Hey everyone! This is my first fic in a long time. Probably about 7 years. It's gonnabe a Shawn/Angela fic mostly but of course the other characters will come into play. I will update pretty regularly. I hope you all enjoy it!

Chapter 1- Home

"Ma'am, we'll be arriving in New York soon." A bubbly brunette flight attendant with the name tag which read "Lavender" said as she tapped a pretty African American woman with long braids on the shoulder. "Thank you so much." Angela Moore said as she sat upright in the surprisingly comfy, multicolored airplane seat and put down the magazine she was reading on the fold out tray in front of her and fiddled with her hair. As Angela looked towards the window a knot inside her stomach. Two years since I've been in the states, Two long years. Angela thought to herself.

Angela Moore left Penn brook University and all her friends as planned two years ago. Never did she think that it would be one of the most trying, hardest things she never endured in life. Not the spending time with her father, no that was the easiest, most enjoyable aspect of the trip. It was the drifting apart from the love of her life within a few months of her departure and holding a big secret from him that she didn't find out about until after she left that took its toll and tortured her during the duration of her being away that in the end of the first year Angela's father was reassigned once more but she decided to stay in Europe for another year. She always knew that Shawn deserved the truth but at the time she was so hurt and frustrated that he wanted to give up because the distance was killing him that she became spiteful and selfish to try to make him hurt just as much as she had.

Angela's father was highly disappointed in his daughter at the beginning for not telling Shawn the truth. "Angela baby, you can't hold this from him, he has every right to know this information. If you truthfully love him he deserves to know, he will never forgive you if you don't tell." Angela's father said as they sat in a nice quaint café in Rome for a light meal after a very long day two months after leaving Philadelphia. Angela looked down at her plate of food and twirled her fork around. She looked up into her fathers eyes as a single tear slid down her cheek.

A few days ago she was 100% in agreement with her father before that horrible conversation where Shawn broke down and told her he couldn't wait for her, it had only been 2 months and it felt like an eternity. Angela protested and pleaded with him to not say the words that he was saying. She heard the slur in his voice and knew he had been drinking. She broke down into tears, this was not the way delivering him the good news was supposed to go. "Shawn I love you." Angela sobbed into the phone as tears ran down her cheeks. "And I love you but everyone I love leaves me one way or another and I can't take this." Shawn chocked through the phone. Feeling defeated Angela didn't know what to say. She grabbed onto the edge on the hotel bed to balance herself as she felt that she was going to lose her dinner. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. "Goodbye Shawn." was the last thing she said as she disconnected.

"Dad believe me, I wanted to tell him. Shawn does not want to talk to me, he made that clear over the phone and I refuse to force him." Angela said softly as she continued to play with her food. "Angela you need to go back…." "DAD NO!, I know this is not an expected occurrence but I need to deal with this. I need your support please. I know you're not pleased but please don't abandon me." Angela's father felt wounded, he hated hearing that word come from his daughter, it bought up too many bad memories for the both of them and true he wasn't happy about his daughters current situation but he wasn't going to turn her away. He just hoped her emotions didn't take over and she would think decision through. "Ok baby, in your own time, but please weigh the consequences of not telling him right away." Sgt Moore said while he reached across the table and wiped a tear off of his daughters cheek.

The jerk of the plane descending height bought Angela back to the present. She had been so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn't realize that they were pretty close to landing.

"Wow funny how time flies when you don't want it to" Angela said while leaning down to pick up her carry on item. A pink diaper bag with the initials S.H. embroidered on it in purple stitching. She grabbed a blanket and turned in her seat towards the sleeping 18month old toddler next to her.

Shanice Hunter was sleeping soundlessly like she had been for the last couple of hours, her light brown curly hair fell across her face which was a perfect combination of her parents. She had caramel complexion skin and her mothers eyes and cheekbones. Her Hunter side was dominant also, she had her fathers nose, lips and face shape.

"Shanice sweetie time to get up." Angela said as she removed her seatbelt due to the seatbelt light turning off on the now landed plane. Shanice stirred in her mothers arms as she opened her hazel eyes and looked up at her mother and half smiled. Angela picked her up and hugged her. "Time for you to be introduced to your home." she said as she pulled her daughter close. "Time to be where you belong." She continued deep down knowing she was well past on doing the right thing and letting everyone know the truth.