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Part One

"Augh…I'm still hungry…"

"How can you still be hungry? You ate a banquet table worth of food…"

"Lavi, you just don't understand…My innocence just dissolves it like sugar in water. No matter how much I eat, I feel like I could eat more…" He sighed and rested his head on the table, looking over at the redhead with a bland expression.

"You're just bored, aren't you?" Lavi chuckled and took a bite from his modest plate. His lonely eye sparkled in mirth, laughing at the silly teen sitting next to him. Allen seemed to be a little down prior to food, but seemed to pick up just a bit once he'd inhaled enough to feed a small army.

"I might be…I dunno," Allen remarked, stealing a piece of bread from the unsuspecting Lavi. Munching on it, he leaned up on his arm. "The last mission still bothers me…and when I think, eating just goes with it."

"Oh? What's up? I thought the last mission was all pancakes and waffles."

"…Pancakes….and waffles sound good…" Allen groaned and stared longingly into space.


"Hm? Oh, yeah. It went fine…Except losing the Innocence. Which still…I cannot wrap my head around it. I just…can't… it's been bothering me for weeks now."

"Maybe it got destroyed in all the mayhem? I mean, you went with Yuu…and I know how those missions go when it gets sticky."

"Can you remember the last mission Kanda went on that he didn't bring an Innocence back safely? It's few and far between...Just we searched everywhere and there was no trace of it. I can't help but feel like we didn't look hard enough…"

Lavi leaned forward, smiling softly, "you want to go back and look for it?"

"Yes…well, I know there's been no sign of it…So there's no point. There are finders still there…But I feel like we failed. Or we missed something. Or something. I don't know!" Allen sat back again, feeling fidgety. Every minute or so he was changing his position. Sitting straight, leaning on his arm, stealing the occasional bit off Lavi's plate…none of these things satisfied the antsy itch that kept flaring up. It wasn't just the Innocence issue that was bothering him now. It was a collection of events that took place during the mission.

"Maybe you should go talk to Komui. He doesn't seem to be too concerned about it. I'm sure he could relieve some of the stress you've been bottling up."

"I know…I just don't want to bother him. If it's just me being stupid…I don't want to seem like I'm obsessing."

Lavi held up a hand and gave Allen a big grin, "you kinda are, buddy. Haha, I mean; I thought you seemed off yesterday, but I think you're just rockin' these thoughts too hard in that noggin of yours. You'll die of brain hemorrhage if you don't just let it go."

Allen patted Timcanpy, who was resting on the table next to a pile of dishes that the boy had trounced. It wasn't like him to obsess over something that everyone else deemed complete, solved and filed away…But Kanda was acting…


Weirder than usual; meaner than usual.

Maybe that was what was really bothering him. The Innocence was just an easy thing to blame everything on. Well, no, that did bother him. It really did bother him. More than a lot. Innocence doesn't just…vanish. Kanda was holding it. It was in their bag. Then the attack happened…and it was just gone by morning. No trace, no nothing. They didn't even see an Akuma or Noah or anything go anywhere close to where the Innocence had been stored with them.

Then his own Innocence started acting weird. Crown Clown deactivated itself just touching Kanda's shoulder and that…never, ever had happened before. He chalked it up to being tired and lacking food, but the longer he was away, the more he thought and the less likely it seemed. But he didn't really know, he was being paranoid and stupid and worrying about Innocence and Kanda and everything ever.

"AUGH," Allen stood and nearly caused a landslide of dishes that almost scared Lavi out of his seat. The redhead took a breath and prayed, wide-eyed, that the tower of plates wouldn't topple. "I'm going to go see Komui."

"Ah…okay…Do you want me to help you move the public safety hazard here?" Before Allen could even answer, he was already half out of his seat, with his hands in front of him, ready to either catch or run from the stack if it decided it was no longer going to defy the laws of gravity.

"Would you?"

"Of course, buddy. Anything for a friend~."

Between the two of them, they carefully stacked and restacked plates; moving around each other very cautiously…so as not to anger the Dishes Deity. Lavi had to hand it to the beansprout; he could put away more food than he'd seen men three times his size eat. That was, of course, because of his Innocence; but still, it was strangely intriguing. It was just as intriguing as the idea of Timcanpy eating. Well, almost. Timcanpy eating a full sandwich still baffled Lavi. It was fun to watch Tim and Allen snap at each other over food, though.

"I think we got them all, Beansprout."


"Haha, let's go drop these off and I'll walk with ya to see Komui. I have nothing else to do. Other than sleep, though that does sound good too."

The British teen gave off a little chuckle, dodging a chair in his path. "You really don't have to come with me. I'm not really losing it that hard. It's just an itch that's clawing at me, that's all."

"Well, suit yourself. Just thought I'd offer. Komui's probably just sleeping at his desk anyway."


Timcanpy flew just ahead of Allen, guiding the way for the two of them until the end of the Dish Returning journey. Despite the massive collection of dinnerware, the people who received them seemed to be pleased as ever to see Allen. Some people really love their jobs, Allen mused. He wasn't so sure how much he would love having to clean up after one of his meals. It wasn't until he came to the Black Order that he realized that people don't normally shovel in quite as much as he did. Well, he knew that normal people eat less…but not that much less. One plate?

Wasn't even a snack.

It was a before-snack, snack.

"Thank you!" He called to Jerry as he left with Lavi. Timcanpy smacked into his head and he turned with a grunt, ready to whine at the golden golem, when he skidded to a stop, straining his body and flailing his arms to keep from toppling right over Lenalee. "Hnnng! Ahhh…." Panting, he cracked a smile, "I didn't…even see you there."

"Ah…it's…okay, I wasn't paying attention either," she waved distractedly. "I was just…not paying attention, that's all."

"Are you okay, Lenalee?" Lavi blinked at her, looking from Allen, then back to her. "Everyone is acting weird."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking, that's all."

"Hmmm, beansprout has been doing a lot of that thinking thing lately too."

"It's Allen, Lavi…And I'm going to Komui to fix that now. He'll know what to say to make me stop thinking about it." Silver eyes cast the taller teen a heated glare. Silently, he damned Kanda for starting that beansprout nickname.

"Er…Kanda's with my brother at the moment," she smiled again—but it wasn't hard for the Bookman Jr. to see that the smile was strained. Hiding something.

"Wait, he's with your brother again?"

Allen's head snapped in Lavi's direction, eyes widening in slight concern. Kanda had been avoiding him for a little while, but he'd gotten no impression that something was wrong enough to require Komui's assistance for more than one visit. Especially knowing that Kanda tried to avoid being in Komui's presence longer than necessary—which was actually something the Japanese man seemed to do with everyone…but still. "What do you mean again?"

"He was in there yesterday and a few days ago. I saw him in Komui's office. I wonder if something is wr—Allen?"

Before Lavi could even reach him, he was already darting down the hall. That would have them asking questions later, he knew. But he was already getting paranoid about every little thing and the one other person that was with him on the mission was also acting weird. Not that Kanda was normal by any stretch of the imagination, but Kanda also had the nice ability to shrug off injuries like it was dusting off his jacket. Last he knew, his Innocence was in peak condition as well.

He didn't want to assume anything, but even Lavi seemed surprised that Kanda went to Komui more than once within the same week.

His pace slowed to a brisk walk, the closer to Komui's office he got. Making a scene would only get Kanda's fist shoved violently down his throat. For what affection he could get out of the frigid bastard, he seemed to make up for it by earning his rage tenfold. Everything pissed the swordsman off anyway, but Allen had a special way of pissing him off to an expressive point. Lavi once told him that before he arrived, no one ever angered Kanda to the point of the vicious snarling fights they had. At least not in the way Allen managed.

Timcanpy zoomed ahead of him and squeezed his way under the closed door of Komui's office, much to Allen's dismay. "Timcanpy!" The harsh whisper was ignored by his golem, who was already long gone. "Damnit…you can't just…ah…" Standing at the end of the hall, he tried to figure out a way to explain his intrusion. He wanted to just run in and ask "okay, what the hell is going on.". But his concern and paranoia would make Kanda jump-kick his face in.

Scratching his head, he finally steeled himself to being a gentleman and simply decided to knock on the door. It wasn't like they knew he was standing out there looking like some kind of lunatic. They also didn't know that he was aware of Kanda's presence, so he'd just play it off like nothing was wrong.

Before his knuckles would even rap the door once, he heard a loud crash come from within the room. Without even thinking, he took the door handle and turned it; swinging the door open and peering in. "I heard a crash is everything oka—"

It didn't even take the full second of peering in to connect eyes with Kanda. It wasn't like Kanda was hard to miss and actually, he appeared to be the reason for the crashing sound…as also evidenced by the broken glass and water spilling off the table—the poor flowers falling out of the vase helplessly. From where he was standing, it looked like Kanda's legs collided with the table. How, he didn't know…but the man's shins were pressed against the edge of the table almost painfully looking.

That was easily brushed away by the look Kanda was giving him.

It was possibility the scariest thing he'd ever seen…and it wasn't even an angry expression. Those dark eyes were wide, as if his very presence had just mind fucked him and turned him to stone.

"I'm sorry…I heard a crash, I was…just…about to knock…" His voice felt smaller and smaller the longer Kanda's gaze refused to break. It almost seemed like the man stopped breathing all together. What in the hell had just taken place before he came in? It was like Kanda had just been told Mugen had been destroyed.

"Allen…is there something I can help you with?" Komui wavered, trying not to appear like he was as shaken as he was by Kanda's outburst.

"I was just…Uh…" The British boy stammered; eyes not able to leave Kanda.

Finally, the dark haired man snapped out of his state of astonishment and moved faster than Allen had thought possible, darting directly at him. At first, he thought Kanda was going to kill him…then he realized that Kanda pushed passed him like he was running from death itself.

Kanda fled.

What he just fled… Allen was at a huge loss for that answer.

His paranoia sky rocketed beyond his mind's ability to contain. "What the hell just happened?" He blurted and looked to Komui.

"I…I will have to get back to you on that Allen. He needs to cool down and think for a moment. Was there something bothering you? Besides that of course?"

Komui looked tired. He looked like he was ready to crash right there and after seeing Kanda's state, he was certain that the swordsman was partially responsible for it. Suddenly, Allen felt like his little mental tick could be saved for later. "Uh…never mind. I'll come back. You look like you should lay down for a bit, Komui."

"Are you sure Allen? If there's something wr—"

"I'm super sure!" He waved his warms in response, "I'm not coming for anything dire. I'll just pop on by later tonight or in the morning or something. I'll just be on my way!" It was an awkward feeling he was having. He almost felt nervous; like he was trying to hold in just how concerned Kanda had just made him.

A smack against the back of his skull made him wheel around, his heart jumping into his throat before he realized it was just Timcanpy. He was so on edge it was making him feel silly. "Timcanpy, don't do that…" It was him trying to cover up his panic that caused him to talk to the flying creature.

But in doing so, a thought struck him like lightning.

Timcanpy…was in the room before the crash…I wonder if he saw…..

"Sorry to bother you, Komui!" The stammer fell off his tongue like an awkward dancer. The words just slid off, but crashed when he ran out of ways to make it sound nonchalant. "I'll come back later," he muttered again, back away from the door with a huge—extremely forced—grin.

Shutting the door, he stared at Timcanpy. Almost feeling guilty for what he was about to do. Spying on them wasn't the original intent…but he was going to turn it into the convenient intent.

He wanted to know what the hell was going on and if it had anything to do with what was making him feel so damned uncomfortable since that mission.

To Be Continued…

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