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The King stood out on his balcony, arms clasped behind his back, his eyes unblinking as he looked over his empire as the suns set on the capital city.

"I will never forgive you."

The King's shoulders tensed, but his steely posterior did not falter at the hate filled words his Queen spewed behind him. He simply looked over his shoulder at her and then looked back to the scenery of his city.

"He's just a boy. Only ten years old… and you handed him over, like he was nothing to you! All because you are coward, a disgrace-"

The Queen was launched into the opposite wall before she could finish her sentence. The king, now in front of her, baring his teeth and his tail lashing to and fro behind him.

"I would watch your tongue, wife. If it weren't for the fact that you carry my child in your womb, I would have beheaded you by now for speaking to me in such a way." He loomed over her as she stood up, never breaking eye contact with her husband as she wiped off the blood that was trickling down her chin from her mouth.

"The boy will survive." He said in a half sneer, half matter of fact way before he turned again and went back to his perch. His shoulders tensed again as he sensed his mate approach him from the back, but wisely keeping her distance.

"I have no doubt that he will survive. He is our offspring, bred to lead… bred for power. But what you have done is unforgivable, Vegeta. You have condemned our son to a life of hell… and for what? So you can have half of the universe all to yourself? By giving our mortal enemy our first born son? It's dishonorable and disgraceful." She didn't flinch when the king twisted around to face her. She could tell it was taking all his discipline to not kill her right there.

He pointed his finger in her face, silently warning her. "We will soon have another heir to the thrown. You're better off forgetting about Vegeta, and concentrating on the one you carry now." His lip curled as he growled quietly in distain. "Now, get out of my sight. I wish to be alone."

Queen Alina turned on her heal and left their shared quarters and entered her private sitting room. She paced the room, trying to calm herself and to hold back the tears of anger and sadness that were starting to bubble out of her eyes.

The screams of her son, as he was ripped from her arms by his father were still fresh in her mind and would haunt her forever.

She finally sat down and held her head in her hands. She prayed to the gods above that her young son would survive. Prayed that the rumors of what Freiza did to children, men and women, were just that… rumors. But she knew she was just kidding herself… She prayed that he would prevail, and some day would come home, kill his bastard father and reclaim his birthright… his destiny.

2 years later.

Impending doom loomed over the people of earth… it was just a matter of when. The Saiyans had sent a small team to sweep the planet to determine if the planet was worth keeping in tact or purging it. They had found that Earth had much to offer their Empire. Technology, natural resources and much more… They had been there for four days, rounding up people that could help improve their beloved Empire.

Dr. Trunks Briefs ran through the halls of his compound when he got word the man he had sent for had arrived. He skidded to a halt as he entered his office. His oldest and best friend stood in the center of the room, arms crossed and eyes closed in a somewhat meditative state.

"Picollo." Trunks said as he closed the door behind him.

"Trunks." The namakian opened his eyes and dipped his head in acknowledgment. "It seems as if history is repeating itself."

The young doctor took his glasses off, tossing them carelessly onto the table to the side of him and ran his fingers through his semi long and shaggy lavender hair. The passed few stressed filled days had taken a toll on him, he looked as if he aged from 30 to 40 in just four days time.

"You are my friend, Piccolo." He sighed, looking Piccolo in the eye. "You are my friend, and I trust you with my life, and because of this, I must ask you a favor that you may not want to grant me."

Piccolo eyed his friend. He had known Trunks since the both of them were youngsters. The two of them fought side by side in the revolution, battling Freiza's army from invading Earth. And even though Trunks was merely human, he was tough as nails and crazy brave, not like the other humans Piccolo had fought with before he had met the young doctor/soldier. But in all the years he has known the human, he had never seen him in such a state such as this.

Trunks continued. "The Saiyan's want me to go to Vegeta-sei. They found out I am the top inventor on Earth and they want me to further their technology. I refused at first, and in result they took Bunny-" His voice cracked as his emotions started to get a hold of him and he put his balled up hand to his mouth and closed his eyes for a brief moment. He then opened them and continued. "They threw her in the harem. They said if I refuse again, that they will take my girl and throw her in the harem as well." The doctor took a shaky breath in and huffed it out.

Piccolo nodded his head, urging his friend to continue, already knowing what he was going to ask him.

"I know that you are leaving the planet… I want you to take Bulma with you. Watch over her, teach her, make sure she's safe. I cannot allow the Saiyans to have her. If she stays on Earth… they will find out she is gifted and they will take her."

"If this is what you wish, then I will take her. But, Trunks, are you sure you want your daughter to live the life of a rebel?" He knew he was asking a silly question, but he had to ask it. Now a days, you were either a slave to the Saiyan Empire or Freiza's Empire or a rebel against the two. But the life he and his growing rebel warriors was not glamorous.

Trunks nodded his head. "Yes, I am."

Piccolo grunted in acceptance. "I leave in two hours. Have her ready by then. I will come to collect her when it is time." He uncrossed his arms and walked up to his friend, and rested his hand on Trunk's shoulder. "I will keep her safe for you Trunks." He patted his shoulder to reassure him and left the office.


Little ten year old Bulma looked up at her father with soggy eyes.

"But, I don't wanna go, papa. I want to go with you." She said sadly as she sat on her bed.

Her father, who was kneeling in front of her, hugged her. "I know, Bulma. But Piccolo will look after you, while I am away. It's just too dangerous for you to come with me. The Saiyans, they aren't very friendly. It's best that you go with Piccolo. You can help him." He brought her out of his hug and looked at her, wiping her tears away. Her face brightened a little.

"Are you going to get mommy back?"

Trunks forced a smile on his face. "I'm sure going to try to get her back. But in the mean time, I want you to be good for Piccolo. Learn from him, and share your gift." He said tapping her head with his finger. "Put it to good use." He kissed her on her forehead.

She giggled as he tapped her head one more time as he stood up. "Ok papa, I will."

She got up from her bed and helped her father pack up some clothes and other various items. As she did so, she kept hearing her mother telling her; 'There is something good in every bad situation, you just have to look real hard for it.' She wasn't sure if there was any good to come of this situation. She knew her father was sending her away to protect her… and wasn't sure if she was ever going to see him again. And even though she knew Piccolo would protect her, it didn't change the fact that the large green man scared the ever loving crap out of her… But she kept the smile on her face for her dad. And if he wanted her to put her gift to good use, than she wouldn't let him down.

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