"ma'am…" An older blond man cleared his throat to get the attention of the brunette sitting at the front desk who was clearly unorganized by the looks of it, flipping through papers every which way. It looked like a tornado took place.

Propping her head up when she heard a strong masculine male voice her senses became anew taking in the broad shoulders, well-built muscled chest and smoldering blue eyes which had only meant one thing 'Trou-ble'.

Madeline' Brookes knew first-hand at how her boss was when she was around anything male and man and from the looks of it this guy was lots man along with the gift from the gods kind of package. This definitely wasn't good. But then again maybe he could be the one to tame down her promiscuous wild heart. 'Na-a, I'm dead' she thought dryly.

Mentally shaking her thoughts away, Madeline' plastered the most believable smile she could muster up at that second with the previous thoughts lingering. Giving the man (that was old enough to be her father) what she thought to be a polite smile "Yes, sir? What may I do for you this…" she paused to give him an accurate statement of the weather so she leaned her head to the side and glanced out the window to see the sun hitting brutally down on the roof of her 91' Mazda. Turning away she looked back up into devastating eyes.

'Too bad for him his eyes won't be the only thing devastated once he meets Mrs. Maneater'

Barely curving her pink lips Madeline' let loose of another convincing smile as she continued her question. "Fine morning?"

He only smiled toward her with that same warmness of a gentleman that had the quality of a professional "I have an interview with a Ms. McKinney at 9 for a partnership" he replied diplomatically.

She choked down her shock when she reached down her second door to the left of her desk to confirm his allege appointment.

Once she had the door completely open she saw the notebook she kept for all the appointments prior the day to come.

Taking out the notebook her brown eyes grazed through the list and skimmed back up to the top. It confirmed at what she concluded must've been his name "Ah, Mr. Hart I presumed" He nodded. "Right through there…" Madeline's long skinny arm aimed the way to the direction he was to meet the boss, and with an equally little skinny finger pointed the office she was located at. And lucky for the secretary and the man it was nearby as course as it should be.

Just as he was about to leave for his appointment she stopped him "she's been waiting for you!" she exclaimed without looking at him directly.

"Thank you!" he said and left discreetly as she waved his appreciation away.

A few seconds later found him knocking on the closed door to the name that read 'Agent Reba McKinney' in big bold type print.

Just before he had a second chance to bang his fist against the door an Oklahoma accent hollered through.

"Yes, come on in!" she hollered in reply with a hint of annoyance and a sigh rising to the surface all the way from her diaphragm from what she knew was to be yet another disappointment.

So far she interviewed six different agents for a possible business partnership prior of that week and none were to her liking. She supposed if she wasn't so picky in choosing, but when was it a crime in wanting a professional who had experience up their belt so to speak.

Leaning back in her chair with crossed legs in a tight black skirt just above her knees she waited impatiently until a man with sandy cropped hair finally came in and shut the office door for the privacy of their interview that was bound to take up to 30+ minutes.

He looked up her way and smiled business like and she smiled lightly back and finally spoke "You must be Mr. Hart?" she asked as he nodded. "Good! Well I'm Reba McKinney, and I am pleased to meet you." He reached out his hand for a firm hand shake. "I'm Brock by the way and the pleasures all mine!" he smiled charmingly surprisingly which he had no idea why. The only time he ever used that smile was when he wanted to get laid. And right now sex was far from his mind well of course that was before he glanced at the sinfully delicious delicacy in front of him. But now at this exact painstakingly moment he had to concentrate on the job at hand (no pun intended) and not on those damn sexy legs of hers.

"Please take a seat" Reba gestured for Brock to sit on the chair opposite from her across from her desk as she was currently validated in since he arrived in her office. Following her gesture he rested his behind on a chair with a small cushion making the area feel warm on his hardened anatomy.

Looking over his five page resume that held his full career since he received his GED over twenty+ years ago in a time he would of much less would like to forget!

She tried not to smile longingly at the paper in her petite hands while in real facts she was trying to get that dang cologne he was wearing out of her senses, it was driving her absolutely crazy. For gods sakes she was a business woman and a very professional one at that. She knew there was a time for playing around (and oh boy did she wanna play around with him or what) and a time to be a professional like the one she was. And right now she had to concentrate on the latter especially around that sexy smile of his she notice head on when he first gathered in her office.

She sighed out in agitation then finally spoke "I see you have a full career in real estate" He nodded while trying his best at covering his legs and suppressing the fight his growing groin was going through at the moment while watching her in that way too revealing cashmere top.

"Why did you choose Dolly Majors Reality, Mr. Hart?" Reba asked glancing his way after she set down the reading glasses that were set on the bridge of her nose almost invisibly since the interview began.

'God almighty is it getting' hot in here'

"Well, I-I-I…" he paused as he swallowed a lump the size of a bolder down his throat. Trying his dandiest to look into sparkling blue eyes that were on him and unreadable, instead of other areas of her that were out in the open.

He made a fist to bring to his mouth as he tried the clear his throat as in attempt to erase his previous stammer. "What I mean is I just moved here from Dallas much to do with family matters and well that being said I've heard a lot of amazing things about this agency and I thought I could bring some of my expertise along the way if I had a chance to joined if you ever considered bringing me on board" Reba nodded very pleased with his words.

"Mr. Hart, from what I'm read and from what with all the other participants interested in this position that I've had this last comin' week. You seem to be well qualified and the best candidate that I've been looking for" she leaned back and sat the papers back on her desk. "The position is yours. Of course that is if you want it" she crossed her long legs with glancing eyes towards his pale ones that she found devastatingly gorgeous.

"Absolutely, Ms. McKinney, And I look forward in working with you" Brock replied with a glint in his pale eyes that ripped right through her soul like an Athame dagger.

Reba's sharp blue eyes sparked like a fire when she returned his reply with an earthshattering smile. "How's tomorrow a seven sound to you?"

Brock smiled devilishly back at her giving her heart a thump "works for me" Reba moved from her office chair and stretched her arm out to get a grasp of his strong hand to think him for his time. "the pleasure was all mine Ms. McKinney" Reba walked the blond out with her palm on the small of his back as she led him through and feeling the muscle that was there that gave her insides a tingle of pleasure.

After she began watching him walk away with that look of hunger in her eyes, her secretary Madeline' cleared her throat "Yes, Madeline'?" she growled

Madeline' had a look of laughter in her big brown eyes "So…" she trailed off "Is he 'The One' "

Reba curved a small sinister smile "Yes, my dear lil' Madeline' it seems he is."

Madeline curses herself inside while on the outside she faked a smirk, all and all she wasn't too happy with the smoldering eye man. She had a bad feeling about him. "Is he your next conquest as well?" she hated to ask but she had to know.

"You know I never mix business with pleasure, silly girl!"

Madeline' scoffed "yeah, right! I seem to recall an incident with Mr. Blackstock and Dr. Morgan, hmm, Rebs?" Madeline said tauntingly to her friend.

"Ha! Nothing about those two was about pleasure. Just a nice roll in the hay to relieve my stress you could say." Reba retorted without conviction in her voice.

"Yeah, and we almost lost it all from being subpoenaed a week later from your escapade with Narvel. He wanted blood I tell you. If he couldn't get you he was willing to wee you dry. And now you have sexual harassment added to the list"

Reba waved it away "He along with all the Tom, Dick and Harrys wanted something I am and never will be willing to give."

"Your heart" Madeline' murmured

"That's right, darlin'!" Reba winked

Madeline suppressed an eye roll "Reba, when you going to settle down? Don't you think it's about time? For Pete's sake you're almost fifty. What you need to do is find yourself a good man and settle down. To me you always seem you could have been one of those women who had some children, gotten married to a loving husband and some grandchildren by now."

Reba rolled her eyes at that thought she wasn't the settling down type but more of the love them for one night and leave them the next mornin' type "Forget it Madeline' I like my life how it is now. The only companion I need is my cat, she does it for me, and this discussion is over now will you excuse me"

The redhead walked back into her office and plopped herself down on her chair.

God, red, what were you thinking when you hired that man? That's right your damn hormones were in overdrive again. But god his behind was like a ripe little peach I just wanted to squeeze until he squirmed. And that smile of his that sexy, charming, domineering smile. Dear god I wanted to jump his bones.

Her heart was pounding in her chest trying her best to rid herself of his much flawless masculinity that was plastered inside her memory. How was she going to work with this man without wanting to pounce him or jump his bones every chance she saw him?