"Bruno... what?"

Yusei stared back at his lover, who's eyes were glowing red and had an expressionless face.

"He can't hear you Yusei. He's under my control." Placido's nasty grin widened. "He'll do anything I tell him to."

"No... Bruno, snap out of it!" Yusei begged. But Bruno remained the same.

"Bruno, break Yusei's left arm."

Yusei had no time to react. Bruno had shot over to him, grabbed his left arm, and twisted so hard it cracked.

Yusei screamed and crumpled, clutching his arm which was bending out at a weird angle.

"Force him up, Bruno."

Bruno grabbed Yusei by the collar and yanked him up. Yusei felt dizzy and couldn't find his footing. When Yusei wouldn't stand up Bruno grabbed Yusei's broken arm painfully, as if in punishment. Yusei screamed again, tears in his eyes. He felt sick.

"B-Bruno...!" he cried, "P-Please... It's me... Yusei...!"

Bruno didn't change. Yusei tried to move towards him. If he could kiss him, maybe he'd remember...

"Break his ribs, Bruno."

And then Yusei was on the ground, and Bruno was smashing in his ribs with his foot. Yusei vomited blood, tears now streaming freely down his face.


His vision was going foggy. He was in so much pain. He wanted it to end. This was no longer Bruno. Bruno was gone.

"Goodbye, Fudo Yusei!" Placido laughed, "Next time don't get in my way! Bruno, kill him!"

Yusei felt an iron grip around his throat, and a force pressing in on his chest.

This was it for him. He knew it. So with his last breath, he whispered, "I'll still always love you, Bruno..."

The red eyes faded. The grip slackened.


Bruno blinked.

Thiswas Bruno, Yusei thought, and he gave a weak smile before everything faded away.

"Yusei? Yusei!" Bruno was so confused.

"You killed him, Bruno. Look at your hands."

Placido walked over to him. Bruno looked at his blood covered hands and screamed, bursting into tears.

"It's okay. You didn't mean to. It was an accident. You couldn't control it."

Bruno vomited, and Placido held his hair back.

"You're an android, Bruno. You're not real. But you are the same as me. I can help you."

Bruno curled up, shaking and sobbing.

"I'm Placido, and I'll take you in. No one has to know about this."

"P-Placido!" Bruno sobbed, and Placido wrapped his arms around him.

All according to plan.