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Three Hours Later

Emma looked herself over in the mirror and frowned. She was having a hard time finding an outfit. Shocker, since she was always buying clothes. Her ex-boyfriends had always bitched about her taking forever to get ready when she had enough clothes for three closets – OK more like two, but whatever – and was always complaining about having nothing!

But men didn't get it. Sure she had a lot of clothes, but she didn't have anything to wear for certain events. Like tonight. She was stuck between casual and comfy or classy and comfy. Why did it have to be out with the guards? If she wasn't so annoyed with them and their grabbing and what-not, she would dress however. But she wanted to dress comfortable, but still not leaving herself open for perverse ass smacks or worse.

"... Fuck it," she huffed as she glanced at the clock, realizing she had less than thirty minutes to finish up. Walking to her closet Emma grabbed a pair of short cut-off jeans, a white sports-bra under a tied light blue lumber-jack shirt, and her tan boots. She ran her fingers through her hair, giving it a wild-and-tame look before pulling her white stetson hat on. Only a little of her belly was showing and she was always about showing a little leg, so she supposed this was going to be as good as it got.

Opting for just a little blush and lip-gloss, Emma had just stuffed her I.D. And phone in her pocket when someone knocked on her door. Shutting off her radio as she hoped around to get her boots all the way on, she made it to the door. "Sorry! Coming!" Her chuckle caught in her throat as she opened the door and was greeted with Captain Knauer. He was dressed in jeans, his boots and hat, a black muscle shirt, and a large buckled belt.

"Evenin', miss Hazen," he greeted with a true-blue smile – not a cocky grin or a smug smirk – and a tip of his hat. "Warden asked me to come get ya. He's already at his car." Emma nodded dumbly as she shut the door, not bothering to lock it. She had a feeling she'd be getting drunk tonight and would try to kick down her door like she had back in college after finals week had ended.

She stared at the back of Knauer's head as they waited for the elevator to open. Like her uncle, Emma found herself wary of the Captain. She had a feeling he and her uncle were working together on whatever they had planned. So she did her best to avoid him since the incident in the locker-room. She had thought he would try to keep from her as well, so the actual smile and showing of manners was unsettling for her.

They both stepped into the elevator as it opened. Emma kept an arm's length away as the doors closed and they headed up. They didn't say anything – Emma opting to remain quiet – as she did her best to not stare. She couldn't help it. He fucking looked hot! It was infuriating. Why couldn't he be one of those guys that, once out of uniform, looked like crap.

She supposed it had to do with all his years of keeping in shape for football... Come to think of it... She wasn't sure how old he was. She knew he was older than her, but how much so she hadn't really thought on. Perhaps if he didn't irk at her skin every other time they talked she might ask him. Instead she decided to remain quiet.

The elevator door opened and the two walked down the hallway and out the door. She followed him to the parking lot where she and her uncle had been let out at her first day and frowned when she noticed her uncle was talking to Dandridge and two other men near two cars parked next to a large Guardsmen bus.

As they neared the men, Emma was surprised to find Judge Darrel Lindsay and former Arlen representative Joe Hikstun. Emma was a fan of Judge Lindsay's. He had helped straighten out the big Kissing Kate Bleu case scandal six years back – revealing that miss Bleu was actually really being framed by a the real Kissing Kate; Kissing Kate Landers, a news reporter out to get famous by killing a few men and blaming it on another woman so she could look like the reporter who'd discovered it all.

Many speculated that the judge had his hand in the plot, but no evidence could prove otherwise. Emma straightened up and gave her best smile she could muster while silently wishing she was dressed more professional like. "Ah, here she is. Darrel I'd like you to meet my niece, Emma," her uncle beamed, ushering Emma to the judge, "she's a certified lawyer graduate of Harvard University. She's hoping to uphold the law and make sure those who deserve get what's coming!"

Emma hoped she wasn't grinning like a loon as she shook hands with the judge. "So," he said with a smile, looking her over – though not in the way the guards or inmates had, but with interest – and chuckled, "you're the niece Reginald's been talking about? Tell me miss Emma, what made you gravitate towards such a responsibility like upholding the judicial system at such a young age?"

She gave a broad smile as she pushed her hair out of her face. "Oh well... This is embarrassing for me, sir, but it was all because of you," she explained, watching his eyes almost twinkle with amusement. "I've been following your cases for years and well back before I went off to college you had solved the KKB and KKL scandal. I was moved so much that I immediately declared my full interest in becoming a lawyer so I could one day become a judge like yourself once I got more footing with the law."

A grin spread across the judge's face as he let out a deep laugh. "Well souee! Joe! Are you hearing this? I told you people respected me still!" he laughed as Hikstun gave an eye roll and scowl that reminded Emma of her uncle. So that must be why they were friends.

Judge Darrel pat her on the shoulder. "Little lady you keep that attitude up and you'll have my supporting pick of lawyers to represent my firm, ya hear?" Emma prayed that her jaw hadn't dropped as she nodded dumbly and stuttered, "y-yes, si-sir!" as Darrel turned to her uncle. "Hey! Are we gonna go now? I am starving, Reginald!" he bellowed as he walked to her uncle's car, dragging Mr. Hukstun along.

Her uncle shook his head before looking to Knauer, who had been quietly standing nearby. Oh. She'd forgotten about him. "Captain, I'll see you and the others tomorrow afternoon for practice I hope," he chuckled with a large smile. "Try not to have too much fun."

Emma furrowed her brows and turned to watch her uncle walk to his car. "Wai-wait! Uncle Reginald? You're not coming?" she exclaimed in disbelief! What was going on? She was going because she thought he'd be around. Her uncle turned and gave her a smile. "Oh, damn. I thought I told ya. See I was gonna go, but Lindsay and Hikstun called for dinner together and I need to keep my image and favors up with them. Ya understand, right?" he chuckled before walking back towards his car.

She stared wide eyed and shook her head. Oh no! No. Way. In. Hell! Dammit! She should have known. Should have known he'd do this to her. Great. Emma placed her hands on her hips and huffed. "Well now ya arnt thinkin' of callin' the night a bust, are ya?" Knauer chuckled as he stepped around her to stop in her line of vision. Emma scowled and shook her head. "Of course not," she lied. Truthfully she'd been thinking of just heading back to her room to sleep. But seeing him act like he knew what she was gonna do and think really jerked her the wrong way.

A smirk spread across his face. "Well alright, then," he chuckled, "lets go." He ushered her towards the direction of the Guardsmen bus and she inwardly cringed. Great! Stuck on a bus with the guards for who knows how long. Oh yes. This night was going to be so fucking fabulous...

She was pulled from her self-disgust as Knauer walked past the bus to a dark blue Chevrolet Chevelle. She wasn't sure of the year but she guesstimated it had to be 70s or 80s. Knauer opened the door with keys he pulled from his pocket, turning to raise a brow and motion her over with a tilt of his head. Shaking herself from shock – realizing just now that she'd stopped walking – Emma walked over to the front passenger side of the car as he pushed it open from the inside.

"What? No bus?" she asked, holding the door open and tilting her head. He smirked and motioned for her to get in. Snorting at his cocky attitude all of a sudden, Emma slid into the car and shut the door as she heard the guards yelling obscenities to Knauer and her as the bus began to head out. Knauer just waved at them before turning on the car. He flipped on the radio – Paradise by the Dashboard Light blaring – before putting the car in reverse and backing up. Emma put on her seat-belt and crossed her arms as he switched gears and headed off, nodding to the gate-check as they shot out.

She shimmied down in her seat and stared out the window. She heard Knauer humming along to Meatloaf and she had to fight to not laugh. She'd never take him for knowing Meatloaf. She shook her head and looked at the dark, star filled, sky as Knauer neared the bus.

"To answer your question, miss Emma," Knauer spoke up, turning the radio down. "we usually take the bus so we can all go out and have fun while still having someone to drive us back." Emma absently nodded her head but remained silent. She felt him glancing at her as she sat up a little in her seat and rolled down her window, the desert's cooling breeze feeling nice as it slapped against her face.

She heard Knauer chuckle aloud beside her as she draped her arm out the window. Raising a brow she turned to look at him. "What's so funny, Captain?" she asked, slightly disturbed by the random giggling he was practically doing next to her. He shook his head and cracked another one of his famous grins. "Well now I was just thinking. I think I know why you don't like me," he drawled, causing her to roll her eyes. He really needed to drop the wannabe cowboy act.

"I don't like you, Captain, because you're an obnoxious asshole," she clarified for him. He just chuckled and shook his head. "Well that may be, but I bet I know there's another reason for it." Emma tilted her head and turned to look at him again. "Oh, really?" she asked, scoffing lightly and pushing strands of hair out of her face. "Why's that?"

He draped his hand over the wheel and gave a two finger greeting to Papajohn as him and Dunham made crude gestures. Emma did her best to ignore them as she continued to wait for Knauer's next response. "Well it's because you and I are a lot a like!" he exclaimed cheerfully. Emma stared at him as if he'd grown two heads with horns and a tail! What? She was nothing like him! "You and I are nothing alike, Captain," she sputtered, mouth ajar. This man was out of his blooming mind.

Knauer just gave another chuckle and shook his head. Dunham made a gesture of humping the air as he stood from his seat and grinned and Emma – having enough of his shit – flipped him off. She could hear the whole bus go into an uproar ahead of them as they all slapped fives and Dunham gave her a big shit-eating grin. She fucking hated these men so much.

"Now see that's where you're wrong, Emma," he explained finally, surprising her. When did he get so formal with her? What, no more "miss" Emma now? "See you and I are alike 'cause we're both stubborn. Ya hate ta loose and so do I. We're also both working for the good side of the law... And we're both fine citizen's of Texas who respect your uncle. And there's more but I think you get the drift."

Emma burst into laughter. Was he for real? "First of all, Captain, we may both be stubborn but unlike you I'm not an ass about it," she began, ticking her fingers off, "secondly you may work for the law but I've seen your ideal of "justice" and I gotta say I don't approve," she saw his expression harden as she sneered at him.

"Third, Captain, you're about as much of a real Texan as a fake tan, Mr. Miami," she scoffed. "Oh, yes. I've read your file. Miami Florida. Miami University Dolphins. Born and raised superstar. That wannabe cowpoke you got goin is mighty decent, though, I'll admit. What you practice in-front of a mirror every day, Brian," she flipped her hair out of her face as the wind caught it, her arms crossed as she practically spit out his name. If he was gonna throw formalities around then two could play that game.

She watched his knuckles tighten as he gripped the wheel, but remained quiet. Good. Maybe he'd learn to shut-up from now on. Emma leaned against the door and stuck her head slightly out the window. This night wasn't going at all like she wanted. She knew being with the guards was going to suck, butr now it just plain reeked and she couldn't wait to get back to Allenville.

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