Chapter 22

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3 Weeks later….

"That is a beautiful dress Rach." Angela said as the girls stood in Jessica McClintock getting their final fittings for their dresses.

Rachel stood on one pedestal in a huge round room while surrounded by two tailors who fussed over her with measuring tapes.

Topanga stood on a similar pedestal next to her while Angela and Morgan sat in front of them on a bench and watched since their fittings were done.

"Not only is your dress awesome," Morgan began. "But your bridesmaids dresses are really awesome too. Way better than that initial crap Miss crazy over there wanted us to wear for her and Cor's wedding." She chuckled as her sister in law motioned to step off the pedestal before she was smacked lightly on the hand by one of the tailors putting a pin in her dress.

"Bite me!" Topanga yelled while sending Morgan a playful smile.

"You guys are crazy!" Angela yelled taking a sip of her water. "I can't believe you're almost a Hunter."

"I know, I mean I've always loved Jack but seriously thought that chapter of my life was done when we were back at Penn brook. I mean I didn't believe chapters with exes could be reopened, but then again that had to do a lot with my ex before I met you guys."

Angela shifted uncomfortably.

Rachel threw her hand up to her mouth. "I'm sorry Ang…."

"Sorry for what Rachel?" Angela stood and busied herself in a rack of dresses across the room. "I'm completely fine with talking about Shawn, I mean I have to deal with him right? He is apart of Shanice's life no matter what."

"Have you talked to him?" Topanga asked.

"I have but not huge conversation, just everything about Shanice, nothing more."

"Well he is actually walking now, slow but he is really improving." Morgan interjected.

"That's really great for Shawn, he didn't mention it to me but I'm truthfully happy for him. He can become himself again. He deserves that."

"But you deserve to be happy." Rachel added.

"Oh, believe me I am happy, so happy to the point where I'm actually bringing a date to the wedding!"

At this everyone's mouth dropped.

"A…" Rachel asked bewildered.

"Yes, a date."

"But, but you're in the wedding party. I don't get it." Topanga added.

"Since when does being in the wedding party mean I can't have a date?" Angela's eyes grew wide.

"Well, since when? You haven't said anything." Morgan looked skeptical.

"Well, I wanted to keep it a secret, I mean at least for a little while. I didn't want it leaking back to Shawn and I hope, it doesn't now." Angela looked at everyone in the room.

"Well, I wont say a word." Topanga said as she absentmindedly rubbed little circles on her tummy where she was beginning to show the signs of pregnancy.

Angela narrowed her eyes. "Not to Cory…" she turned towards Rachel. "Not to Jack…" she then turned to Morgan. "Not to Eric. I just want it kept private."

"Are you embarrassed?" Morgan asked.

"No!, I just don't know if its going to head anywhere and its only a date to a wedding. Just a bit of dancing. Chit chatting in between and ending the night with a hug."

It was Rachel's turn to narrow her eyes. "How do you know him?"

"Well I met him in the lobby of my building and he is actually a tenant he lives on the level below. We've had coffee a few times."

"Where was I?" Rachel asked.

Angela laughed. "I've met up with him the times you've been with Jack or dropping off Shanice for me."

All the ladies mouths dropped once more.

"You sneaky…" Morgan began.

Angela put her hands up in defeat. "I know, I know I didn't think I'd want to hang with him again but I was wrong." she looked down at her hands while the other women glanced at each other and changed the topic letting the conversation drop.

"A DATE!" Shawn yelled the next day as he sat in his apartment with Cory, Eric and Jack. Shanice who was asleep in his lap stirred just a bit at the sound.

"I heard Topanga on the phone with Rachel talking about it last night after she got in from the dress fitting." Cory said not sure if he was right in telling his best friend what he heard.

"Wait, Rachel didn't say anything to me." Jack crossed his arms.

"I didn't know this either." Eric added.

Shawn relaxed a bit. "Cor are you sure you heard right?"

Cory twirled his thumbs. "I'm sure Shawnie, I think she wanted to keep it quiet but I didn't want u to feel bamboozled walking into the wedding next weekend.

Shawn nodded. "I can't believe….." He stood up and hugged Shanice to his chest as he walked around in circles. "Why won't she accept that I was wrong?, I've tried to get her to drop Shanice off herself or talk for longer than 5 minutes on the phone with me. She hasn't budged."

"Shawn truthfully I think she is just hurt beyond reasoning." Jack added.

Shawn walked slowly into his bedroom where he placed Shanice in the crib that Mrs. Matthews bought and came back in the living room.

"I know she is hurt but she isn't giving me a chance." Shawn sat back down and threw a hand over his eyes.

"Well you got to find a way for her to listen." Eric added.

Shawn sat quietly as a thought occurred to him.

"Jack were you dropping Shanice off tonight at Angela's?"

Jack looked confused. "Yeah, why?"

"Well don't, call Rachel and tell her you have a surprise for her and that Angela may need to come get her."

"Shawn, that isn't going to work, all she will do is call everyone down the line."

Shawn looked towards Cory and Eric. "You two can help. Just make it seem that you're all busy and I know she will come herself. She hasn't seen Shanice for two days, I doubt she will be ok going another."

"Don't get me beat up by Angela but I'm willing to help." Jack nodded.

"Me two." Cory and Eric said in unison.

Shawn stood up. "Thanks guys. Lets get this in motion then you guys get out."

All three men looked at each other. "Why?" Jack asked.

"I have to mentally prepare."

Jack shrugged and looked at Cory and Eric. They all were ok leaving Shawn now, his recovery was going very well and he was due to go back to work in a couple of weeks.

About half an hour later the plan had went off with out a snag. Cory, Jack and Eric did their part in tying up the women including the Matthews and Feeney's now all Shawn could do was wait. He heard the reluctance in Angela's voice as Jack told her that it would be best for her to come get Shanice. She sighed and blew her breath and after calling everyone else she could think of she gave up and called Jack back telling him to let Shawn know she would be there in a hour and a half.

Shawn looked around after the guys left and tried his best to tidy up. He didn't want to overdo it because he didn't want to hurt himself but he didn't want the place looking bad either. He turned on the stereo with some light classical music playing and lit a few candles. Shanice was still asleep so all he could really do was sit and wait.

After what felt like 5 hours when in all actuality was only a hour and a half the buzzer rang.

Shawn jumped up and buzzed her in and waited by the door to let her in.

What felt like an eternity later the doorbell rung.

Shawn opened it slowly and took in her appearance. Angela didn't make eye contact but showed signs or nervousness or apprehension.

"Hey Shawn."

"Hey" he replied while stepping aside to let her in.

Angela immediately noticed the candles and heard the music but did not look at Shawn.

"Is Shanice ready?"

"She's sleep." Shawn said closing the door.

"Oh Shawn, she is going to be up all night." Angela said finally making eye contact and turning to head toward his room when she felt his hand in hers.

Angela slowly turned towards the eyes that had that blazing look that only Shawn Hunter could give her.

"Please just give me minute. I just want to talk."

"Shawn there is nothing that we need to talk about, I'm so happy to see you on your feet and moving and everything but if its not about Shanice I don't know what else to sa….."

She was cut off as Shawn's lips met hers. She tried to pull back but Shawn had swung one arm around her waist while he still held her hand in his hand.

Angela gave up resisting and gave into the kiss as images ran through her mind as Shawn slipped his tongue in her mouth. She remembered the purse e found with her stuff, her stint at the Mexican restaurant where he showed up each night jealous over her co workers. The ski trip where he tried to pull the old switch to be with her all night. Prom, Graduation. Also when they got back together with the help of her father and living together in the apartment back in college. But as she fell deeper in the kiss and Shawn reached up to her bra hook she couldn't help but have other memories come to mind. Shawn shoving her into the door after drinking in high school, dumping her in the first place in college. Lying about his true feelings so long and denying the poem being about her. Recently throwing the bottle that nearly hit her then accusing her of being with Avery when she was clearly there for him.

Angela pulled away panting heavily with a tear sliding down her cheek.

"Angela, what's, whets wrong?"

Angela threw her purse on the couch and tears streamed from her eyes.

"Shawn you can't just keep coming back when it suits you and you think its ok. I can't take that over and over."

Shawn was speechless for a moment. "But Angela I know I've said it time and time but I didn't mean to ever hurt you."


"I was wrong, an idiot and a asshole. I know I cant begin to make it right."

Angela laughed. "You're right, you have no idea of even where to begin."

"Let me try." he reached for her hand that she quickly pulled away.

"I've let you try, time and time again."

Shawn sat down and put his face in his hands as Angela went and leaned on the wall crying.

Shawn looked up. "Is this about your date?" he said with bitterness in his tone.

Angela looked at him in astonishment. "And how do you know that?"

"A little birdie…"

"You mean a little Cory, can I not keep anything quiet?!"

"He didn't mean to he overheard, he wasn't told directly."

At this Angela became livid. She snatched up her purse. "Well guess what Shawn Hunter, this does not have to do with my date. It has to do with you and not realizing what is ok and not ok." she went in the room and picked up Shanice who despite the noise was still sleep.

Shawn watched feeling dread as he watched her get closer to the door.

"Angela please, you and Shanice are my world."

More tears streamed down her face as she halted at the door at his words.

"Shawn and you've always been mines but I can't do this anymore." she whispered as she paused looked at Shawn and turned away hurrying out the door leaving a confused, frustrated Shawn behind.