Chapter 3: Assault on the base

The Recon team flew towards the UCR base only to realize they were to the attack had already started, the group quickly searched for a place near the base in land in all of the chaos.

'Damn we're to late, ' Ben mentally cursed himself.

Despite the actions of local police force and the interrogation squad hard effort the Apostate's plan still came to fruition.

"So much for warning them," Chase said getting off of the VTOL.

"We still need to pull some kind of reconassaince for these weapon, Mina and I will go into base looking for the commanding officers and try to gain some insight on what's happening. Ben commanded.

"Greg you need search for survivors and if can try figure out the limits of the weapons lastly, Chase monitor and control any airwave comms so we know their movement and to keep our locations hidden."

They then nodded understanding their orders.

The two operatives walked up to entrance of small greyish building there two guards greeted them at the entrance.

"Halt, who goes there! ," the first guard bellowed

"Captain Macgrath and 2nd lieutenant White," Mina stated handing the guard her badge.

"Entry authorized welcome to Regis Base." the Guard quickly stated with stiff salute.

The pair walked in the building located the Officer in charge who looked rather shaken by the turn of events he was an hispanic man had a thin moustache and spiky black hair

* ahem *

"huh, w-who are you?" the man asked still frantic

"Relax Lieutenant, we're from the 125th can you tell us what happened," Ben asked trying to calm the man down.

"Shit man, I don't know, I mean I don't even wanna be in this position, it was a typical routine day and then... the fuckin Apostate came next thing I know I became first in commanded I can't handle this I'm just a desk jockey," the man said still frightened.

"alright just calm down, and tell us throughly what happen and let's start with your name," Ben said still trying to coax him.

"I am Lieutentant Hernades, this morning and 0900 hours we were attack by Apostate we been getting reports of strange weapons killing off our men."

"Strange how?" Ben interrupted

"well, they said the weapons were old as it not modern, axes, maces, swords you know not what you would typically see on the battlefield, and.. that's all I know." the Lieutentant finished.


"Benny got something on the weapons," the radio spat out.

"What do you got Greg?"

"the weapon seemed to only work at short range maximum of least five feet."

"Thanks Greg, try rendez vous with us back at the base so we can try to come up with a method of counter attack. Hernadez order a full retreat back into the base and also have all far range conduits on the frontline. Make sure all units are carrying ranged weapons we'll need to go on the defensive and prepare possibly prepare for a tatical retreat."

"w-What? Tatical retreat this is an important station it's where most of the UCR supplies come from food, water, clothing and other needs we can't just abandon it." Hernades spat out.

" I know that already, we can try and salvage as many supplies as we can but, right now our top priority is saving as many lives as we can." Ben said.

The group of agents excuted orders their swiftly, as hundered of soldiers tried to escape the base while others stay behind trying to hold the line from the Apostate onslaught Benny included. Despite the disadvage of long range combat the Apostate aggressively pushed pass the frontline, luckly the majority of the UCR troops managed to escape.

"Alright everyone pull back immedia-" *Crack*

Benny was cut off by blue streak of light that nearly missed his head and cut clean through a wall he was standing next to.

'that was close had I not sense that I wouldn't be standing, and what was that weird sensation, I felt weak in knees from a glancing blow' Ben thought to himself.

Finally he got his bearings and saw a girl, she was small than be in both size and frame she was caucasian with brunette hair and hazel eyes which was cut fairly short wearing the Apostate's black red, and gray cameo holding a whip, which had a white handle and the whip itself was metallic.

"are you okay sir," A soldier asked.

"yeah you guys go back, and tell the others to retreat i'll handle this," Ben directed. 'she's skilled with that whip I think I'm the only one who can the attack, I'll have to be careful.'

"you shouldn't ignore your opponent," A feminine voice shouted.

Ben quickly perfromed a low sweeping kick to the soldier next to him getting his head down just in time to narrowly dogde the tip of the whip.


The whip created another gash in the sheet metal wall, the soldier quick crawled knowing just how outmatched he was in this fight.

"You're pretty fast, you damn conduit," she said holding muderous intent in her eyes.

"I could say the same to you," Ben shot back.

The two figures when at each other with great zeal, the girl was inhumanly fast with the whip that Ben barely had time to focus a shot on the girl so he switched to his combat knife The girl was having just as much trouble as Ben was he couldn't land any hits on him he was dodge her attacks by a wide margin making easier for him to try and close the gap between them.

"it's ashame you waste your time Apostate, your pretty skilled." Ben chuckled.

"as if I'd join the conduits you led this world to ruin, you and Cole MacGrath," she spat out still cracking her whip.

"ruin we're leading this world to peace! It's you Apostate that get in way,"

"Right, that why Cole commited mass Genocides, for the sake of 'peace,' " she said in a sacastic tone.

'Genocides, dad would never do that,' Ben thought. "What are you talking about?"

"Hmm, figures the Beast would lie to his own people, did you know this started because he set off a bomb in Empire City killing countless people and spreading a incurable illness,"

Ben had heard of the plague but he didn't know how it started in fact no one in the UCR did they just knew that Cole "healed them"

The figures continued to dart around each other in only what could be described as a mating dance of death, each one narrowly escaping the others movements.

'I think I have range of the whips effect radius which is about roughly six inches all have to do focus my abililty on the whip itself' Ben calcuted.

His vision tunneled on the whip he saw it vibrant blue line undulating like a snake and careful kept his body of 6 inch effect radius of the whip he suddenly found his chance around the center of the whip where the movement was the slowest. He threw the hitting his mark dead center, metallic whip fizzled and a few sparks flew out it symbolizing it's death.

"damn you," the woman screamed but before she could reach for her gun Ben already had his the weapon's sights aimed between.

"Let's just called this a tie for now," Ben said.

"In the fight or the politics," the woman smirked.

"both," Ben snapped.

"what makes you believe in the Beast lies?" The woman asked.

"because I'm his son, Benito MacGrath" her eyes wided as ben finished the sentence.

"well my name is Rachel Folley, I suggest you remember it well, no doubt we'll mewt again," She said before dropping a smoke pellet fleeing the scene.

Ben knew that reinforcements would be arriving soon so he quickly ran toward the VTOL that was still there.

"You made it just in time, we were gonna leave ya," the pilot said before taking off.

Ben arrived back at New Empire City looking for answers,but Cole was on official business and couldn't be bothered so he called his mother Lucy, to meet him for lunch at a popular bistro.

"Were waiting you long son," she asked.

Kuo still looked pretty much the same save that her skin was more pale, and she had a few wrinkles her and there.

"um no, Ma'am, I called you here to ask about something" Ben said hesitantly he hoped that the girl Rachel was lying.

"And what's that son," Kuo asked sweetly

"it's about the plague of Empire City in 2010," Kuo arm seemed to stiffen a bit at the question.

"What's caused you to bring up such a subject?" she asked.

"Some one from the Apostate seemed to think that dad was behind it." Kuo deeply sighed at this.

"He was behind it," Benny started to protest but Kuo raised her hand to interupt him, "But it wasn't on purpose,"

"how do you accidently cause genocide?" He asked

"You'd be surprised, It all started with the ray sphere, a device that could activate the conduit gene but the power comes at a horrible price, it kill hundreds of those who don't have the gene, and the radiation from the device caused the plague of Empire city. Eventually an attempt to destroy the ray sphere was implement but it failed creating a conduit in it's place called the Beast, that when I met your father. We wanted to find a way to destroy him as well,but only to find out the conduit was mutal friend of ours, even more so he was curing the plague as well. Our friend could complete his mission so he gave his ability to Cole." Kuo explaination left Benito shocked to his core.

To think his father caused so much devastation but it seemed like their was no choice, either Cole would killed many and save a few or everyone would die from the plague no wonder the Apostate hated him. Ben went home and thought a lot, about the war their, ray sphere and the Empire plague, but mostly how to achieve peace. He slept thinking about how everything was going to play out.