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"This is delicious!" Dory exclaimed.

Yamcha grinned at his fiancé. "It should! Lord Frieza didn't give us slaves for nothing!" He tore a piece of bread off of the loaf that in front of him. He sat back and marveled at his surroundings. The Perts' really had good taste.

The two of them had been living like kings for the past two weeks. Frieza had done away with Derlyn Perts and his wife and had Yamcha and Dory move into their luxurious beachside mansion. What Frieza did with the former owners of the planet, he didn't know and really didn't care.

On top of gaining ownership of Planet Utopia for handing over Bulma and outing Vegeta, Frieza gave them five slaves and six men that served as bodyguards to the couple (who surrounded the mansion at all times) as well as a few million credits.

Life couldn't get any better.

Dory gave Yamcha a toothy smile and took a sip of wine. She reclined in her chair and looked through the open large double doors that led to their private beach.

The sun was setting and the remaining light was bouncing off of the ocean, projecting beautiful oranges and pinks. As the red head happily gazed out her new backyard a flash of blue streaked through the sky.

She furrowed her brows slightly. Confused as to what the object could have been. The stars weren't out just yet, so it couldn't be a falling star. Dory rolled her eyes. Probably just a ship or some animal she concluded, and reached for her wine glass.

Taking another sip of wine, she looked to Yamcha. "Do you think we should worry about that horrid Saiyan coming here to take revenge on us?"

Yamcha chuckled and rested his elbows on the table. "Are you kidding? He wouldn't have the balls to step foot on this planet. We're protected. Lord Frieza wouldn't allow anything to happen to us." He smiled a cocky smile. "After Dodoria is done with him, he'll be Frieza's bitch forever." He sat back again in his chair.

"Oooh! I love it when you talk tough!" Dory squealed.

The two them started to laugh, but their happy guffaws were cut short by a large thump that sounded like it came from the roof.

They both looked up at the ceiling.

"What was that?"

Yamcha looked to Dory. "Not sure." They both stayed silent for a moment, and when nothing happened, they both shrugged and went back to eating their feast.

Again, Dory couldn't help but look out to the beautiful view of the sunset as she ate.

Her eyes grew large as the large body of one their bodyguards fell off the roof and landed just outside of the open door. She quickly stood up and started to scream and point at the dead body that was sprawled in a sickening, twisted state.

Yamcha, who was just as started as Dory, stood up and carefully approached the body. The man's neck was broken, his head was twisted in an unnatural way. Yamcha backpedaled away from the corpse.

At that instant the power to their mansion shut off. The frightened squeals of Dory could be heard, as well as the confused murmurs of the slaves in the kitchen and the occasional shouts of the remaining bodyguards from various places of the compound.

Yamcha quickly went to Dory's side, thanking the gods that there was still some light coming from the outside. He grabbed hold of her and tried to soothe her.

"Ssh, babe. It's just a power outage. The guards will have them back on in no time."

The hollers of the bodyguards got more urgent and every so often a loud thump or crash was heard.

"Yammy, I don't think it's a power outage." Dory said meekly, as she gripped onto her fiancé.

The screams and hollers were suddenly silenced and a maniacal, gravely laugh was heard from somewhere in the house. The sound of it made the hairs in the back of Yamcha's neck stand up on end.

Dory gripped Yamcha even tighter and shut her eyes tight.

The scarred human's eyes darted to and fro, cursing under his breath that the remaining light the sun was providing was now gone. The laugh was heard again, but this time, it was much closer.

The two of them sighed a breath of relief when the power turned back, but immediately jumped when they caught site of the Prince of Saiyans, who was sitting at their dinner table. His legs were propped up on the table, and was lazily chewing on a turkey leg that was on Yamcha's plate.

Vegeta smirked at the couple and swallowed the mouthful of meat. "Sit." He ordered and took another bite off the turkey leg.

Yamcha and Dory, too shocked to argue, sat down across from him.

The Prince took his time eating the rest of his impromptu meal. Never taking his deep black eyes off of the couple. He chuckled darkly at the way they shifted nervously in their seats. The smell of fear seeped out of their pores, making Vegeta smile even more.

When he picked the bone clean, he tossed it over his shoulder and removed his feet off of the table. He reclined in his chair and propped his hands behind his head.

"You will forgive me for taking so long to get to you." He paused for a moment, enjoying the sight of the two squirm at his words. He stood up from his chair, and continued. "I will enjoy watching you suffer for what you did to my mate." He pointed a finger at the worthless weakling human. "I will especially enjoy watching you suffer."

Vegeta sauntered to the other side of the table, where Yamcha and Dory were sitting. "You put her life in danger too many times for my liking... and this last stunt you pulled was not a smart one." His upper lip curled up over his sharp canine.

Yamcha cleared his throat in an attempt to shake the fear out of his voice. "She deserved to die. I'm glad you got to watch her suffer and get tortured to death." He straightened and lifted his chin, trying to show Vegeta that he was not afraid of him. "Wait until Lord Frieza hears of this!"

Vegeta narrowed his eyes at him. His nostrils flared as he bared his teeth at him. "You dare speak of my mate, the Princess of Saiyans, in such a manor?"

"Yeah, I do." Yamcha said, trying to match Vegeta's fierce tone. "That bitch was too stubborn to listen to me. You were the only one I was going to turn over. But in the end, her stupidity and stubbornness ended her. But you know what? I'm glad she refused to listen to me. For handing her over along with you, Dory and I got this planet on top of the other prizes Lord Frieza gave us. So, yeah, I do dare to speak ill will of the DEAD Princess of Saiyan's... she and that abomination she was carrying deserved to die a painful death!"

Vegeta roared and lunged for Yamcha, taking him by the scruff of the neck and lifted him out his chair. Too angry to say anything, he flung the human onto the table. Food and utensils went flying in all directions.

He then wrapped his thick fingers around Yamcha's neck again and lifted his other intending to smash his face with his fist.


The Prince stopped and looked over to the open door, as did Yamcha and Dory.

Bulma stood at the entrance of the opened doors, her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.

"You said you wouldn't start without me!" She whined as she entered the room and approached the table.

Yamcha's eyes grew wide as she walked up to them and stood next to Vegeta.

"He gave me attitude." Vegeta said defensively and squeezed the weaklings neck, making him choke and gurgle. When he started turning purple, he let go of him completely and moved away from the table.

Yamcha slowly sat up, looking at Bulma in disbelief. "You...you...How are you here?" He asked as he pushed a basket of fruit out of his way.

Bulma crossed her arms and stared at her ex-boyfriend. "You mean, why aren't I dead?" She huffed. She looked to Dory who sat huddled in the corner, watching she and Vegeta in horror. Bulma rolled her eyes and then looked back at Yamcha. She wanted nothing more than to beat him until his last breath. But two things were stopping her. Vegeta, for one, wouldn't allow it. They argued the whole way there about the subject...

"You will watch, nothing more!" He bellowed at her.

Bulma grit her teeth. "Vegeta! Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't throw a few punches! At least let me beat him until he's unconscious."

Her mate pinched the bridge of his nose. "Woman, you were in a regen tank for a week and then spent an additional week in a hospital bed. The last thing you need to be doing is getting in a brawl! You heard the doctors! No strenuous activity!"

Bulma had to stop herself from smiling at him. He was cute when he cared. "Will you at least let me participate in a couple of punches... pleeeease?" She stuck her lower lip out and batted her eyes up at him.

The prince narrowed his eyes at her and gave her a stony look for a few beats and growled. "Fine. But only a couple."

It wasn't what she wanted but she'd take it. The second thing that was stopping her from killing the asshole was her conscience. There once was a time when Yamcha was sweet and caring and not a hateful backstabbing prick that did shady shit for money...

Even though the urge was there, she knew she couldn't act upon it.

Yamcha couldn't take the silence anymore. He shot off of the table and pointed a large carving knife at Bulma. "Maybe if I kill you, Lord Frieza will give me another Planet."

Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Pft." He looked to Bulma. "Ok, Woman. You have five minutes starting now. Remember your training." He waved at her to start and pulled a chair up and sat down.

Bulma nodded to her husband and crouched down into a fighting position in front of Yamcha.

The scarred human shook his head at the blue haired woman and charged at her with the large knife.

Bulma easily deflected the knife and kicked him square in the stomach, effectively knocking the air out of the man. She took advantage of his dazed state and punched him in the eye.

He staggered back a bit and gripped the weapon tightly as he steadied himself. His eye already swelling shut and a cut from the same punch was bleeding on the side of his brow.

"Woman." Vegeta bit out. "Straighten your form."

Bulma nodded but kept her eyes on Yamcha. She did what she was told and this time, she lunged for him. Bulma dodged the knife that he swung at her and kicked it out of his hand. The weapon went flying and landed on the floor a few feet away from them.

He growled out in frustration at her and swung a fist at her but missed. He was being sloppy, his emotions getting the best of him.

"BITCH!" He screamed out at her.

Bulma cocked her fist back, readying herself to deliver a punch.

Vegeta stood up from his chair, his arms crossed tightly over his muscled chest, a semi bored look upon his face. "Make sure to follow through with your punch." He barked at her.

"I always follow through." Bulma retorted, not appreciating her mate's critique.

Vegeta sighed and rolled his eyes. "No you don't."

Taking advantage of their lover's quarrel, Yamcha lurched forward and managed to kick Bulma's feet from under her.

She braced herself to hit the floor, but found that Vegeta fazed in behund her and caught her with ease. She looped her arms securely around Vegeta's biceps and brought her legs up to her chest. As Yamcha came at her again, she propelled her legs out, hitting him directly in the chest.

As the scarred man went flying onto the table of food again, she let go of Vegeta's arms and glanced up at him.

"Nice move, Woman." He smirked at her and then moved out of the way. "Three minutes down. Two minutes to go."

Bulma waved a dismissive hand at him and went back into a fighting crouch.

Yamcha jumped off of the table, his eyes ablaze.

"I should have killed you myself when I had the chance." Yamcha spat at her. He ran up to her and swiped a meaty fist at her. But Bulma, again, was able to deflect his attack with ease.

She charged him, punching him in the stomach with such force, Yamcha spat involuntarily.

Bulma looked over to her mate, a triumphant smile on her lips.

"That enough follow through for you?"

Vegeta shrugged. "It's a start."

Bulma turned back to Yamcha. "He's very hard to please." she said jokingly.

Yamcha staggered back, clutching his stomach. "I will not be made a fool of!" He wheezed.

"Then you're going to be disappointed. You're getting your ass handed to you by a pregnant lady!" She ran up to him and power kicked him directly in the balls and watched as he sunk to his knees. She then boxed his ears and punched him the face, knocking him silly. The poor man fell to the ground onto his side.

Bulma walked up to him and crouched down. "I don't understand, Yamcha. What did I do to make you hate me so much?"

The scarred man groaned. His left eye was swelled shut and he was a bloodied mess.

"This could have ended differently, Yamcha." She shook her head, disappointedly.

He looked up at her with hate filled in his only open eye. She sighed, coming to realize that she probably would never get an answer. As she prepared to stand, she caught movement out of the corner of her eye.

Before she could react, she saw Dory, carving knife in hand, running towards her. But before she got to her, Vegeta materialized between Bulma and the psychotic red head and gripped her hand that held the knife.

He pulled her arm up of her head and squeezed until she let go of the weapon. The Saiyan then lifted her by the same hand until the two of them were at eye level.

"I usually don't harm women, but since you attempted the life of my mate, I think I can make an exception." Vegeta then squeezed her hand until every bone in it was broken and promptly let go of her, letting her land painfully on the floor.

A few minutes later, Vegeta and Bulma had bound Yamcha and Dory's hands together and then tide them up, back to back.

"This will be the last time I see the both of you." Bulma announced as she walked towards the opened double doors to the beach. "From this moment on, I won't ever think of you two again... but I'm sure you'll be thinking of Vegeta and I for the rest of your days." She looked at the two of them for a moment longer and then walked out onto the beach.


Vegeta flew over the ocean, the happy couple dangling from a piece of rope he was holding onto. When he felt he was out far enough -no land in sight- he dropped them into the water.

"You left us to die, so we have returned the favor." He announced to the two of them

"You can't just leave us here!" Dory screeched.

"Can't I?" Vegeta chuckled. "Trust me. If it were up to me, I would have blasted the two of you into ash. But this is what Bulma wishes. Something about poetic justice." He shook his head.

He levitated higher into the air. "I don't expect you two to live for very much longer anyway. The blood the weakling is spreading in the water is bound to attract water predators sooner or later." With one last smirk and chuckle he took off and headed back to the mansion.

He found Bulma sitting in one of the recliners on the private beach, waiting for him. The prince landed a few feet in front of her and walked up to the side of her.

"What now?" She asked and squealed when he abruptly bent down and scooped her up into his arms and kissed her.

When he released her lips, he looked into her bright blue eyes. A small smile gracing his lips.

"I'm not sure." It was a weird feeling. They were no longer in danger, he defeated Frieza... what now indeed.

Bulma smiled up at him and brought him into another kiss.

They'd enjoy the peace... for now.

Planet Vegetasei

The King sat upon his throne and looked down at the soldier, who was down on one knee. The King's fist clenched and unclenched as he listened to the soldier.

"We found most of the ship floating in space, sire. The hull had cracked, sucking all oxygen out of the vessel. There was nobody left alive." The soldier looked up at his King.


The soldier stood to his feet.

"What else did you and your men find, Turles?" The King asked, still clenching his fist in silent agitation.

"Sire. From the looks of it there was a battle that went on throughout the ship, as long as one major one in Frieza's throne room..." King Vegeta's brow perked with interest. The soldier turned and barked orders at an underling to bring 'it' in.

A few moments later another soldier came in carrying a burlap sack and handed it to Turles. He reached in and pulled out the head of Frieza. The look of shock still etched on the lizards face.

King Vegeta's jaw clenched at the site of it.

"Sire, who do suppose was strong enough to do this?"

The King growled, but did not answer. He had an idea as to who was strong enough to conquer the tyrant lizard in his final form. He didn't want to believe that it was true, but the proof was staring right back at him.

"Get me Paragus."

Turles flinched. "Paragus, Sire?"

The King stood up and took a threatening step towards him. "You dare question your King?"

"No Sire. I will do your bidding." Turles bowed and exited the throne room.

King Vegeta exited the throne room as well and entered his private chambers. He walked out to the balcony that overlooked his mighty capital city and stood, with his arms clasped behind him.

He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes, listening to the sounds of the commoners on the streets outside his palace.

Deep down, he always knew this day would come. It's the reason why he came up with this fail-safe. It was set up as a precaution just a couple years after his second son was born. When he found that Tarble was a weakling and could not count on him to defend the throne from his brother and other enemies.

He opened his eyes and looked to the darkening sky.

"I'll be ready for you, Son."


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