In the end, Francis was killed. As he held Arthur's body in his arms, making a dash for the mansion, he was shot dead on the front doorstep.

The vampire hunters marched in, slaughtering Elizabeta first. Next was Lovino. Antonio was staked through the heart, and then his body was burned. But he had put up a good fight. He managed to kill one of the vampire hunters for murdering Francis and Lovino. Gilbert was the last, the strongest. But he too fell when he was shot and staked. He died with a smile on his face, a triumphant gleam in his crimson eyes as he passed away, glad to be put out of his misery that he might have carried on for hundreds of more years as an undead, outcast creature who had to kill to survive.

In later years, the mansion was turned into a popular tourist site. People with their cameras and cellphones came in to observe the curious places in the mansion, like the library and the basement.

But the secret room in the basement was never discovered.

Alice's body remained there, untouched.

Alfred was married to a Japanese woman named Sakura Honda. They had one child, Emily.

Ludwig and Feliciano lived out the rest of their lives as werewolves, and although Feliciano was very upset about his brother's death, and likewise with Ludwig, they kept their heads high and smiles on their faces.

As did everyone else in London. They carried on with their lives as if nothing odd had occurred in their city, nothing involving three vampires; a blond, a brunette, and an albino.

The end.