A/N: This has been bugging me the past couple days to write it. This story is going to be series of one shots on how Ajay meet the people closest to her in her life. Petey is first, then Chris, Alex, Aiden, James, AJ and possibly Mollie Jarrett, Tessa and Bailey as well. In this first chapter its taking place right before Ajay leaves Bobby.

Ajay walked behind her husband slowly looking around the snowy area with a small smile, Bobby had finally let her out of the house and let her come with him down to Windsor.

A small reward for her being so good the past month or so. Bobby glanced over his shoulder at her and gave almost disgusted look before stepping into the school the door swinging shut behind him.

She jumped at the sound before shaking it off and stepping into the school.

An onslaught of sweat and squeaking of the ring meet Ajay causing her to smile and breathe deeply, she felt at home.

Scott D'Amore saw her come into the school and went over to hug her in greeting. She winced at his tight embrace before smiling brightly at him, "Hi Scotty"

"Hey princess you okay" He asked brushing a couple strands of her blonde hair away from her eyes.

"I am golden" she lied.

He squinted his eyes at her from behind his glasses before changing the subject, "Have you been wrestling'

"On and off Bobby doesn't like me in the ring too much" she answered, truth was Bobby hated the fact that she was a wrestler, he wanted her to stay at home be at home wife and do nothing else.

Bobby came over to them and placed a chaste kiss on her lips before turning to Scott, "Would you mind watching her? I have to go run and do some business really quick"

"She is more then welcome here Bobby" Scott said putting his arm around the small blonde, 'She is in good hands"

Bobby nodded his head before giving her a harsh glare and walking out of the building.

Ajay exhaled the breath she didn't realize she was holding in before wandering away from Scott and closer to the ring watching the guys in the ring.

Her eyes watching the 5 guys in the ring all moving in rapid succession she slowly lowered herself down onto the floor her eyes never leaving the ring putting her legs into a stretch losing herself in her thoughts.

Petey Williams hopped out of the ring and went towards the small blonde sitting on the floor, she hadn't been into the school before, and in fact they hadn't got many girls in the school at all.

He went over to her and squatted down next to her.

"Hello" he spoke. Ajay jumped startled looking up at him with wide eyes.

"Hi" she muttered looking up at him trying to size him up.

'I am Petey" he said holding his hand out to her.

"I am Ashton" she said quietly putting her hand in his, "But most everyone calls me Ajay"

"She is the baby sister of Edge and Christian' Scott supplied coming over to them, "she is pretty talented from what I have seen"

"Oh really' Petey asked.

"Yes really" Ajay answered, she couldn't help it she was a little cocky.

"Where have you trained' He asked.

"In arenas all over the place" she answered, "I have been trained by my brothers, the Dudleys and Jeff Hardy"

Petey raised an eyebrow he didn't know if he should be impressed or a little scared of the girl.

"Why don't you show him how it's done Ajay" Scott suggested.

"Really" she was nervous about it; she hadn't wrestled since Bobby all but forbade her to do it.

"Yes really. Now get that cute little Canadian butt of yours in there" Scott said pointing to the ring.

Ajay took a deep breath and stood up slowly stretching her body out as she did so.

"Do you want to take off that jacket' Nate asked her as she got in the ring her hand gripping the ring rope tightly.

'No, I am good thanks" She answered pulling her jacket to her tighter, she would rather sweat and be miserable in it then have them question the black and blue marks on her body.

Petey had gotten into the ring and was waiting for her to come near him.

"Come on baby Charisma lets see what you got" he said putting his hands on his hips.

"You know for a scrawny guy such as yourself you are pretty cocky" Ajay sassed crossing her arms underneath her chest. He raised an eyebrow as he stared at her. A smirk pulled at the corners of her mouth as she stared right back at him.

'Are you going to show me what you got already" he questioned poking her shoulder with his finger.

Scott choked back a laugh; Petey was all but poking a sleeping dragon. Ajay maybe small but she fought with a spirit of a champion.

"You don't want to do that Petey' she warned.

"Oh I don't" He questioned pushing her shoulder again.

"You really don't" Scott added from the outside of the ring.

"Why not" Petey asked looking over Ajay's head at his trainer

"I have known her since she was 10 years old and she is a little hellion and if I remember correctly packs a hell of right hook'

Ajay grinned her first grin in months as she nodded her head.

"Right hook" Petey questioned looking at the small blonde in front of him. She was bouncing back and forth almost eagerly on the balls of her feet.

"Pinweight champion right here baby" she said putting her fists up mockingly.

"Seriously?" Brad asked. "My Pops wanted me to defend myself and it helped with my coordination, I stopped though after he died' Ajay answered looking over her shoulder at him.

Petey stepped away from the ropes and circled around her looking her up and down.

"What" she asked after a minute, she hadn't been there for more then fifteen minutes and she was already comfortable being herself with them.

"Nothing" he answered with a cheesy smile, "Nothing at all"

Ajay rolled her eyes and recrossing her arms, "We going to do this or what" "Whatever you say Princess" "Lets make one thing perfectly clear Little Man" Ajay sassed, "the only man allowed to call me Princess is Scott got it" Petey rolled his eyes and nodded his head.

"ASHTON!' Bobby shouted a while later coming into the building and seeing her in the ring. Ajay tensed up and nudged Petey to let her go. She was in trouble and she knew it.

Petey let her out his hold and cocked his head questioningly seeing her shirt ride up and the dark purple mark on her lower back.

"Sorry" she muttered her voice coming out low and sad almost like she was in trouble.

"She was just playing around Bobby" Scott defended the young woman.

"Its fine Scott, I will be fine' she said placing a trembling hand on his forearm. She was scared to death of her husband and what he could do to her. In a way she was trying to relay that fact to Scott.

He squeezed her hand smiling at her, "Come with me for a second Bob, I have some bookings I want you to look at" Bobby nodded his head before sending a harsh glare at his wife.

Petey went over to Ajay seeing the door swing shut and handed her a piece of paper, 'Here is my number, if you need me for anything you call me anytime day or night" Ajay looked at him confused, "Why would you do this for someone you barely know'

"Because every girl needs a guy in a life that will take care of her no matter what" he answered, "And I think you need few more friends" "Thanks Petey" she whispered pocketed the phone number, he didn't know how true that statement was or how thankful she was for it.

There might be another part to Petey's.