smile crept over her face. She bent down and offered her hand.

"Come on. I won't eat you or anything." she grinned.

"Dead Master…" I whispered, taking that clawed hand.

"Is that why you ran off, Black?" Dead called, glancing over her shoulder. The blue-eyed girl appeared around the corner, black blood oozing from her shoulder. Mato was at her side, helping her walk.

"Black got hurt. I think she said her name was Demon Cannon User." Mato explained, worriedly. I looked up at Dead to see her face as expressionless as the rest of them, but something flickered in her gaze that I did not recognize. It was an emotion that shook me, scared me even.

Dead Master walked up and took Black Rock Shooter from Mato's care. She steadied the girl on her feet only to smack her in the back of the head. Black blinked, clearly confused. Dead Master lifted her hand again, but instead of hitting her friend, she placed that hand gently upon the blue-eyed girl's cheek, pressing their foreheads together.

"Honestly… How long do you intend to worry me?" she whispered.

The two looked up and Mato and me. "How did you two get here anyway?" Dead Master asked.

Mato and I exchanged glances.

That was an excellent question.

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