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I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now.
Because maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You're my wonderwall.


"Okay, so like, what would you guys do if you were trapped in a room for 30 days all by yourself?" Ty asked us as we all listened intently. "Sleep." Rocky replied sarcastically, causing everyone to laugh. Ty, Deuce, Tinka, Gunther, Rocky, Flynn, and I were all gathered around a small fire outside the back of my apartment.

There was this really nice open field back there with a good view of the city lights. I was sitting in between Rocky's legs with my head laying on her chest, while her arms wrapped around my waist and she would occasionally lay her head on my shoulder.

Ty and Deuce sat on this random log we found outside, Gunther and Tinka shared a blanket on the floor, and Flynn sat next to me and Rocky. "No, I meant, don't you think you'd go crazy? All you have is your mind. That's pretty scary." Ty asked again. "As long as I had something to keep me busy, like knitting, I'd be okay." Tinka said casually.

"Not me, if I was alone for that long, I'd probably try to scratch my way out!" Flynn exclaimed. "It'd only be a month." Gunther interjected. "Oh." Flynn put on a thinking face and shut up. "I thought NASA pays people to do that?" Deuce questioned to anyone listening.

"Forget what I said, I'd love it!" Flynn suddenly got up all excited like he was actually next in line for it. "Flynn, sit down. That's just ridiculous, why would you want someone to spy on your mental advances?" Rocky challenged everyone. They all just sort of shrugged, and nodded while Flynn huffed and sat down.

"Whatever, it's still money." Flynn mumbled. We shared a quick laugh before Deuce brought up the next conversation starter. It was nice, being out her with everyone. Everybody had some sort of crap happen with one another here, with the exception of Flynn, and we all just agreed to move on.

Gunther and Tinka didn't agree to be nice to us, and neither did we, but we agreed to enjoy these moments, and still keep annoying each other with reasonable things. We realized that, although we aren't even close to being adults, we are still getting there, and whether we get it or not, we are watching and helping each other grow up. And we want nothing but good times between us.

The rest of the night carried on the same; pointless conversation, jokes, foolish antics, and even a little dancing. It was such a good night. Stress free, drama free, and full of laughter. And honestly, I couldn't have asked for it any other way.

The next morning I woke up in Rocky's arms. I slept over her house since the boys were going to be crashing at my place. We invited Gunther and Tinka to stay, but they declined, saying something about the birth of more kittens. Whatever. I smiled at Rocky's sleeping form and thought back to the other countless times I've woken up to this girls' beautiful face. Let me tell you, you never get used to that beautiful, over whelming feeling of looking at the love of you love. Rocky shifted and smiled down at me. We shared our morning kisses and hellos before getting ready for the day. Rocky decided that she was going to take me out somewhere nice. She didn't tell me where, she just said to get ready.

About an hour later Rocky and I were walking hand-in-hand down the street. She refused to tell me where it was that were going but she did say that I would enjoy it. After walking around for 20 minutes Rocky pulled me into an alley between shops. "Rocky, what are we doing here?" I asked a little scared of our surroundings. "Relax CeCe, would I ever do anything to hurt you?" Rocky turned and looked me in the eye. "No, I guess not."

We continued on for a while casually strolling through the turns and dead ends of the alley. Soon enough there was an ending coming up and Rocky told me to close my eyes as we neared it. She pulled me forward a few steps and I noticed the hard pavement under my feet turn to something softer. "Okay, open." Rocky whispered as she held my waist from behind. I opened my eyes to reveal a beautiful lake with green grass and trees all around. It was a breath taking sight.

I turned around to hug Rocky, but she quickly pulled me off to the side where a small picnic sat all prepared. "Come on, let's eat." The rest of that morning went perfectly and Rocky and I even shared a few make out sessions. We were both very happy and it was nice to have a date night with just us only.

By the time we were done eating it was around one in the afternoon. "Hey Rocky, do you ever wonder about the future? Like, what's going to happen to everyone." I asked as she laid her head on my shoulder. "We'll, sure. All the time. Especially about you and me." She said honestly. This got my attention. "What about us?" I wondered if she meant if we were to break up. "I don't know, it's just you and I, our relationship...it's just so surreal, you know? Like, we fit together so well, and we've overcome all these obstacles. It just amazes me at times, and I can't help but feel that I'm going to do something to ruin it all."

I took her face in my hands gently, and pulled her in for a slow kiss. "I love you, and you're perfect. No matter what happens, we'll always have each other." I was going to continue when my phone started ringing. "Hello? Um, okay. Bye." Rocky looked at me with a questioning look. "Umm, that was Flynn. My mom needs me home now. You'll be okay picking this up without me?" She nodded and gave me a kiss goodbye. I ran back into the alley maneuvering through its sudden turns.

I arrived home in about 20 minutes. As soon as I stepped into the door I was heartbroken at the sight before me. My mom was crying hysterically while Flynn was desperately trying to calm her. "Mom? Mom, what's wrong?" I asked running over to where they sat on the couch. She pulled me and Flynn into a hug and we stayed like that for an hour. As she began to calm down and could form words she looked into our eyes and sighed. "Your father, he has," She took a second to breath, "He has cancer. He has had it for a while, but they just recently found out about it and its too far along to fix it."

My mom was trying hard not to cry again as I felt the tears threatening to spill too. "How...how long?" I whispered out. "A week." We all huddled together on the couch and cried. We cried ourselves to sleep that night. And when we woke up we cried then too. After we were physically and emotionally drained my mother told us to pack for a while. We were going to Florida to visit him for the time that he had left. As I was packing I noticed I had a lot of texts and calls from Rocky.

I picked up my phone and asked her to come down. I continued to pack as I waited. I packed for about 2 weeks, in case anything came up. As I began to wrap up with packing Rocky descended down the stairs, and walked into my room. "Hey, are you okay? What happened yesterday? Why are you packing?" The questions flew out of her mouth fast, and it caused me to break down right there in her arms. She shushed me and held me close.

"It's okay CeCe. You don't have to tell me now. Just wait until you're ready." It took a few minuets, but I managed to still. "My dad has...cancer. They found it too late, and now he only has a week to live. We're going to visit him for about a week." I choked out my last few words, before I completely broke down. Rocky held me in her arms.

We left that night and landed closer to 3:00 in the morning. We were taken straight to a hotel next to his hospital and went to bed immediately. The next morning we were sitting in the waiting room waiting to see my dad. I sat with my mom and was becoming more and more impatient by the second. The doctors instructed us one at a time for visiting. My mom went first and Flynn is in there now. I just want to see him. I was shaking roughly, and my leg bounced up and down.

My mom put her hand on my knee after a moment, getting my attention. "It's your turn." I looked up and saw Flynn with a frown on his face. I quickly stood up and walked past him towards my dad's room. I found the room door and silently pushed it open. "Dad?" I stepped into the room slowly, and the sight of my father nearly broke my heart. "Hey pumpkin." He even sounded weak. I had to fight the tears that have been threatening since I got to the hospital.

Mom told us not to cry so that way dad doesn't feel bad. I walked up to him and held his hand as I sat next to him on the bed. "Hi daddy." We spent the next 15 minutes talking about nothing and everything. Soon my time was up and I was supposed to go back to my mother. I stood up and kissed his head. "Bye daddy. I'll see you tomorrow." I began walking away, but he held my wrist.

"Cecelia wait." I cringed at the use of my name, but turned and smiled regardless. "I know this is very bad timing to throw this on you, but I have to tell you this before my time is up." He took a breath and continued, "I'm not very comfortable with you being a lesbian, and having a girlfriend. It's not right, and I want to be proud and happy with my daughter before I'll never see her again. I know you won't let me down sweetie." He pulled me down and kissed my head before closing his eyes to go to sleep.

If the tears weren't falling before, they were now. I ran out of the room and fell to the floor once I was far enough that I knew he couldn't hear me. I don't know how long I cried, but I was on that floor for what felt like centuries. After a time I felt hands on my shoulders, and I looked up to see my mom helping me up with a nurse and Flynn behind her.

"This is her." My mom told the woman before she nodded and walked away. The rest of the night went by as a blur. My father's words echoed in my head, and that night I tossed and turned in bed. At some ungodly hour of the night I realized what I had to do.

Rocky POV

I sat on my bed chewing on my nails and refreshing my messages. It had been a whole week and CeCe hasn't texted me. I know she might be going through something, but I was just hoping for one text. I didn't want to say something like are you okay, and cause her to cry. i just wanted to give her space and let her text me if she wanted to, but I was beginning to get worried. I sighed as I refreshed my messages again when Ty came into my room. "Mail for you, I think it's from CeCe." I grabbed the envelope and tore it open. On the inside was a single hand written letter. It read:

Dear Rocky,

I'm sorry this has to happen this way, but I can't keep lying to you. I don't like you, I don't love you, we're not going to be together forever, and we certainly are not right for each other. We're over Rocky. I don't know if I'm going back to Chicago, but I just want to make sure you don't try to reach me, because I'm not going to answer. This is better for us anyways. I'm happier this way, and soon enough you'll be too.


The note dropped from my hands and silently hit the floor as Ty brought his arms around me and pulled me into a hug whispering things to calm me down.


They released my dad from the hospital saying it was most likely his last day. My dad and I were watching TV while my mom made dinner and Flynn used the bathroom. We heard a noise from the side of us and I looked to see I had a text from Rocky. "Who's that honey?" My dad asked trying to see the screen. "Oh, just Rocky." I replied trying to sound casual. "Hmph, what did she want?" He had a certain tone in his voice that let me know he was upset. "I don't know, but don't worry about it daddy I already broke up with her." He smiled and pulled me in closer. "I'm proud of you, sweetie." I looked back down at my phone and opened the message. What I read made all the memories come flooding back.

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I don't know what's wrong...but whatever it is, I'll be right there next to you. I'll always be right there next to you.

I look over at my dad as he yawns while his eyes flutter closed...forever.

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