Inspired by the upcoming photo shoot of Colin and Katie and Angel's upcoming show. Also just to mention I do not advocate smoking in any form. Umm I'm not sure if this is a T rating or M rating. But I don't think it's too explicit...I hope. Please tell me if I need to the change rating.

Bow Tie

Merlin stepped out of his red car with ease and removed his scarlet driving jacket, revealing his three piece suit of midnight black and a silk bow tie done up neatly around his neck.

He smoothly tipped the chalet driver, sliding a few notes into his breast pocket as he passed him the car keys and made his way to the hotel bar, The Green Knight. The doorman swung open the gold framed doors and gave Merlin a nod. He was a regular to the joint. He quickly manoeuvred his way around patrons, making his way to the upper floor where The Green Knight was located.

The Green Knight was relatively empty tonight. Usually it would be filled with a buzz of thirty separate conversations from the upper class clients who would stay at the hotel. But tonight it consisted with roughly about twenty odd attendees and the jazz band playing soft tunes on the stage. All were still dressed in their best finery of clean cut suits and elegant dresses. The women had their make up and hair all done up hoping to find someone for the night, while the men made sure their wallets and cigarettes were diminished by the end of it. Nevertheless the constant haze of tobacco smoke wafted around the room even with fewer patrons tonight.

Merlin craned his neck around and saw a familiar crown of blond hair by the bar (by that meaning his head was in the bar table). He headed towards bar and sat down on a stool next to the blond man.

"Hello Arthur," he greeted.

Arthur turned his head around and saw a blurry figure of black for a few seconds. After a moment his eyes finally readjusted themselves and saw his friend Merlin. He frowned. What was he doing here?

"Leave me alone Merlin," drawled Arthur and tried to wave him away.

Merlin took one quick glance at his friend and could see he was in a bad way. His jacket wasn't on and was lying on the floor beside him, his tie was undone, it laid hanging around his neck and his white shirt was stained in several places by what looked like wine and some other substance. It was unbuttoned, untucked and completely wrinkled. And the piece de resistance was that he had stubble forming on his face.

"How long have you been here Arthur?" asked Merlin.

Arthur mumbled something into the table which sounded something like 'go away Merlin'.

"Hmm judging by the amount of stubble on your chin, I guess two or three days," continued Merlin with mock thinking expression.

Before Merlin could continue he heard several heavy footsteps coming from the serving side of the bar and looked up from Arthur only to see a smiling bartender with brown wavy hair and beard. He wore a plain bartender's uniform complete with black apron and bow tie too.

"Hi Merlin, I see that you came to pick up Arthur who was left to his own devices of two days filled with drinking and moping around," said Gwaine as he poured Merlin's usual, a malt whisky.

"Thanks," replied Merlin as he picked up the glass and raised it to toast his friend and owner of the bar. He took a quick swig of the amber liquid, enjoying the burning sensation that ran down his throat.

"No problem." Gwaine picked up a tumbler and began polishing it. "So you know why he's like this?"

"I wouldn't have a clue. Haven't heard from him for about a week until you called up telling me he has been drinking for two days and nights straight. But thanks for that." Merlin finished his drink and placed the glass back on the bar.

"You know I'm still here you two," growled Arthur into the table. He turned the stool around and propped his elbows onto the bar and pushed himself up. He wobbled for a moment in which Merlin and Gwaine were prepared to catch him if he fell, but he didn't.

"So are you out of your drunken daze yet?" inquired Merlin.

Arthur didn't answer instead he used his foot to pick up his jacket from the floor and grab a cigarette from the inner pocket. He placed it in his mouth and lit with a lighter that was in the pocket too. He took one big drag and exhaled the smoke, watching it drift toward the ceiling.

"Am now."

"I see... and just to mention that stuff is disgusting. It's a dirty habit," commented Merlin.

"Hmmm what are you? My mother?" retorted Arthur as he took another drag. "Everyone does it."

"Probably am if I have to collect you from a bar after you spend two nights binging."

By this stage Gwaine had wandered off to serve more guests as he saw that the two of then seemed to be alright.

Merlin propped one elbow onto the bar table and leaned his head onto his open palm. "So why were you here for two nights and days?"

Arthur looked at him with his blue, bloodshot eyes surrounded by dark circles from the sleepless nights. "Wanted to get away," he answered simply.

"From what?"

"This Vivian girl, that is daughter of Olaf. She won't leave me alone and father's pressuring me to actually go out with her," he drawled.

"Olaf, as in the owner of Star News?"

Arthur nodded, making him look like he was about to fall asleep. "That's the one. Father thinks we could make a diplomatic alliance. Joining Camelot's Herald and Star News would mean our respective newspaper companies would essentially control all the information in the country."

"And that makes you drink yourself stupid for forty-eight hours? But isn't she the pretty blonde one? I thought that was your type?" questioned Merlin.

He rolled his eyes, "Maybe, if she wasn't such a flapper. I mean flappers are nice but she spends all her time out and doing god knows what and she still remains miraculously an airhead. Furthermore her father disapproves, so there is no point in the first place."

"Counter productive it appears. But I thought flappers were like bold, intelligent women?"

"That's what they are meant to be, but she isn't. Why can't I just find a nice girl who can hold five minutes of intelligent conversation with me and cook?"

Just before Merlin could answer with a smart ass comment, the man in the jazz band playing the saxophone stopped and spoke into the microphone, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen."

None of the patrons were paying attention except for a few which included Arthur and Merlin.

"I would like to introduce Guinevere Leondegrance our local jazz singer."

A beautiful, mocha skinned woman stepped out from the small stage and into the centre, where the light haloed her still curvaceous figure which was meant to be hidden by the straight cut purple dress. More people were paying attention now. Some male attendees even wolf whistled.

She ignored them and smiled gently. "Evening everyone," she spoke softly into the microphone, "My name is Guinevere Leondegrance but you can call me Gwen. I will sing for you tonight and hope you will enjoy it.

After that she inhaled and sang into the microphone loud and clearly. It was very different from her speaking voice. It was full of grace and confidence, the words weaving a spell and enrapturing her audience.

When she finished her first song Arthur motioned with his hand for Gwaine to come over.

"What can I get you boys now?" he grinned.

"A date with Guinevere Leondegrance," replied Arthur.

Merlin nearly spat out his whisky that was just refilled.

"Not sure about that one Pendragon. She's a reserved one that girl."

"I think I'll decide for myself when I speak with her. C'mon Merlin let's get a better seat closer to the stage."

"Nahh I think I'll stay here. Last time I joined you to pick up girls it nearly ended in disaster."

Arthur made a face, "That Merlin is because you have no skills in charming the ladies." He patted his friend on the back as he went for the closest seat near the stage, leaving Merlin alone with his jacket.


Soon as Arthur left, a person quickly took his seat and ordered a glass of gin. Merlin could tell it was a woman because of the feminine voice, but he paid it no mind.

That is until they patted him on the shoulder and asked, "Do you have a lighter with you? I'm dying for a smoke."

Merlin was about to reply no but he remembered that he had Arthur's jacket, so he dug into the pockets and retrieved the lighter. He turned around and saw the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on. She had her raven, black hair that was short and wavy (the new fashion fad that seemed to be going around) with a white hair ornament clipped in. Her skin was a silken ivory tone and her eyes were emerald green that were heavily outlined in an exotic manner with eyeliner and mascara. To top it off her lips were painted bright red. Overall it made her a very attractive and alluring woman.

"Actually, I do in fact," he managed to say.

She didn't reply since her cigarette attached to her intricate cigarette holder was already in her mouth. She leaned her head down, pointing the cigarette towards him as if expecting him to light it. To which Merlin went along with and lit the end of her cigarette.

The tip flared an amber orange. She inhaled, closing her eyes gently. Then with her delicate fingers held the the holder in a light grip and removed it, exhaling the smoke like a fine zephyr.

Merlin watched all of this intently whilst returning the lighter back into Arthur's jacket.

She opened her eyes, once again revealing her green eyes. "Thanks," she smiled and showing off her pearly, white teeth.

"No problems. It was my pleasure..."

"Morgana. Morgana Pendragon," she finished.

For the second time that night Merlin nearly spat out a gulp of his drink. He quickly swallowed it and sputtered out, "Pe-Pendragon?"

Gwaine came back with with a glass of gin and placed it in front of her, smiling with his most charming grin.

Morgana smiled meekly back but essentially ignored the rogue looking bartender. She picked up the glass, making the hanging white strings and black collar beading of her geometrically patterned dress jingle and took a large gulp out it. Nearly draining all the alcohol.

Merlin's eyes nearly bulged out. He had never seen a woman down such strong alcohol so voraciously.

"Yeah Pendragon. What's it to you...?" she eyed him inquisitively.

Merlin gulped, this woman was not only gorgeously beautiful but also very intimidating. "Merlin, Merlin Emrys."

Morgana almost smirked at the lanky man in front of her. He wasn't too bad to look at though. Thick, black hair, pale skin, ears that were a tad too big for his head but those were easily compensated with his azure eyes that were blue as sapphires.

"So what if I am a Pendragon Mr. Emrys?" She took another drag from her cigarette, waiting for his reply.

"Don't call me Mr. Emrys. It makes me sound old. Please call me Merlin. But you wouldn't be related to Arthur Pendragon by any chance would you Miss. Pendragon?"

Her eyes widened ever so slightly. "Don't call me Miss. Pendragon then and call me Morgana," she smiled wickedly and then continued with, "Ohh I know him. That bastard is my half-brother," she replied bluntly. She finished off her gin and placed the glass down. The edge of the glass was stained red from her lipstick, a perfect imprint of her full, sensual lips.

Merlin's eyes clearly widened with surprise. Arthur never mentioned anything about a half-sister. "Ohh I didn't know-"

"He had a half-sister," she cut him off, "Guess he never mentioned me then," and waved for a refill. Only this time she wasn't served by Gwaine but some other bartender.

"No, no he didn't."

"Didn't expect him too. Probably too scared to mention my name in front of Uther, who probably have a fit if he heard it. Though really I'm the bastard and he is the pretty boy everybody loves. But how do you know him Mr. Em- I mean Merlin," the name rolling of her tongue with ease.

"I work with him at Camelot Herald. Pfft pretty boy? Doesn't look like much of a pretty boy now," he gestured to a still very dishevelled Arthur in a seat at the front stage.

Morgana looked over Merlin's shoulder and saw her messy looking brother clapping and smiling for another song the pretty singer just finished.

She laughed at the unusual sight. Arthur was all unkempt yet he seemed perfectly content, a very peculiar thing for him to do. "Ohh I see. So what kept him looking like a newspaper boy for the past few days?" she asked.

Merlin listened to her melodic laugh and then quickly brought himself to reality when she asked him the question. "Apparently some marriage with Vivian of Star News Uther's pressuring him into."

She laughed again, "Ohhohoho, poor Arthur. I would do the same too if were to forced to marry that little bitch."

"I suppose." Merlin was unsure how to react to Morgana's way of talking. He was usually accustomed to talking with more dainty and gentle women like Freya or even his mother. But Morgana on the other hand spoke with her mind. It was blunt with straight forward honesty.

"So is there any reason why Uther would have a fit if Arthur ever mentioned you in front of him? I've known the guy for quite a few years and never heard of you Miss Pendragon."

"Morgana, please Merlin," she requested. "Ohh I did something along the lines of run away and apparently disgraced the Pendragon name in a way. But I don't really care. The old man should get with the times."

"Disgraced the Pendragon name?"

"Yes, something like that. Same problem as Arthur actually. Except for I dealt with it but running away on my wedding day and leaving my future husband at the altar." She took another breath from her cigarette and exhaled the scented smoke. It was the expensive kind, the type that was was flavoured to hide the normal tobacco scent.

"I see." Merlin really had no clue how to talk this alluring and very independent woman.

"Well, my apparent would be husband, was ten years older than me and was no fun what so ever. So I ran away to the States and made myself a living there as a fashion designer. Uther tried so hard to make me come back, saying that I wouldn't be able to look after myself. Really I think he didn't want to disappoint my fiance," she sneered the last word with distaste. "In the end I think he gave up and disowned me. Probably to ashamed of having a bastard daughter like me. But as you can see I'm perfectly capable looking after myself."

"You obviously are doing well. But if you are so content, why return to little old London?"

Morgana looked directly at Merlin, her green eyes piercing his blue ones and said, "Thought I should settle down now."

Merlin was trying not to falter under her penetrating gaze but it was so close to failing when she said that. Did it suddenly feel hotter in the room? Maybe he should take off his jacket.

"What's wrong with the men in the States then?" he managed to say after a moment.

She looked at the tall, lanky man next her and observed his cheeks become a little more pink and ears steadily going red and definitely didn't appear to be caused by the alcohol noted Morgana. Nonetheless, she found it amusing.

"I don't know. Just don't like them. I mean, I'm nearly twenty-four and all of my friends are married with little ones. While I seem to be the ugly duckling in the group with no man with me."

"You're not ugly, you're quite beautiful really," stated Merlin as it slipped out of his mouth.

Morgana blushed immediately at the compliment and watched Merlin's face become even more red, probably even competing with her lipstick if that were possible.

Obviously the compliment, genuine as it was, was not meant to be actually said.

"Well thank you Merlin," she smiled brightly at the charming man next to her.

"You're welcome," he grinned as he played with the tumbler in front of him. Why was he becoming so much bolder now? Damn whisky!

"So Merlin, tell me a little about yourself since you seem to know my life story now."

Merlin stopped playing with the glass. "My life isn't as eventful as yours I'm sorry to say."

"That's a good thing then. Stability is nice. But go on, you owe me Mr. Emrys," she teased, her mouth curving upwards.

"Merlin please," he reminded, "Well I grew up in a country town. It was only my mother and I since my Father died in the Great War."

"I sorry to hear that," said Morgana apologetically.

"It's ok. He died for our country and as a hero, " he said solemnly and then continued, "When I was sixteen my mother sent me to London to live with her brother, my Uncle Gaius, saying I was destined for greater things instead of being stuck in a little, old, rural town."

"So I suppose that's how you met dear old Arthur?"

"Yeah something like that. Finished my schooling, went to Cambridge University."

"So you're one of those intellectual types?" interrupted Morgana.

"You can say that, but I don't really feel like one most of the time. And definitely not in Arthur's eyes at least. But anyway I managed to find a job as Arthur's personal assistant at the Camelot Herald."

Morgana snorted in a very unlady-like manner, but was completely unashamed of it, "Well that's very unusual for a man to have a male assistant. I bet there were all sorts of rumours going around."

Merlin laughed, a sense of nostalgia came over him. His first few weeks as Arthur's assistant was a nightmare. "Only too true, but apparently he kept having flings with his all previous female assistants and Uther hired me to be his new one in order to dissuade the prat from such uncomely ways. Or so he said to me."

She laughed heartily. It was so Uther-like to think of such an idea. "I bet he was a prat indeed."

"Prat with a capital P. I was treated like a slave for the first couple of weeks but when I saved him from public humiliation it lessened...somewhat. Still a slave though, but I'm the one pretty much editing all the papers and running the company when he can't be bothered. And the pay ain't so bad."

"That's good then. Hey, why don't we head for the balcony for some fresh air? It's getting a little stuffy in here don't you think?" suggested Morgana as she finished her cigarette and placed the expensive looking holder back into her purse.

"Sure," agreed Merlin. He collected Arthur's jacket and swung it over his shoulder. While his other arm presented itself to Morgana.

Morgana lips formed a wide smile as she looped her arm through his as they head for the balcony. On their way they past the cloak room and gave the attendant Arthur's jacket to look after.


When the reached the balcony they realised it was blocked off for repairs.

"Any ideas Miss. Pendragon?" asked Merlin as the two of them stood in front of the repair boundary.

"Please Merlin, Morgana is alright. No need to be formal if I must remind you."

"Sorry Morgana, my mother made sure I was raised with good manners when talking to ladies," he said mildly.

"She must be a fine woman then."

"She is indeed."

Then an idea struck Morgana."Do you play pocket billiards?"

"As in pool billiards?"

"Yes, I must have been in the States far too long to get the names mixed."

"Sure, I think of myself a decent shot at the game."

"Then it's perfect then. We'll play a game in the billiards room to pass the time."

Morgana looped her arm with Merlin's and lead him to the billiards room. It was dimly lit and empty. Which was uncommon but since the rest of the joint was, it shouldn't have been unexpected.

Morgana closed the door in hope that this room would stay smoke free for the time being and set up the table. She then passed Merlin a cue stick as she collected her own.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"I suppose it's ladies first," suggested Merlin.

"Really? If so, don't go easy on me," she smirked.

"I don't plan too."

Morgana bent down, the beads on her dress jingling again and hit the white billiard ball into the triangle of billiards, causing them to go scatter across the table.

"Your turn." Morgana took a step back from the table.

Merlin quickly analysed the billiard balls and went for the easiest one. He tapped the ball and it potted itself easily. He looked at Morgana with a small smile to which she raised an eyebrow quizzically. She too did the same and her ball went into the hole.

It went on like that for a while. The shots steadily became more difficult but they remained mostly silent during that time, neither wanting to lose the game. That is until Merlin managed to do a combination shot and getting three of his billiard balls potted. He grinned at Morgana triumphantly since he had only one more billiard to go before the black one.

"Show off," she commented and then smiled wickedly. Placing her singular ball in the pot.

"Not showing off, just planning to win. I said I wouldn't go easy on you remember?"

"That I do."

Merlin analysed carefully how to play the ball. When he decided the method he took off his suit jacket and rolled up his shirt sleeves up so he friction of his shirt would not mess up his aim, if his arm were to accidentally make contact with the table. He put his eye down to the billiard level to get a better. But sadly... or maybe not so sadly Morgana lowered herself down too on the other side of the table to see how he was going to do this shot.

Thus as a result of this he was given a rather interesting view of her cleavage just as he tapped the ball. But seeing her elegantly curved breasts made his hand-eye coordination abandon him and causing Merlin to slip and strike the ball with the side of the cue stick, making the ball go a totally different direction.

"Well that was a fail wasn't it?" she patronised, her red lips smiled teasingly. "And I thought you were going to get it. Oh well foul for you and a free shot for me."

Merlin shook his head in an attempt to clear the image. "It happens," he flustered.

Morgana's next two shots were perfect, making her even with Merlin. "Catching up to you," she cheered.

"So you would like to think," he replied as he placed his final ball in. It was only the black billiard ball to go now.

Morgana's next shot ended in a foul. Leaving Merlin two opportunities to win the game.

"Sorry Morgana, but I don't think you'll be catching up to me now."

Merlin bent down to pot the final billiard ball. He stood up and straightened himself only to not see Morgana on the opposite side of the pool table but on his side right next to him.

"Hmm I don't think I would be now," she smirked pressing her body flushed against his.

Merlin raised an eyebrow. "You do know by doing this your submitting yourself for another foul."

She chuckled, "I know, but I already lost the game but I can win another one." Her hand trailed from where his belly button was to his chest, sending Merlin's nerves into a frenzy, even though his vest and shirt separated his skin from her hand.

"Re-really? And what game may that be?" he hesitantly asked, trying to ignore the single, manicured finger that was tracing circles on his chest. The place where only his shirt was the barrier.

"Ohh I think you know what game that may be Mr. Emrys."

"Oh really? Prove it to me Miss. Pendragon," he asked huskily and smiled in a very roguish way. Dear god, was this woman placed here on Earth to to tease him to death?

"I plan to, because I have caught up to your lips."

With that last word Morgana captured Merlin's lips. Pressing her soft, red stained lips against his. The feeling was an explosion of sensory overload.

Morgana pressed herself closer to Merlin and wrapped her arms tight around his neck. Enjoying the sensation of skin on skin. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifting her up while their mouths were still locked. She wrapped her bare legs around his waist and ran her hand through his surprisingly thick and coarse hair, dragging her nails through his scalp. Merlin hoisted her up onto the pool and pressed himself onto her, one hand running through her silken locks which revealed to be a lot longer than the wavy bob and removing the white ornament.

Morgana managed to get her tongue into his mouth and made these soft, sensual moans from the pleasure his tongue gave to hers. It was was driving him mad. He managed to free one of his hands and trailed it up her bare leg and onto her thigh. Morgana arched her body in response, hoping to receive more contact. She untangled a hand from his hair and quickly removed his bow tie and casually throwing it to the side. Merlin realised what she was doing and he tried to unbutton his vest, but he was pretty hopeless at it. Frankly, Morgana appeared to not to be and made quick work with his vest and shirt buttons. Her hands explored his toned chest (which was surprising for his lanky figure), feeling every pane of muscle, every strand of hair and leaving tendrils of fire across him.

They managed to separate the mouths for an instant but Merlin reconnected them, gently dragging his lips across her lower lip, teasing her as his hands ran up her dress and onto her belly and beyond. His lips made their way onto her collar bone, his tongue licking it.

From that single touch Morgana elicited, "Merlin!" into his thick hair

He continued kissing her, leaving feathery touches on her neck and daring to go lower murmuring her name as she tried to bring them even closer. Her dress was restricting the contact the both wanted. Morgana squirmed a bit, trying to wriggle out of her dress. Merlin soon realised what she was doing and tried to help her, brushing his finger tips across her ivory skin making him feel even more aroused if that were even possible.

Just as the nearly managed to get her dress off, the door creaked open and a cleaner entered the room. The pair quickly froze and tried to separate themselves as they saw the cleaner. The cleaner looked up from their broom and saw a nearly half naked couple making out, and perhaps more on the pool table. She yelped and made a hasty exit from the room.

Merlin and Morgana regained their senses and separated. Morgana pulling her dress back on and Merlin buttoning his shirt and vest back together.

"Oh I'm so sorry," Merlin apologised, "I should really get going." He grabbed his jacket and made his way out of the room too, before Morgana could say anything.


Merlin walked to The Green Knight while trying to straighten his suit up and smooth out his hair. He was still processing what had happened moments ago. What had just happened? Ok, he met a gorgeous woman named Morgana at the bar who claimed to be Arthur's half-sister. Huh? For all he knew that could have been a total lie. Arrggh! The whisky must have addled his brains. Then they shared their apparent life stories, played pool and nearly had sex on the pool table if it weren't for the cleaner!

What was wrong with him? He wasn't this type of man. But then he remembered her touches and they set feelings of passion through his veins. He shivered at the thought.

Merlin would have still been thinking about his encounter with the alluring woman if he didn't bump into a person at the front of the cloak room.

"Ahh Merlin! Where have you been?" exclaimed Arthur, who was no longer in a drunken stupor and was wearing his jacket.

Before Merlin could reply he realised that Arthur was joined by the mocha skinned beauty who was singing in the bar. Arthur's arm was wrapped possessively around her waist too, he noted.

"Ohh yes, Guinevere this is Merlin Emrys and Merlin this is Guinevere Leondegrance. You know, the absolutely talented and beautiful singer at the bar," he continued.

"Hello Mr. Emrys, nice to meet you," she greeted meekly.

"Merlin, please. Pleasure to meet you too Miss. Leondegrance."

"Gwen please then. Though Arthur here insist on calling me Guinevere."

Merlin laughed much to Arthur's distaste, "This one is a bit of a clotpole, thinking hurts his brains I believe."

Gwen giggled, raising her hand to cover her mouth. She was indeed a dainty and reserved lady. A very accurate description from Gwaine.

"So Merlin what's with all the red on your mouth?" asked Arthur trying to direct the conversation away from insulting him.

"Huh?" Merlin rubbed his mouth and looked at his hand, it was stained with red lipstick.

"Umm nothing," he answered, "Did you know Arthur that-"

"Nothing aye? So where's your bow tie too?" he waggled his brows and grinned like the Cheshire cat.

Merlin's hand reached for his collar and felt nothing. He realised that he left his bow tie in the billiards room.

"Hey Arthur!" called out the familiar and melodic voice.

Arthur's eyes widened and and jaw dropped. "Morgana?"

Merlin turned around and saw Morgana walking towards them. She looked perfectly neat and orderly. Her make up wasn't smudged, her red lipstick was perfect and eyeliner, exotic as ever. Everything was in place, as if nothing happened only minutes ago.

The two rushed at each other and hugged. She was telling the truth after all. Leaving Merlin shocked and Gwen wary about the new woman.

Arthur brought Morgana over to them and introduced her, "Merlin, Gwen this is my dear half-sister Morgana Pendragon. She has been currently living in the States until now, so that's why I haven't mentioned her," he said, though the last part directly to Merlin. "So Morgana, why are you here in London instead of New York? Did Father accept you back?"

"Hah! As if Arthur. Actually I'm looking for a husband," she laughed, her eyes glittering.

"That's quite a quest," commented Gwen, now relaxed around Morgana.

"It is indeed. Oh Merlin, here you forgot your bow tie in the billiards room." She opened her purse and retrieved his black, silk bow tie and gave it to him.

Merlin picked it from her hands, touching it incidentally and sending a spark of electricity between the two.

Morgana looked at him with knowing eyes and smiled wickedly at him, "Don't forget your things next time ok."

Arthur and Gwen looked at the brief exchange between Merlin and Morgana. Even with a brain like Arthur's, he could put two and two together and deduct what had occurred. He looked at Merlin with a furious expression, "Next time? MERLIN! What have you been doing with my sister?"

Merlin took one glance at Arthur's angry face and bolted, running for exit of the hotel. He felt a delicate hand latch onto his wrist. He turned his head and saw Morgana running with him, her face pulled into an expression of glee.

"I'll remember to collect all my things next time," he gasped while he pushed the hotel door open before the doorman reacted and called for his car.

In less that thirty seconds his red car, the same shade of red as Morgana's lipstick, arrived right in front of him. Merlin looked behind him to see Arthur still weaving through the people and Gwen walking in a more dignified way. He generously tipped the chalet driver and hopped into his car. The passenger door swung open and Morgana got into the seat and slammed the door.

She grinned at him and said, "But I quite like your bow tie."

This was met with a grin of his own, "You can have it if you want."

"I like it more if it was on you."

"You can have it that way then."

Merlin revved the engine of his car and sped out of the hotel driveway with Morgana laughing by his side.


Author's Notes: Hmmm, I liked doing this era, was quite amusing to type up and visualise (though the making out part honestly sounds like a load of waffle to me, I'm honestly no good at it). I must admit that I think I ended up dragging it for a bit. Constructive criticism would be good for that. Hope you enjoyed it though. Please leave a review if you did.

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