Running out of the restraunt as fast as her legs would take her; she'd search for her car within seconds and found it in between a black Cadillac and some sort of sports car in which she had no idea.

Deciding to drag her frustrations out on her vehicle she began scraping like a drunk with keys in her hands from being so upset and ending up with a few notable scrapes while trying to get it in the slot.


After missing the slot about the millionth time she finally managed and opens the car door as she yanked the thing open with a worn out hand.

Not as so much as looking back she feels the cold night air that awakens her and the sound of Brock's thick voice seducing her as he called for her. Only to ignore the tempting sound as she reminded herself of what he really thought of her.

Home wrecker

Without a second thought she slammed her car door shut and sped off into the blackness of the night letting Brock kiss her dust with little of no satisfaction.

One the way home she let go as she lost control and finally broke down with what was

what was left of her self-control Reba finally broke down the rest of the way home until she parked her car and unlocked the know as she threw them to the nearest surface before checking messages as the light blinked repeatedly on the machine.

Turns out it was her mama from Oklahoma calling again but unlike her usual calls this one sounded different, desperate even from the others, but Reba refuse to go into that again. Once was enough.

Unplugging the device in a haste the phone she threw it across the room and scratching noise left was left behind from her temper. Glaring at the electrical object before she heard the ding ding sound of her door being tapped on.

What now!" she growled under her breath while walking the short difference from her living room floor to the front door. With a swing of the door she was greeted with an all too familiar face.

"What do you want? Haven't you disgrace me enough for one day or wasn't that enough for you, hmm?"

"Look I know I acted like a complete moron and you have a right to slam this door on me whenever you want but please will you at least hear me out?" Brock pleaded with her to give him a chance, with his warm blue eyes.

Reba really tried hard not to but she melted inside his gaze. This had better be a damn good excuse, she thought to herself. After a second she nodded reluctantly but let him in anyways, his explanation had to be good for him to call her a tramp in front of everyone including her boss.

Leading him into her kitchen she pulled up a couple of chairs while she waited for him to take a seat and start explaining.

Brock gave her place a one over with a nod of approval as he took in her flustered face from being furious with him and he couldn't help but notice how stunning she looked when she was angry, sure he wasn't to thrilled it was at him but regardless at that stance she was still just as beautiful.

"Nice place you got here" He stalled and he knew with that look she was giving him he was caught in giving her bull-shit.

"Cut the crap and tell me what you came here to say" she tucked her arms underneath her chest as she gave him an unfriendly look.

With a gruff sigh he swept a unsteady hand through his sandy hair and took a seat, still looking at him in that blood thirsty way he swallowed hard and told her about his sister and how she literally fell apart when her marriage had ended to Jack.

Finding out he was cheating on her was even harder to digest, when all that time he'd called in saying he had to work late at the office when he was actually bonking some woman. Only it wasn't just any woman, it was his partner.

Reba swallowed, reaching out to his hand she had a new respect for the man even though there was still a hint of pain from what he said about her earlier when deep inside her closed off heart she liked the man more than she should.

Looking at the one he knew was responsible he no longer felt that pit fire anger towards her but rather a fire from a whole other dimension that seep deep inside making him ache inside for her in a very bad don't tell your mama kind of way.

After Reba ran out Petite Jacques' he walked backed to Dolly and not a minute later she turned from a sweet country lady with a nice set of melons to a protective mama defending her young. Five minutes into the lecture she calmed down and told him a little story about a certain middle aged redhead who he was in certain cohorts with and with the time she finished he was speechless. Dolly read it in his face and gave him the confidence he needed to chase her down and a half an hour later with the directions to her house he was no sooner knocking on her door.

Brock didn't know if it was the emotions of the last hour or what but he caught a glimpse of her usual sparkling blue eyes that shone with what only looked like the shinnying of tears.