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April 20th, 2005

Many people will tell you that Texas wasn't a place for everyone. You could be the meanest, nastiest, most disgusting human being to ever walk the earth... But that doesn't matter in Texas. It'll chew you up and spit you out like chewing tobacco and leave you a mess. No sir. It wasn't a place for everyone. And if you plan on acting out and getting yourself in a tussle with the law? Be prepared. The law was hard, swift, and strong. It would come down on you like a large cement brick.

Which was exactly what a man like Anthony Hazen liked and why he ran his facility with an iron grip. It was the way he was raised. Born and bred in Texas, Anthony Hazen was a true Texan ranger (Or so he would say) that many people either respected or feared. He was like God in his prison – his law, his way, or nothing – and nobody had the balls to stand up to him if they disagreed with anything h choose to do. He was that kind of man.

So even though this was how it was, he couldn't help but be annoyed and perplexed over how him and his younger brother Charlie Hazen could be so fucking different. "More tea, Anthony?" Charlie asked as Anthony's sister-in-law Janet Hazen sat down a freshly made pitcher of Texas sweet tea. Anthony gave his best polite smile and reached for the pitcher to pour himself a fresh glass before sitting back and looking at his brother and in-law, both dressed simple but presentable. Behind them was their four story home. Charlie had suggested they have a small lunch out on the gazebo. The flowers were in bloom and a man cleaned the pool.

Anthony's eyes traveled from the man to a still figure lounging out on a chair. An expensive looking pair of sunglasses were propped on her face, a sunbathing hat on her head, and wearing a red two piece, strapless top bikini. iPod ear-buds played loud music as she sat up and applied tanning lotion to her arms and legs. She glanced up, seeming to feel his questioning gaze, and gave him a resemblance of a wave, before leaning back and taking in more of the sun.

"I thought she was off in New York?" Anthony asked, looking back at his brother. Charlie looked over at where Anthony's gaze had been, before calling out, "Emma! Come and say hi to your Uncle Anthony!" Anthony give a small twitch of a smile. Charlie had their fathers loud voice down to a T. If he didn't have their mothers faults about him, he'd have fit right in at working a prison.

Anthony heard a shuffle behind him. "Yeah, daddy?" a soft but carrying female voice asked as Anthony smiled and looked behind him to see Emma. She was looking more and more like her mother. Sandy blonde hair, blue-green-eyes, sun-washed skin, and smile where her mothers. She only had Charlie's nose and firm hands. And apparently she'd inherited the Hazen side's drive for law enforcement.

Charlie smiled as he gave his daughter a one armed hug, before Emma bent down and was given a soft kiss on the cheek by her mother. "Your Uncle Anthony's here. He took time away from that prison of his to stop by and have a lunch with us!" Charlie grinned as Emma's features perked up at "prison". She turned to him with her blue-green eyes and smiled. "Are you still working at Allenville?" she asked, taking a seat on the other side of her Uncle, a towel wrapped around her waist for some decent covering.

Anthony wiped at his mouth – having just finished eating his pasta – before answering. "Of course. I worked hard in obtaining my position. What about you, Emma? What are you doing down from New York?" he asked, interested. Emma had headed off to Harvard to work towards being a lawyer. Since she was six she'd shown a firm interest in law. Instead of playing dress-up or doing tea-parties, she was having her Barbie dolls and stuffed animals stand trial. Charlie had sent a home video recording of Emma – about seven – arresting her stuffed bear with child handcuffs. She was a chip off the Hazen block alright.

"Well," Emma began, pushing her hair out of her face as a rare breeze caught them all, "I finished up at Harvard and realized that while I may now be a graduated lawyer, I have no real understanding of the Texas law form. I plan to be the best Texas has to offer – making sure everyone gets their just – but I can't do so unless I know what I'm up against. So," she chirped, straightening herself, "I called down and asked mama and daddy if I could live with them until I finish up my online courses for the University of Texas Law. But seeing you here, I feel complied to ask a very serious and huge favor."

Anthony raised a brow, but sat up straight and crossed his fingers together. She was good. She gave idle chit-chat while still getting to the point. Good. That would get her somewhere. "I'm all ears," he said, waving his arms out and allowing her to continue. She gave a thankful smile. "I have thought this over, and I believe that the best way for me to get closer to the system and to get a view of the judicial system is for me to get closer to it. What I want to ask," she said, drawing it out just slightly for emphasis, "is if I may, for the rest of this summer that is, work at your facility?"

Anthony's eyes widened slightly and his posture became almost rigid. Emma seemed to catch this, and quickly went on before Charlie could step in. "I do not mean as a guard. I understand you probably – no you most likely do – have enough men for that. No, I mean as perhaps a secritary hand or even a cook or librarian or anything that would be suitable. I am simply wishing to be in your facility to observe on my own, uncle."

Emma folded her hands on the table as she finished. Janet, who had been quiet up until this point, sighed. "We've tried to talk her out of this, Anthony. Heaven knows I don't want my prescious at some con infested hole in the middle of Texas," she sniffed, ignoring the insulted look Anthony gave her, "but she insists and in the end it is up to you and her, I suppose. She is twenty-five..." Janet trailed off, the mention of her daughters age seeming to have left a bitter taste in her mouth as she scrunched up her nose and pursed her lips.

"And what about you, Charlie?" Anthony asked, knowing his brother possibly had his own opinion on the matter. Charlie took a drink of his tea and gave a soft shrug of his broad shoulders. "While I myself am also not keen on my baby girl waltzing around your facility, I realize that is is your facility. If anyone could give her the experience she seeks while also making sure she stays safe, it's you brother," he stated, reaching out to pat his daughter's leg, "it's up to you two."

Anthony went silent, taking on a thoughtful look. While he did not disagree with Charlie's statement of being able to keep Emma safe, he was not so sure about letting a woman around his facility. Sure there was his secretary Lynette Grey, but she was always at the office where the guards would watch the cons and where she was safe behind her desk and away from the cons.

But thinking of Lynette, Anthony realized that she was getting older. She'd been there back in his guard days – having just started two years before him – and he hadn't had it in him to fire her. She was getting old and scattered, sure, but she still did her job with a smile and enthusiasm that he wouldn't have gotten out of any new girl.

He leveled his gaze with his niece and laced his fingers tighter and propped his elbows on the table. "Inside my prison I make the rules. To get along you have to go along, Emma. I wont tolerate any disobedience from anyone – inmate, guard, or even family – understand?" he asked, watching Emma give firm nod of understanding. He lowered his locked fingers and continued to give her a stern look. "If you can assure me that you will be on your best behavior and do as I say when I say it – no questions asked – then I am willing to consider this favor."

Emma sat up straighter and gave her best business face and looked him in the eye. "I will do as you ask, Uncle. I will behave, I assure you. The last thing I want is to cause trouble. I am only there to watch and learn. What better way to learn about the law than from the other side of it?" she mused absently to him, to witch he gave a slight twitch of the lip. She understood. Good. That was what he needed.

"Alright," he said, lowering his still laced hands to his lap and smiling, "you can come. My secretary Lynette could use some help with organization and I'm sure there are some safe odd jobs I can give you." He almost chuckled at the large beaming smile Emma gave him as she held out her hand and thanked him.

After that Hazen excused himself to head back to Allenville. He would be back in two days to pick her up. The family said their goodbyes as he slid into his car and drove off. As soon as he was out of sight of the large mansion of a house, he pulled out his cellphone and made an important call.

"Lynette. Inform Captain Knauer that I would like a word with him in my office as soon as I return."

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