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Chapter 3

Harry stared out of his bedroom window at Number 12 Grimmauld Place morosely. Eight months had passed since the Battle of Hogwarts and things still hadn't gone quite back to normal. Hogwarts was still in the process of being rebuilt after the destruction that had been wrought upon the ancient castle and Harry missed it more than anything in the world. Even with magic, it was still taking time to be rebuilt and the Magiveyors hadn't been able to get in and properly review the magics still holding the majority of the building up. There was still the massive amount of rubble to contend with, not to mention taking stock of the damage the castle had sustained.

It had been a hard eight months, Harry reflected. Not one moment had been spared. Nearly every week there had been somebody's funeral to attend or to arrange. Death Eater trials had been postponed until most of the funerals had taken place out of respect to the families of the deceased. The Ministry of Magic itself had undergone a complete staff overhaul – bearing in mind that nearly half had been Death Eaters or sympathisers. No one wanted even one member of Voldemort's Dark Army in charge.

The remaining members of the Order of the Phoenix had been working hard hunting down Death Eaters still at large. Professor McGonagall herself had taken nearly two months off from supervising the restoration and rebuilding of the school to help with the Post-War effort.

Nor indeed had Harry, Ron and Hermione had any rest before they were plunged mercilessly back into the limelight, following their defeat of the Darkest wizard of all time.

Harry was now employed part-time as a Field Auror, often sent with teams to capture remaining Death Eaters. Ron, like-wise, was also employed as a Strategist and Defence Consultant. Hermione, after locating her parents in Australia and lifting the Memory Charm she'd placed on them, had returned and been offered a position with the Aurors based on her knowledge and expertise in the field. However she'd turned it down in favour of the safer, less dramatic title of Head Researcher and Comprehensive Spellwork Consultant.

On top of these newly acquired jobs (part-time only Hermione had insisted), they still had Seventh year NEWTs to study for and sit through. "We missed a WHOLE YEAR!" Hermione had wailed when the two boys had argued against returning to school. Ron was in particular anxious to start work. Harry, on the other hand was inclined to feel more receptive to returning to school after the year they'd had, going on the run, hunting down Horcruxes, killing Voldemort. He was rather looking forward to going back to Hogwarts and having a normal year at school without someone trying to kill him.

At least one thing had changed, Harry smiled. He and Ginny were back together and taking it slow, although Harry'd been sneaking peeks at engagement rings in the catalogues Fleur'd secretly Owled over. He planned to ask Ginny to marry him after they graduated. The Weasley's would no doubt be overjoyed – Fred's death had hit them all hard, George in particular. He'd taken to staying at the shop most nights, not even returning when tempted with his mother's treacle pudding. To everyone's surprise it had been Percy who'd managed to drag him out of the misery and turn him back into the semblance of his old self.

Harry jumped as he heard the bedroom door wrenched open and bang against the wall loudly. He watched as Ron stomped angrily into the room, a copy of the Daily Prophet clenched in his hand. Hermione followed in her boyfriend's wake.

"Have you seen this?" Ron snarled throwing the paper down on the bed beside Harry. Harry looked at Hermione perturbed, one eyebrow raised in silent question. Hermione just nodded her head at the paper. Intrigued Harry answered "No. What's up?" and picked up the paper, scanning the front page. His eyebrows rose into his hairline. There was a large colour photograph of what was obviously a Muggle scene. It showed a room with a large blank square in the middle, covering what Harry supposed was a body, crime scene tape covering the doorway, Muggle police officers stood around the square, gesticulating wildly. Above the square was a large portrait of a skull with a snake protruding from its mouth.

The headline screamed "Dark Mark Over Murdered Muggleborn – Sixth Body Found!" Harry quickly skimmed over the rest of the article with growing alarm. It detailed how six Muggleborn Hogwarts students had been found in the last six days brutally murdered, pictures of the Dark Mark pinned above their heads. Harry's mouth dropped open and he looked back at the other two, shock on his face.

"How are we now finding this out? Surely McGonagall'd-?"

"McGonagall told Kingsley to keep it quiet," Hermione answered, taking a seat on the bed. "Didn't want to create a panic. Kingsley agreed to keep it out of the press."

"But how'd it get out?" Harry asked looking from Ron back to Hermione. Ron took a seat on Harry's other side. "Only problem was," he continued, propping his feet on the wooden bed frame, arms resting on his knees. "Kingsley's office was ransacked two days ago and the file containing the information was stolen. Less than 24 hours ago the story was sold to the Daily Prophet and voila! News story for the front page." Ron finished disgustedly. Harry shot a bemused look at Hermione."Voila?" he questioned. She waved her hand dismissively. "Fleur's been spending a lot of time at The Burrow with Victoire recently." Harry nodded in understanding.

"So okay. Kingsley's probably spitting mad about this right? How do you guys know about this?" At this both Ron and Hermione's faces looked guilty and Ron looked shiftily away. Harry sighed. "Alright. What did you do?"

Hermione answered. "We may have been listening at the door when McGonagall came to talk to Kingsley earlier." She fidgeted as she spoke.

"Extendable Ears?" Harry asked. She nodded. "Alright. So what are they doing about it? I mean some nutter's going about offing Muggleborns, somebody's be out searching right?"

Ron scowled. "Well that's just it. According to Kingsley, there was far too much Muggle police on every crime scene for the Aurors to properly investigate and as it falls somewhat into Muggle jurisdiction, they can't send too many Aurors out."

Hermione intervened. "Not to mention the fact that the Muggles have brought in the Behavioural Analysis Unit from America, which means even more Muggles tramping over the crime scene and destroying any potential magical evidence."

Harry snorted. "Can't imagine Kingsley's too happy about that. Behavioural Analysis Unit? Think I've heard of them. Don't they have some right famous genius doctor on their team?" Hermione nodded. "Dr Spencer Reid. I've read some of his work – very interesting stuff."

Ron looked confused and frustrated. "Can someone please explain what the bloody hell the Behavioural Analysis Unit actually is please?" he burst out, irritated.

"Oh right!" Hermione rushed to explain. Ron nodded after the explanation. "So they investigate nutters of the serial kind and study them?" Ron shook his head. "Mental. Hang on – how do you know this?" Hermione looked down at her hands. "I may have duplicated Kingsley's file when he wasn't looking." She said primly. Both Harry and Ron let out barks of laughter. "Excellent!" Harry laughed, slapping Ron's hand in a high five. "So what are we going to do then?" he asked looking expectantly at the pair of them. If he knew Hermione and Ron as well as he did, then they'd want to do a bit of poking around, he suspected. Ron looked at him and then back at Hermione. "Poke around?" he said when he saw the determined set of his girlfriend's eyes. Harry stood and retrieved his wand from his bedside table. "Well, I guess we're going to poke around then?" he said, pulling Hermione to her feet.

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