"What's so good about picking up the pieces?
None of the colors ever light up anymore in this hole."

Matthew Voltair was standing before his full-length mirror, admiring not the muscular body he'd built for years, but the tattoo engraved on his right chest. "Raven" was written there in cursive letters. It would stay there forever, just like how Raven would stay forever in his heart. His mind was made up.

He didn't care about anything but her—if it was his identity that she wanted, he would give it to her, despite the resentment that she would later feel after knowing that he was nothing but a mindless alcoholic playboy.

He understood that perhaps Raven would still choose Robin over him, since Robin wouldn't hurt her the way he did, and probably Robin would show her his real identity, too. It was probably too late, but he wanted to give it a try. He didn't want to regret it later in his life if he didn't give it a shot—he'd never know unless he tried.

He dressed up as Red-X again that night, without any intention to steal anything. If there was anything he would die for to be able to steal at that moment, it would be Raven's heart.

Getting into Raven's room quietly wasn't a great deal for him. Just a simple lock picking skill and he was in. He closed her window once he had landed quietly into her room, so that the cold night wind wouldn't worsen her cold. He crept toward her bed, sneaking into her blanket. He ignored a part his mind that told him not to be such a creepy stalker.

He watched her as she slept peacefully, and when she trembled, he decided he would steal the chance to hug her, providing her with the warmth he knew she needed.

He smiled beneath his mask. She slept within his embrace—that was more than enough. Perhaps Robin wouldn't like it if he found out that his enemy was there on Raven's bed, hugging his girlfriend. But Red-X didn't give a damn.

Raven opened her eyes when she thought she heard someone's calm heartbeat, beating rhythmically nearby her ear. She also felt the comforting warmth that came not from her blanket but from human's body. She also believed she recognized the kind of fabric she slept on—it was sure not a part of her bedcover. It was something elastic, like latex. Like something someone she knew so well would wear.

It was the owner of the mask, coming to claim what was his. Raven was startled, immediately hoisted herself. She met a white skull staring back at her right away.

"Red-X," she whispered, shocked. "What are you doing in my bed?"

Red-X smiled. Raven could see his lips moving beneath that mask.

"Hello, Sunshine. Feeling well yet?" he asked. His robotic voice sounded like music to her ears—so familiar and soothing in a way she couldn't possibly explain.

"I'm fine," she said, blushing. She sat a little too far from him, but no matter how much she wanted it, she couldn't just move closer to him.

He sighed and sat against the headboard. "Yes, of course you are," but his voice wasn't as sure as how Red-X would usually be. He sounded so tired for Raven. "You're a living heater, aren't you? Because you're hot, literally."

"Why, thank you," she replied calmly. "So, what are you doing here in my room?"

"Oh, just came to give you a free hug. No big deal," he smirked. The mischievous Red-X was back and Raven felt her heart fluttered.

"That's so kind of you," she smiled sarcastically. "But I didn't expect a free hug from you, Red-X, since you're an enemy."

He chuckled. It was a bitter chuckle, and he felt pathetic. "'Course not. You expected that I were Robin, didn't you?"

"What—"he lifted his hand as a sign for Raven to stop. He didn't want to hear the answer—he wasn't ready to get hurt again.

"Rae," he sighed. The mischievous Red-X was gone in a flash. Now he was the gloomy Matthew Voltair—the guy who couldn't move on. "Rae, listen to me." And she complied, paying Red-X her full attention. "I don't care if you're already with Robin. I just came here to… give you what I should've given you back when we were still together."

He reached his neck and grabbed the end of his mask, pushing it up to reveal his pale skin, the lips she used to kiss, the fine-boned nose, the blue orbs she'd never had the chance to meet clearly before, the perfectly arched eyebrows, and finally the dark hair which was plastered to his head due to the mask. He ran a hand through his hair and looked away. He didn't want to meet her eyes—not yet.

Raven didn't let her face leak how surprised she was to know that the boy she'd ever been with for years was Matthew Voltair. Of all the guys who existed on the earth, why would it be Matt Voltair? Why would it be that bastard? She didn't get it. But she didn't want to be judgmental just yet—Red-X had come there just to show her that he was nothing but a jerk, so he had to have a good reason for that. No one would go around flaunting their weaknesses without real good reasons. So she waited.

"I'm sorry, I'm actually just an idiotic criminal, an alcoholic playboy, a former drug abuser," he said, looking at the mask he was holding on his lap. "Even by reading the news you could tell that I wasn't loyal to you when we were together—I cheated on you with uncountable number of random girls I met in the bars and clubs. I'm so sorry for that. It's—the reason why I didn't show you my face earlier."

Raven didn't answer him and there was this awkward pause in the conversation. He finally decided to meet those amethyst eyes, but he couldn't decipher her feelings just by staring into those eyes. She was always an enigma for him.

He cleared his throat uncomfortably and reached for her hands, clutching them so tightly because he wouldn't know if it was his last chance.

"I know I've been unfaithful and I'm probably the biggest and dumbest asshole on earth," he continued, "but Rae, no matter how many girls I've tried to replace you with, and no matter how many times I've tried to forget you, nothing seems to work. It hurts to see you're no longer mine. It hurts to see Robin replacing me. It hurts to… think about last night, that I might actually lose you forever. It killed me inside. I didn't believe such bullshit like real love existed in this world, and I don't like being sentimental, but Rae, I don't know what else to name this feeling."

Another moment of silence took place until she realized that he had done with the talking. But she didn't immediately speak, indulging herself by letting him hold her hands longer. She didn't care if he'd betrayed her at a point of their relationship—the only thing that she could remember was his panicked face after he'd saved her. It showed her his true intention—that he wasn't only a jerk who always played girls. That he was actually something more.

Raven smiled vaguely. "I don't know where you got that idea about me and Robin, but Red-X, you're probably wrong about that."

"Y—You mean—"he stuttered. A wild hope started growing within him.

"It's a shame to admit, but maybe I'm still infatuated with my ex," she shrugged.

He moved so fast that she could barely catch his moves, and the next thing she realized was that she was already in his hug again, and she felt her hair was being pelted by kisses. His heart throbbed faster than hers did, and she felt it through his costume.

When he was done with pouring kisses on her, he just stayed there, hugging her tightly. He didn't want to let her go ever again. He huffed quietly and whispered to her ear, "I love you, Raven. I love you."

Raven smiled, wrapping her arms around his back.

When they finally let go of each other, Matt leaned toward her again and this time, his lips met hers again after the long hiatus. He smiled as he moved his lips adeptly around her lips, assuring himself that it wasn't just a dream. That it was real—it was a dream came true.

Now there would be no more nightmares.

When the kiss was ended, they just stared at each other, with Matt grinning happily for the first time after months.

Raven smiled back at him—it was a rare smile, but whenever it came to Matt, she could easily form it. As if her only purpose to be born was to be happy.

She locked her eyes on him, and within those blue eyes, she saw no more pain—all that was written there was a simple forever.

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