Chapter Five
"I was worried about you."

Russia didn't speak for a long time, giving China time to get good and riled up about not receiving an answer, and looked down at his lap.

"I was worried about you." He admitted faintly, mumbling so lowly China had to strain to hear him. His lavendar eyes glanced toward the open window, eying the frigid seasonal weather dubiously, and he suddenly got up and closed the window.

"'Worried'?" China repeated, questions rising in his mind instantly. "Why?"

"Why not?" Russia side-stepped the question a little, still not looking at him, and China was tempted to join him where he stood and stared out the window. "My sister is the reason you are injured, da? I feel..." China didn't need to see Russia's face to know that it was contorting as he tried to find the right words to say; he touched his chest. "I am responsible."

"No," China said seriously, "you just said your sister was at fault. She's not yor responsibility anymore... she is her own country and her own person." China looked down at his own hands and imagined briefly that he could see scars made trying to hold onto Japan and his siblings. They had fought for so long and the family had been divided for even longer, but China dismissed the idea and flexed his unmarred hands once. "You cannot hold onto them forever..."

"Yao?" China jumped as Russia was suddenly at his bedside, kneeling to look up into his eyes. He had bowed his head, letting his bangs fall in his face, and China blushed when Russia's big hands tenderly tucked them back. "You are good, da? Should I be calling the nurse?"

"I'm fine," China told him, sitting up and leaning away from the large hands. Russia's anxious eyes followed his every move and, infurited by the ardent attention, he tried the slight smile that always assured Mei that things were alright. To his surprise, the towerign nation relaxed visibly, his shoulder's dropping, and he returned the smile with a soft, sad one of his own.

Had China smiled like that?

"Good," Russia said again, restign his chin on the edge of the bed and closing his eyes. "I was worried about you, Yao."


A/N: I am so sorry! I realized that I left it on a cliff-hanger and felt really bad for just abandoning this like a toy boat in the ocean! TT^TT I hope it wasn't too terrible. I've fallen out fo the Hetalia fandom and into KHR!