Reid sighed dejectedly as he pulled another case file towards him and began to feverishly write down his thoughts on the Unsub's patterns and behaviours. It seemed like he had been in the bullpen at the B.A.U's headquarters in Quantico for hours. The last four cups of coffee he'd consumed hadn't helped to keep his eyes open. Wiping his hand across his eyes as if to wash away the tiredness, Reid continued to write, only glancing at the clock once, registering that it was gone 11o'clock at night.

He'd been stuck in the office after wrapping up the latest case JJ had sent them and he still hadn't finished his part of the case report. Reid rubbed his eyes again and stared down at the papers in front of him, letting his thoughts drift back to the past few days. A truly exhausting and terrifying case, Reid still wasn't sure if he could close his eyes without seeing the dead girl's mutilated corpse lying in the middle of the nursery. The signs had all pointed to a sadistic killer with a penchant for pretty young girls and horrifying love of torture.

Reid shook his head in an effort to clear the disturbing images from his mind. It amazed him after all his time spent with the B.A.U how truly evil the human mind could be. Was it an inherent ability passed down through genetics? Reid wondered. Or merely a malfunction with the human brain? After all only 10% of the human brain had been mapped so perhaps there was something in that. Reid sniffed derisively. No. If anything, his time spent at the B.A.U had taught him people did these things because they wanted to, not through any mental malfunction or genetics. Maybe that was just it. Evil did exist and Reid had faced it head on time and again.

Sighing again Reid stretched and glanced at the clock again, noting that a good hour and 45 minutes had passed. He debated about brewing a fresh batch of coffee and finishing up the last part of his report, almost immediately dismissing the idea. The report could wait until tomorrow. For now he would shut down his computer and go home for some much needed rest. Replacing the cap on his pen, Reid moved the file to the side of his desk and laid the pen on top. Turning to his computer he was startled to see he'd received an e-mail. Clicking on the inbox Reid read the subject line.

"Wiltshire Police – B.A.U assistance requested" Frowning Reid clicked on the message. Wiltshire Police? Wasn't that somewhere in England? Why was an English Police force getting in touch with the B.A.U or sending him e-mails for that matter?

To: Dr_Spencer_

From: .uk

Re: Wiltshire Police – B.A.U assistance requested

Dear Dr Reid,

My name is Detective Inspector Matthew Outten and I'm with the Homicide Division of Hampshire Police. I was given your name by a colleague of mine who is well versed in your work. I write in regards to several homicides that have taken place with the Hampshire and West Dorset borders.

The media has named this particular individual "The Occultist" due to the nature of these crimes. Perhaps you may have heard of this? My colleagues and I are at a loss and urgently request the B.A.U's assistance in bringing the perpetrator to justice. I enclose all relevant documentation pertaining to the case and would appreciate your response as urgently as possible.

Yours sincerely,

DI Outten

Reid raised an eyebrow. It wasn't unusual for police departments across the US to request help from the B.A.U or for them to go in once state lines had been crossed, but this was England. A whole other country. Surely they had the equivalent over there to the B.A.U?

Reid noticed the attached documents. Photos flashed up from every crime scene from "The Occultist" and Reid's eyes widened. Suddenly he was wide awake and reaching for the phone on his desk and frantically dialling Aaron Hotchner's number. After 3 rings Hotch picked up.

"Hotch. It's Reid." Reid spoke without waiting for Hotch to talk. "We've got a case. It's in England. You need to come in right away." There was a beat and then Hotch replied. "I'll be right in." With that Reid put the phone down and then began calling the rest of the team in. It seemed like he wouldn't be getting any sleep for a while yet, he thought ruefully whilst speaking to JJ.