She couldn't remember how long it had been; how much time had passed. Watching over him [in this case, them] was all she could do. And all she had done for the last hundreds of years. She had to make sure that he was safe—or as safe as he could be.

He could take care of himself; she knew that better than most. He'd taken care of her, too. Worrying in his quiet apathetic-like manner, it seemed like he didn't care—but he actually did. She missed the feel of his arms around her.

It wasn't an enveloping warmth like most would assume, but his skin was cool [it had always been cool, even before Heike turned him into an undead]. It felt like how water would embrace you [funny, because he did control water]. She missed that. She missed him. He was so close but so far.

Yukihina rarely showed emotion, even when he was "alive." But when the subtle signs of a smile came out, it was more than enough. She understood that smile. That soft, ethereal smile that he gave her made her feel more accomplished than anything would ever. That smile that he'd reserved only for her.

When he smiled that smile, as she watched, she wondered if he was thinking of her.

She'd seen the things [and people] that happened in his life, now. Like Code: Seeker, whom he had looked up to and respected, she too had slowly respected the man. The man who had known she was there and watching over Yukihina.

She remembered that instance when Code: Seeker had called out to her,

"I know you're there. You watch over Yukihina, yes?" She had been shocked beyond belief that someone had known she was there. "You needn't be afraid. I just needed to know your purpose." She told him who she was and what she had been doing. Making sure that nothing happened to Yukihina. He couldn't hear her, couldn't see her, and couldn't sense her. They were destined to be apart. Code: Seeker listened to her story, her woes, and her sorrow. She respected the man for listening to her and vowing to protect Yukihina.

Yukihina had always been strong—he still is. She believed in him to protect himself [not that he needed much, since he couldn't die]. She believed in him, mostly, not to forget her: the fleeting moments that they shared, so long ago. No matter how much time had passed—even though she was dead—she trusted him to remember and honor her memory.

He had many, many more battles to fight. She would see through all of them, watching him. She couldn't do anything for him. But she would send her prayers, and her love—and somehow she wished that they would reach him; that they would somehow reach out and touch his soul. That somehow, he would know that she was there and watching over him.

She would not rest until he did. She would not sleep, so long as he was awake. It remained the same to this day.

She would wait for him, watch over him and relentlessly love him as a ghost of years past. It was not that she wouldn't stop; it was that she couldn't stop loving him—even if she tried.

Ah, boohoo. It's an OC, so sue me. I should be writing that KHR story, bleh. I'm a drifter, and that has a special plot, yeah. Just a little one shot, haha. The "she" here is supposedly Yukihina's lover, I guess. And she died but still watches over him. Sorry if it doesn't really flow. I just thought that whoever lives forever must've left some important people behind. I wrote this in under 10 minutes, pardon the suckiness.