InFamous: Chronicles

Story1: the prodigy


Los Ruber, California

It was heavily raining over a small suburban area and in the distance a crimson cloud violently spitting out red people in the suburbs were panicking because of the impeding doom that was heading towards them. Some people were armed them ready to fight til their last breath behind a ragged barricade. Others could be seen running to their cars with their families though where they were running to could not be said, and their were few who did nothing but watch as the red storm drew closer as if they were waiting to die.

One family prepares to flee the on coming storm ahead.

"Everyone get in the car hurry!" screamed worried for his family's safety.

He knew time wasn't on their side, every now again he'd glance at the red storm which seemed to moved significantly closer every time he looked.

"Dios Mio" he muttered under his breath as the edges of crimson clouds passed over head.

He hurriedly helps his wife and child into the car and tries to start it.

* WurrrrRRRwurrrrrrrRWurrrr *

the man was petrified at the sound his car made. The sounds of the howling wind and thunder snapped back from his frightened state, then he desperately tried to get his engine to turn over.



He sighed in relief and quickly tried drive as far away from the red tempest. The rose colored clouds now eclisped the sky, the father had managed to it as far as downtown of Los Ruber, suddenly the winds stopped and the lighting died down, as if they reached the eye of the storm. The father ignored this kept driving as fast as he could until single red bolt struck just a few feet in front of the car.


The man slammed his brakes bringing the vehicle to a screeching halt.

After he had seen what was in front of him now he wished hadn't. What now stood in front of him was man clad in red and black with a grayish complexion and bloodshot eyes that could pierce your very being. The man heart sank as if all his hopes were instantly dashed away. The man that now stood before him was known as " The Beast" and there wasn't a man alive who didn't know him from the event that happened six months ago in New Marias. The Beast's body started to glow as the objects him around started to levitate, twist and turn among them was the car carrying the family of three.

The man looked at his wife, she tears in her eyes fearing the worst and then he looked at his son, a mixture sadness and bewilderment could be seen on his face. Outside the beast could be see getting brighter electric tendrils spouting out of him violently, the father knew there wasn't much time left. He pulled his son and his wife into a warm embrace their bodies surrounding the small boy.

"Benito we love you so much, so much" he spoke softly, then a blanket of luminescent white consumed them all.

Los Ruber what once was a bustling city now lied in complete ruins, "the beast" in it's center. Soon people could be seen sifting through the wreckage looking for survivors

a young woman in black with dark blue hair being one of them.

*Waaaaa waaaaaaaaAAAA WAAAAaaaaaa.*

She was taken by surprise at the sound and started quickly digging through the rubble until she found the source. A small child in the between two dead bodies, a man and woman, as if they were protecting had dark brown hair and big hazel eyes, he looked up at woman frighten and confused, the woman immediately became enamored with the boy.

"Hey its alright your safe now, it's okay" she said kneeling down to take him out of the decaying bodies.

The boy stared at her hand deciding whether or not to trust this person.

"My name is Lucy what's yours, " she spoke softly

*sniffle sniffle* "B-Benny,"the boy wiping his face.

"Come with me you'll be safe I promise" Lucy said extending her hand toward Benny.

Benny threw his arms out and Lucy picked him up in her arms and carried him. The boy soon fell asleep in her arms she gazed at him and smiled.

"Cole's gonna love you!"

A/N this a redo of a fanfic I tried to do months ago, Lemme know what you think of it