"The last sparkling where is it!" Megatron yelled at two helpless Autobots.

"Megatron he just hatched why do you want him so badly!" The femme Autobot screamed.

"Because I dispose of the weak first and sparklings are the weakest!" Megatron snapped tossing the femme into the mech.

"You will never find him Megatron!" the mech screamed helping his sparkmate up.

"Your right it will never survive because it won't have it's creators to take care of it!" Megatron growled as he brutally slaughtered the femme and mech.

"Noooo!" Optimus screamed as he saw Megatron murder the couple, Optimus finished off the con he was fighting and transformed and drove into Megatron knocking him away from the mech and femme.



"I would love to kill you right now but I have things to do I will certainly get back to you very soon" Megatron growled and flew away.

"Op…Optimus…." the fading mech on the ground called weakly.

"Yes friend I'm going to get you two help… RATCHET!" Optimus leaned down and called the field medic that was fighting off drones.

"No….please I…want you to…do something very important…" the mech coughed energon.

"Anything" Optimus held the mech in a sitting position.

"The sparklings in the hidden underground energon storage under the highway…"

"What!" Optimus said in disbelieve

"Please he just hatched today… take him he is your son now…." the mech continued.


"Optimus I wouldn't recommend any other bot"

"You will make a great father to the sparkling he is yours…" the femme spoke weakly putting a weak servo on Optimus's knee.

"Ok I will" Optimus agreed.

"Promise?" the femme asked.

"I promise" Optimus smiled holding her one servo in his two giant servos.

"Thank you… we know you will give him a great life…" the femme ad mech said as they faded away.

"RATCHET!" Optimus called the medic again.

Ratchet finished off a con and quickly drove over to Optimus where to lifeless shells of a femme and mech lay.

"Optimus….there's nothing I can do…" Ratchet put a servo on the primes shoulder.

"You may not be able to bring them back online but there is something we can do for them" Optimus stood up straight.

"What can we do?" Ratchet asked confused.

"Follow me no time to speak!" Optimus transformed and headed for the main highway.

"Optimus please where are we going?" Ratchet asked as they speeded down the highway with Optimus.

"Optimus!" Ratchet called as Optimus suddenly drove under ground, Ratchet wasted no time following him, the underground energon storage place was dark and cold oils and energon dripping from the roof the place was defiantly not visited much.

"Optimus what are we doing here?" Ratchet asked transforming and walking up to the transformed leader that looked around.

Optimus didn't answer he lifted empty crates and energon cubes moving the heavy crates all over the place.

"Optimus what are you looking for!" Ratchet snapped tired of not being answered.

"I'm looking for…" Optimus stopped in mid sentence as he heard a small whimper.

"Looking for…"

"Shh!" Optimus shushed the medic listening for the whimper again.


"Shh listen!" Optimus told the annoyed medic.

Ratchet listened hearing a small click and whimper, Ratchet brought out his scanners and picked up a tiny spark signature.

"Optimus.. I have a spark signature coming from over there" Ratchet pointed Optimus towards a crate hidden in the corner.

Optimus quickly made his way over to the crate opening the crates lid to find a yellow tiny little sparkling crying optics barely opened, Optimus quickly pulled out the whimpering sparkling wiping the dirt and water off the tiny sparkling.

"A sparkling!" Ratchet said in disbelieve.

"I need to scan him to make sure he is isn't wounded or sick" Ratchet told Optimus.

"He's so tiny" Optimus said as he handed the sparkling to Ratchet.

"Yes it looks like he hatched way earlier than he should have he only hatched about three hours ago but he's in perfect health he just needs some energon and recharge" Ratchet explained handing the sparkling back to Optimus.

"Gently gently!" Ratchet told Optimus as he gave the sparkling to him.

"I got Ratchet" Optimus sighed.

"He's brand-new and extremely breakable…"

"Ratchet thank you now let's get to the base" Optimus laughed at the stressed medic.


"What was that!" Ratchet freaked out as the ground above them shook.

"Cursed Autobots!" and gunfire was all that was heard from above as the Decepticons attacked.

"We're going to need backup if we are to get this sparkling out of here unharmed" Ratchet told Optimus as he regain his balance from the shake of explosions.

The tiny sparkling began to cry louder as the explosions frightened him.

"Ironhide I need back up we are trying evacuate a sparkling we are under the main highway the hidden underground energon storage I need you here with back up ASAP" Optimus commanded over his COM.

"Come here Decepticon punk!" a gruff voice came from above alone with explosions and loud screams.

"Decepticons fallback!"

"Damn straight you better run you cowards!" Sideswipe called after the fleeing cons.

"You tell them sides!" Sunstreaker laughed.

Ironhide rolled his eyes at the twins and knocked on the ground, the hidden door opened only a crack Optimus and Ratchet peeked out to see Ironhide.

"Well come on out the cons wont be gone for ever" Ironhide said impatiently.

"we'd love to come out but we can't open the door" Ratchet snapped.

Ironhide turned and saw the twins standing uselessly on the hidden door.

"SIDESWIPE SUNSTREAKER GET YOUR ASS'S OFF THE DOOR!" Ironhide screamed at the idiot twins that quickly jumped off.

"Thank you!" Ratchet snapped at the twins as he helped Optimus out of the storage unit.

"Optimus whatcha got there?" Sideswipe asked curiously noticing the prime shielding something.

"A sparkling" Optimus said as he walked past Sideswipe.

"Oh can we see!" The twins asked rolling beside Optimus.

"At the base now lets move" Optimus commanded as he ran off with his Autobots.

At Base

"here you go I've figured out a way to make bottles smaller so you can actually feed the sparkling" Ratchet explained as he handed Optimus a warm bottle of low grade energon.

"Thank you Ratchet I'm sure he appreciates it" Optimus thanked the medic and placed the bottle in the tiny sparklings tiny mouth.

"I think he's already thanking you" Optimus smiled as the tiny yellow sparkling that drank hungrily giving small chirps between suckles.

"Optimus how did you know there was a sparkling?" Ratchet asked Optimus.

"The fallen femme and mech that I was beside when I called you over, they were good friends of mine and this is their sparkling" Optimus explained as he removed the bottle from the sparkling that was falling into recharge.

"What! Optimus this is the last sparkling!" Ratchet shouted.

"SHH!" Optimus waved his servo shushing the medic.

"Sorry… but Optimus this is a great deal we need to put higher security around our base this sparkling is with out it's creators and has no protection we have to keep him away from the cons at all times" Ratchet carried on.

"Ratchet I understand that I've already told Prowl to inform the base of the sparkling and have tighter security.

"Ok that's great Optimus good" Ratchet calmed down and went back to his tools.

"But…. He doesn't have any creators to take care of him we need to find a caregiver for this tiny little sparkling" Ratchet told Optimus.

"Ratchet there is no need for us to look for a caregiver" Optimus told Ratchet.


"I'm going to be the sparklings father" Optimus told the medic.

"Optimus you are the leader of the Autobots you don't have time for a sparkling" Ratchet sighed.

"Ratchet I understand your concern but I'm committed to keeping this sparkling safe I know it's a big risk but it's worth it" Optimus told the Ratchet.

"Well…." Ratchet sighed.

"Well your gonna have to give him a name than" Ratchet said happily Optimus smiled at the medic that understood his wishes.

"Um… hmmm" Optimus examined the tiny yellow and black sparkling noticing the sparkling had wings the wings were almost as big as the sparklings frame.

"You will be named…. Bumblebee" Optimus cooed staring down at the sparkling he cradled in his arms.

"Bumblebee?" Ratchet asked.

"Yes" Optimus smiled.

"Why…you know what never mind Bumblebee is a very nice name it suits him now you two go get some rest now" Ratchet said shoeing Optimus out of his medical laboratory.

Optimus sat on his berth staring at the purring sparkling in a peaceful recharge this was the most beautiful site to him. "I have a sparkling" Optimus whispered to himself happily.

"Wow what a handful this little trouble maker will be to keep safe" Optimus whispered as the sparkling shifted in his arms "It's worth the risks" Optimus smiled and lay on his berth placing the sparkling next to him.

Bumblebee gave a small chirp pressed his tiny weak frame against the primes chest where he got warmth from the primes spark Optimus held the sparkling close to his spark and welcomed the sparkling to the warmth as soon as Bumblebee got comfortable Optimus soon fell into recharge.

Bumblebee chirped and clicked trying to get the sleeping primes attention Bumblebee's quite clicks and chirps did nothing Bumblebee's clicks and chirps soon turned into whimpers that turned into crying which turned into loud cry's Optimus quickly woke up hearing the cries and scooped the upset sparkling in the palm of his servo and rubbed Bumblebee's tired helm.

"Shh it's ok little one" Optimus cooed trying to sooth the sparkling.

"Oh I bet your hungry" Optimus said to the tiny sparkling that clicked at him.

"Ok let's go get you some low grade" Optimus spoke to Bumblebee in cheery tone and walked out of his room and into the recreational room where a kitchen like are was.

Optimus didn't pay attention to the bots that were in the room at the moment he had his mind set on feeding the sparkling.

"Hey Optimus can we see the sparkling now?" Sideswipe asked rolling up to the prime warming up the bottle of low grade.

"Ok be careful though he's just a day old" Optimus told Sideswipe as he gave Bumblebee to the Autobot warrior.

"Aw look at him he's so tiny!" Sideswipe said as he showed his brother, Jazz and Mirage.

"Wow look at that I've seen anything so tiny!" Jazz said staring at the tiny yellow and black sparkling that chirped and chewed on his tiny little fingers.

"You are hungry" Sunstreaker laughed as Bumblebee drooled all over his servos.

"He gotta name?" Jazz asked Optimus that was testing how warm the bottle was.

"Yes Bumblebee" Optimus said as he continued to warm the bottle.

"Bumblebee? Who's that?" Arcee asked walking in with her sisters.

"Didn't you hear about the sparkling?" Sunstreaker asked the femme.

"Oh is that him!" Arcee said walking over to see the Bumblebee.

"Oh Primus look at him isn't he just adorable" Arcee cooed as she looked at the tiny gurgling sparkling in the twins servo.

"May I hold him?" Arcee asked Sideswipe.

"Sure but ask boss big bot first it's his sparkling" Sideswipe pointed to Optimus.

"Can I?" Arcee asked eagerly.

"Yes you may" Optimus giggled seeing the eager in the femme.

"Your so cute!" Arcee cooed as she cradled Bumblebee in her arms.

"Look at your wings there almost bigger than you!" Arcee continued to coo at the sparkling.

"Oh he is cute!" Elita said as she looked over Arcee's left shoulder as choromia looked over here right shoulder.

"Ugh femmes" Sideswipe and Sunstreaker rolled their optics at the cooing femmes.

"Ok ladies Bumblebee needs to be fed" Optimus said as he approached with a warm bottle.

"Aaaaw… well anytime you need someone to watch over him well your busy you can call me" Elita told Optimus with a smile.

"Uh… uh…." Optimus was lost in the femmes beautiful smile.

"OPTIMUS!" a bot with and Italian accent yelled and threw and empty energon cube at the back of the leaders helm snapping the Leader back to reality.

"Huh!… oh yeah thank you I'll make sure to call you first" Optimus rubbed the back of his helm.

"Alright" Elita smiled and walked towards the door as Arcee handed Bumblebee back to Optimus.

"Ok see you guys later" The three sisters walked out of the rec room.

"Geez you got it bad!" Jazz said to Optimus watching him feed a hungry Bumblebee.

"Who me? Got what?" Optimus questioned.

"Yeah you!" The twins, Jazz, and Mirage shouted.

"Got what!" Optimus asked again.

"Your totally into Elita" Sunstreaker laughed.

"We can see it in your optics" Mirage giggled.

"Yeah Prime geez" Jazz teased.

"your totally lost when she speaks to you" Sideswipe mentioned.

"Yeah ok boys…." Optimus rolled his optics and walked out of the rec room.

"Good morning Optimus is that the little guy?" Ironhide asked walking up to Optimus in the hallway.

"Yep just fed him" Optimus said showing the recharging sparkling in the his arm.

"Tiny little runt isn't he?" Ironhide said getting a good look at Bumblebee.

"He got a name yet?" Ironhide asked Optimus.


"Bumblebee isn't that kinda wimpy?" Ironhide asked his leader.

"I don't think so I think it suits him" Optimus defended his sparkling.

"Well he is cute and sweet I guess it does suit the runt" Ironhide agreed with Optimus.

"So where you off to?" Ironhide changed the subject.

"Off to go see Ratchet see how Bumblebee is doing since he was hatched yesterday I wanna make sure he's healthy were are you off to?" Optimus explained and asked.

"Shooting range!" Ironhide told the prime happily.

"Of course" Optimus laughed rolling his optics.

"Well catch ya later" Ironhide said goodbye as he walked in the shooting range and Optimus turned and walked in the med bay.

"Hello there Optimus how is your sparkling?" Ratchet asked as Optimus sat in a chair.

"Oh he's fine I just fed him he's clicking and chirping quite a bit" Optimus told Ratchet as he moved Bumblebee in his other arm.

"That's good to hear giving his state it's going to take Bumblebee longer to learn how to speak than a normally hatched sparkling" Ratchet explained.

"That's perfectly ok with me" Optimus smiled at the purring sparkling.

"Yeah…." Ratchet sighed.

"What?" Optimus asked hearing the CMO sigh.

"Well he's underdeveloped…. He's just different…" Ratchet just sighed shaking his head.

"Yeah so what if he's different I think that's great" Optimus held Bumblebee in his servo.

"Yeah it's just I don't know if I can treat or fix different" Ratchet turned a sad gaze to tiny Bumblebee.

"Ratchet old friend you are the best medic we have and you will always find a way" Optimus said as he got off the chair and walked to out the door.

"I hope your right…"

"Hey that's not a chew toy!" Mirage shrieked as Bumblebee nibbled on his fingers.

Bumblebee gurgled and continued to drool on the funny red spy.

"Ha ha suck it up Mirage it's just a lil sparklin!" Jazz giggled.

"Yeah little sparkling with lots o drool" Mirage cradled Bumblebee in one arm and shook the drool off his servo that Bee was in.

"Hey watch where your flinging that shi.." Sideswipe was interrupted by a whack on the helm.

"Ouch what the fu…OW!" Sideswipe complained.

"Don't swear!" Ironhide yelled at Sideswipe.

"Oh your one to talk!" Sideswipe argued.

"Yeah and!"

"Well… the sparkling doesn't even understand!"

"He soon will!" Ironhide argued back.

"Yeah so!" Sideswipe shouted.

"May as well get practice!" Ironhide yelled.

"Guys chill your upsettin lil Bee" Jazz tried to get the two temperamental bots to calm down.

"Look what you did hide!" Sideswipe blamed.

"Me it was you!" Ironhide defended.

"You're the problem you've always been a problem!" Ironhide continued.

"Alright I've heard enough we can hear you down the hallway!" Elita walked in with Arcee.

"I'm giving Bumblebee back to Optimus I made a mistake thinking you boys could watch him for an hour with out getting into a yell fest or a brawl!" Elita snapped taking Bee from Mirage as all the mechs stopped fighting and all optics watched her and Arcee walking out of the rec room.

"She's crazy we never fight or yell" the twins broke the silence.