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Cowboy in Shining Armor


"I am not going to this bar Jeff I am not old enough to go out for another 7 months in the states" Ajay said sassily crossing her arms, she was in Nashville finalizing her TNA contract

"I know that but I also know that you have a fake ID in your wallet I suggest you use it and go get to know the good old boys"

"Like who"

"AJ he is one of the wrestlers in the area, I doubt he will be there though. James will be there though, he is one of my boys, he trained in my dad's backyard'

Ajay nodded her head, she was already found of the fonder of TNA, so maybe she would trust him, she hadn't been out much since she left Bobby and she was still feeling a little low about herself too.

"Just trust me Darlin'" he said giving her an almost father like smile.

She smiled back at him, "Okay, you know you are just as bad as Scott"

"So I have heard" He smirked. Ajay gave a roll of her eyes, "If I get into trouble its all your fault"

"I will take all the blame for it now scoot" he said pointing towards the door.

She gave him a sassy salute before bouncing out of the door making she was gone he picked up his phone and called James just to give to him a heads up to watch out for her and make sure nothing happened to her. He already had big plans for her.

James walked into the bar looking around for the small fairy like blonde. He found her sitting at the bar a shot glass sitting in front of her with the lime wedge sitting next to it.

'Hey there little Darlin'" He drawled sitting on the bar stool next to her.

"I am not interested" she muttered.

'I wasn't askin" he said.

"Oh I am sorry" she stated turning to looking at him, "I am Ajay"

"I am James"

"Its nice to meet you James"

"You aren't from around here are you"

"No I am from Toronto but I have been living in Tampa with Adam"

"Who is Adam" He felt a surge of jealously going though him at the thought of her being with a guy. A soft laugh escaped her as she shook her head,

"Adam is my older brother. He is Edge in the WWF"

"You are edge and Christian's little sister, I thought her name is Ashton"

"It is. Jay started calling me Ajay when I was 2 and it stuck" she answered as she turned back to her shot and downed it wincing as it burned down her throat.

James laughed as she bit down on the lime trying to get the taste of her mouth.

"Not a tequila fan" he asked.

"Not really, I have had a couple of experiences with it that I am particular fond of' she shuddered before waving down the bar tender

'Get the lady a sex on the beach and a beer for me" Ajay turned to look at him a shocked look on her face.

"What? Lets face it you are either a hard liquor type of girl or you are going to be drinking the girly drinks. I took you for the second one"

'You would be right' she smiled before twirling around on the stool and getting up and going down to the dance floor and dancing around the floor the red straw in her mouth from her drink.

James stood up and went over to the railing watching the small blonde dancing straying away from the men who came up to her on the dance floor.

He took a swig off of his beer his eyes never straying from her. She caught his eye and smiled at him. He didn't know why he wanted to be protective of her but he did. He pushed himself away from the railing and got another beer shaking his head.

"Hey baby" a strong accented voice said from behind Ajay his big hands holding onto her hips tightly.

'Please let me go" she said taking a deep breath trying not revert back to how she was with Bobby. The last time she was out before this was with when she was with Chris, Alex and Petey and they didn't let her out of their sights for very long. One of them were always with her.

"Come on baby dance for me, I know you can dance you were just doing it. What's so different about me' He asked.

"I said let me go!' she hissed stomping on his foot. To her dismay it didn't have much affect on him.

'I think the lady said let her go" a new voice spoke.

"James!" she breathed.

'Who is this guy'

"My boyfriend" she answered.

"Yeah I am her boyfriend now scram" James said menacingly.

The guy moved out of the way leaving the two alone on the floor.

"Lets get you another drink' he said, "and please for your safety don't leave my sight again"

"Yes sir" she grinned saucily.

They sat at the bar for a while longer a comfortable silence between the two. "Thanks for doing that by the way" she said. James nodded his head and waved his hand like it was no big deal.

"I am not a damsel James, I don't need a man to save me all the time' Ajay said touching his shoulder after she slid off the bar stool giving him a friendly smile.

"Well just know if you ever need saving I am here your cowboy in shining armor"