"Cee!, Cee!, wake up Cee!" Bumblebee chirped climbing over the femme.

"Ok ok I'm up" Arcee yawned as Bumblebee crawled over her lap, Bumblebee climbed off the berth and ran into the main room, past Bulkhead, and Ratchet to the basee enterance.

"Ah!" Bumblebee squeaked as he was picked up by his doorwings.

"Whoa!, where are you off to in a hurry, little one?" Optimus asked the tiny scout that curled up into a tight ball.

"Cee say she take me or drive" Bumblebee quietly beeped and whirred to Optimus.

"Well she ca..."

"I don't think so, not with out some energon" Arcee scoffed waving a fingure at Bumblebee, and interupting Optimus.

"Me no nee..." Bumblebee started as Optimus poaced him down.

"Don't even start, come get some energon" Arcee sternly told Bumblebee, holding out some energon for the sparkling.

"..." Bumblebee rolled his optics and walked over to the femme holding out the cube for him.

"Nah uh!" Ratchet quickly grabbed Bumblebee's energon cube from the femme, and replaced it with an energon filled sippycup.

"Yes Ratchet..." Arcee sighed rolling her optics.

"Hey the sparkling gets more on the floor and himself then inside himself, it's a waste, untell he learns how to drink properly he uses that" Ratchet growled and explained, making Bumblebee sigh and roll his optics, he just wanted the energon so he could leave.

"Ok Ratchet thank you for the speech..." Arcee rolled her optics crossing her arms as Ratchet finished his sentence.

"Cee..." Bumblebee whirred reaching for his energon.

"Oh sorry, here Bee" Arcee apologized handing the sippycup full of energon to the yellow sparkling.

Bumblebee quickly drank his energon and bounced back to the enterance of the base.

"Come on Cee!" Bumblebee chirped waiting for the femme to join him at the door.

"I'm comming" Arcee chuckled walking up to the base enterance.

"Uh Arcee where are you going?, we have to go pick up the childeren" Bulkhead said.

"Ugh!, seriously!" Arcee growled in displeasure storming over to the wreacker.

"Bu..." Bumblebee clicked as Arcee an Bulkhead droce out of the base.

"...ok..." Bumblebee sadly sighed, drooping his doorwings and walking over to the couch.

"Here let me help you" Optimus cooed picking up a struggling Bumblebee and placing him on the couch.

"..." Bumblebee sat down in the middle of couch and looked up at Optimus with big watery optics.

"Bumblebee... I know you're upset Arcee had to go, and couldn't take you for a drive" Optimus sighed patting Bumblebee's helm.

"..." Bumblebee turned his watery optics away from the prime and fixed it to the ground.

"Little one..." Optimus cooed picking up the depressed sparkling.

"...No" Bumblebee clicked pushing off of Optimus.

"What's the matter little one?" Optimus asked letting Bumblebee down.

"You no tell me no thing!" Bumblebee angirly whirred storming down to his room.

"Bumblebee..." Optimus sighed shaking his helm.

"Optimus why don't you take him for a drive?" Ratchet suggested after watching the scene of the sparkling and prime.

"I don't know Ratchet, I don't know if I'm entirely comforatable telling him everything, and what if..." Optimus said stopping his sentence.

"What if?" Ratchet asked waiting for Optimus to continue.

"What if Bumblebee has a connection to Megatron?" Optimus sighed turning to Ratchet.

"Optimus Bumblebee needs to know these things, But... Bumblebee might very well be connected to Megatron... and you" Ratchet explained.


"What?" Ratchet asked, raised an optic ridge at the prime.

"I had a wierd dream... a while ago" Optimus started.

"And?" Ratchet rolled his optics.

"I heard Bumblebee's creators voices, and they said... he's yours...he has always been yours..." Optimus said to the confused but wid opticed medic.

"Not fair...don't like being treated like a sparkling, so what I are..." Bumblebee clicked and chirped grumpilly to himself, sitting on the ground play with his favorite bright multi colored ball.

a month later

"Man a lot of things have happened, now Arcee's getting along with all the humans and, Bee has a human that understands him this is great going great for us" Bulkhead said happily to Arcee Ratchet and Optimus.

"Yes it has, but isn't Raf going on vacation?" Ratchet asked the three.