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The sunlight peaking through the curtain woke me up. For the first time in a long time I had slept peacefully through most of the night. Just as I was about to go back to sleep I felt Ben start to kiss my neck. I rolled over to face him.

"How'd you sleep?"He asked still placing kisses on my neck.

"Surprisingly good." I answered. He pulled back and looked at me.

"No nightmares?"He asked grinning.

"No nightmares."I said with a big smile. He placed a tender kiss on my lips.

"I'm happy for you, Ann."

"Its probably the most sleep I've gotten in months. Thank you."I kissed him. He rolled me onto my back and deepened the kiss. I pulled back.

"I gotta go to work." Ben wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him.

"Play hooky with me." Ben said playfully.

"I don't..."

"Please. Please. Please." He begged.

"Okay." I sighed with a smile.

"Just hand me my phone." I said pointing to my phone that was sitting on the night stand. He reached over and grabbed my phone.

"Here ya go." He said handing me my kissed my cheek and started kissing my neck again as I dialed Daisy's number.

"Ogbaa." Daisy answered.

"Hey, Daisy. Its Annie. Can you tell the chief that I'm gonna be out today?"

"Yeah sure."

"Can you also take care of everything today?"

"I thought Jimmy was in charge when you were out."

"He is but he's on desk duty until his paperwork is done. He's got the biggest pile up in the whole office."


"Can you uh-" I moaned as Ben hit a particularly sensitive spot on my neck. I played it off like I was clearing my throat. I glared at Ben. He gave me a devilish grin.

"Sorry. Got a little sore throat. Can you make sure everybody gets their paperwork done?"

"You got it, boss."

"Alright. Thanks, Hurricane."

"No problem."

"Bye." I said hanging up.

"Now I'm all yours."I said wrapping my arms around him.

"Good."He flipped me over again and started kissing made love over and over again.

After 20 minutes of laying down talking Ben was ready to go again.

"Really? Again?" I say smiling as he starts to kiss my neck again.

"What's the matter, Frost? Can't keep up?" He said chuckling.

"Oh, I'll show you who can't keep up!" I said kissing him passionately. We both groaned when we heard my phone start ringing. I picked it up and looked at the caller ID.

"Its work."I said looking at Ben. "I should answer this."

"No. They can wait. I can't." And with that he took my phone and tossed it in a pile of clothes across the room. I looked at him in shock but I was smiling.

"You did not just do that."He kissed me.

"Yes I did."

"You're bad. You are so bad."I said still smiling.

"What are you going to about it?"He challenged playfully.I smiled accepting the challenge. I flipped him over and straddled him. After another session of love making we decided to go to lunch. We got in the shower and it took us thirty minutes to get out because we were having to much 'fun'.

After we got out of the shower I pulled on Ben's robe and sat on the counter drying my hair. He wrapped a towel around his waist. He walked towards me and started kissing me...again.

"Ben we just got outta of the shower."I said giggling and playfully pushing him away.

"The best part of getting clean is getting dirty again."He said started kissing me again.

"Down boy. Time for lunch." I ran out of the bathroom before he could catch me and shut the door.

I was just pulling on my boots when Ben finally walked out of the bathroom. He was fully dressed minus shoes and socks. For some reason this was extremely funny to me.I started laughing and I couldn't stop. I fell back on the bed as laughter shook my body.

"What are you laughing at? Ben asked. The look of pure confusion made me laugh even more.

"Your... no... socks... shoes...feet. I.. can't.. I can't breathe." I was laughing so hard my stomach and ribs hurt.

"Wh-what?"Ben asked sitting down next to me and laughing.I was crying from laughing so hard. I took a deep breath and another.

"I'm okay. I'm okay."I took more deep breaths."Okay. Okay. I'm good." I sat up and wiped the tears from my eyes. I looked back at his feet and lost it again. Ben joined me. After about 20 minutes the laughter stopped.

"Okay so what was so funny?" Ben asked stroking my stomach. We didn't bother trying to sit back up so we were just laying on the bed.

"You didn't have shoes or socks. It was just so funny to me. I don't know why."

"I love you but you are so weird."I was a little taken aback by him saying he loves me but I didn't show it.

"I'm not."

"Are to."

"Am not."I said punching him in the arm.

"Are to." We started wrestling playfully. We wrestled for about 15 minutes before Ben finally let me win. We were sweaty from wrestling. I lied on his chest. He kissed my forehead.

"You Mr. Crowley are very distracting." I said with a smile on my face.

"Oh really? And why is that?"

"Because we were supposed to go to lunch about an hour ago and all we've done is laugh like idiots and wrestle."

"That was not my fault." He said laughing.

"Oh yes it was." I say chuckling.

"Fine it was my fault and I take fully responsibility for being so distractingly handsome."I stood up pulling him along with me.

"Ok lets go eat I'm starving."

We went to a little burger shack. We we're eating and talking and laughing and just having a kick ass time. And then Ben got a phone call. He looked at the caller ID and sighed.

"What is it Tommy? I'm kinda busy." Ben said frustrated.I was watching him carefully while eating my salad.

"Seriously?... How important is it?... Fine! ... I'll be there soon." Ben hung up the phone. He looked at me apologetically.

"I'm sorry. We're a man down on a operation and they need me to cover." He said grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers.

"Its okay. I understand."I say giving him a warm smile.

"So lets get outta here. I'll drop you off at work." He said standing up. He threw his money on the table paying for our lunch then held out his hand to me. I smiled and took his hand. We left the restaurant and headed in the direction of the Marshal building.

We arrived outside of H.E.A.T. I looked at Ben and smiled.

"Bye." I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. I pulled back and looked him in the eye. He gently cupped my face and placed a tender kiss on my lips.

"Bye. Be safe." He said giving me one more kiss.

"You too."I say as I get out of the car. I walked into the building and immediately headed for the cribs .It was the best way to avoid Jimmy. Daisy saw me and started towards me. She caught me as I was entering the cribs.

"Hey, Annie. I thought you were gonna be out for the day."She said following me to the single room.

"I changed my mind but I'm still not here. I'm just gonna catch up on paperwork from here."

"Only you,"She shook her head and handed me the files she was carrying. "Can you look these over for me?"

"Yeah sure."I say taking the files from her.

"Hey can I ask you somethin'?"

"Yeah, Daisy. Go ahead."I say looking threw the files shes given me.

"Whats up between you and Jimmy? I mean I know ya'll went home together...so I mean..."She left her sentence hanging.

"Jimmy and I had a drink and I went home. Nothing else. You don't have to worry. Jimmy and I are fine."


"And Daisy," I said opening the door to the single room. "Do me a favor and don't tell anyone I'm here. Yeah?"


"Thanks."I gave her a tired smile.I entered the room and shut the door. I threw the files onto the desk and turned on the computer. I sat down on the bed. I buried my head in my hands. Ever since my fight with Jimmy I felt like the energy was drained out of me whenever I knew there was a possibility of having to see and confront him. I heard the door open.

"Hey wh-"I said looking up. It was Jimmy. His face was mean, his eyes hard the little light the lamp in the corner provided just added to this.

"I really ain't in no mood to talk to you." I say standing up off the sagging bed.

"Oh, no, Annie. We,"He pointed a finger back and forth between us. "are gonna talk."He threw the lock on the shut door.

The sock part is from my life. Don't judge. I was under the influence of painkillers and my boyfriend was trying be all tough with no shoes or socks and his hair soaking wet. It was just so funny. I don't know why. It was the painkillers fault.

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