Taking Chances


Chapter One – Think Twice

Draco Malfoy and his best friend Blaise Zabini walked down the high street of Diagon Alley. They were both on their lunch breaks and had decided to go grab something to eat and Draco had promised he'd pick up a book for his mother from the local book store.

Both Draco and Blaise worked for Malfoy Holding's; Draco's family business. Blaise worked in the law department while Draco was the second in command to his father Lucius Malfoy. One day, Malfoy Holding's would be his and if he had a son it would then be passed down to him.

They were both dressed in smart grey wizardry suits. Draco wore a white shirt under his suit while Blaise went for a black shirt. Now both at the age of twenty-three they towered over most people. Draco was six foot three while Blaise was slightly taller by an inch or so. The two of them together were a force to be reckoned with; girls walked past and blushed and giggled while guys walked past feeling intimidated. Draco and Blaise loved the attention, every Slytherin did and they wanted everyone to know who they were and how powerful they were.

As they reached the bottom end of Diagon Alley, Draco pulled Blaise into Flourish and Blotts Bookseller and went straight up to the desk to get his mother's book. The sales assistant blushed when she realised she was serving Draco and then went off in search for the book.

'I hate this shop.' Blaise grumbled. 'It reminds me of starting Hogwarts and being dragged in here by my mother to get all my books.'

'We'll only be here for a few minutes Blaise.' Draco said complaining about Blaise's grumbling as he leant against the front desk waiting for the girl to come back.

'Why couldn't your mother pick up her book? She comes to Diagon Alley shopping practically every day doesn't she?' Blaise said as he walked up to a bookcase and looked through some books.

'She's away in Milan at the moment and she wanted it at home when she gets home.' Draco replied as he looked at Blaise. 'Father will be joining her in Milan tonight so I have the Manor to myself.'

'So, drinks at yours then.' Blaise said with a smile. 'I believe we still have that bottle of whisky to finish from last time.'

'I finished that ages ago but I'm sure we'll have some more.' Draco said as he saw the sales assistant come back.

'I'm sorry Mr. Malfoy I can't find it right now but I have my manager searching for it right now. Could you wait another two minutes?' She said nervously.

'Fine.' He replied as he looked at the girl with his grey eyes which made her shiver.

Draco loved how he made women feel, it made him feel on top of the world when a woman merely shivered when he looked at them. He knew his blonde hair made most women swoon and his grey eyes were irresistible.

'Got it?' Blaise said as Draco joined him at bookcase.

'No, they can't seem to find it so they are having the manager looking for it. I better not have to come back tomorrow.' Draco replied as he sat down on one the arm chairs in the shop.

As Draco sat down on the sofa, Blaise joined him. Draco took about his Wizard Mobile which only rich Wizards could get their hands on and checked through some work while Blaise looked around the store at people. Blaise looked to the back of the store where he noticed someone the thought he knew.

'Draco.' He said quietly as he nudged him with his elbow.

'What?' Draco said as he put his Wizard Mobile down and looked at Blaise. 'What is it Blaise?'

'Hermione Granger.' Blaise replied as he motioned his eyes towards her.

Stood at the back of the store looking at a bookcase of books was Hermione Granger. She stood with her back towards them and all they could see were her unruly curls which came half way down her back. She was wearing muggle clothes; jeans and a simple blue and white stripped top with a grey cardigan over the top.

'I thought she moved away.' Blaise said as he looked at Draco. 'That's what she said wasn't it?'

'I think so.' He said as he stared at Hermione.

Draco and Hermione had history, a history that you couldn't erase. After the war, a few seventh years who didn't finish the year went back. Draco and Blaise went back as did Hermione. Hermione was the only Gryffindor to go back while Draco and Blaise were the only Slytherins. Over the first few months at Hogwarts, Draco and Hermione called a truce and then from there they started a romance.

Their relationship was kept between the two of them at first. They would spend most of their evenings alone in either the library of Hermione's bedroom as she had her own private room. By the end of the year, Hermione and Draco were inseparable however they knew that making their relationship public wouldn't be the best thing so they kept it quiet and continued to see each other in the muggle world whenever they could.

Although they kept their relationship to themselves and only a few people knew, Draco's parents found out and his Father was not pleased. His Father gave him an ultimatum to either finish his relationship with Miss Granger or be cut off and Draco left Hermione.

That was nearly four months ago and Draco hadn't seen Hermione since. When he had broken up with her Hermione was heartbroken as was he but he hid it well. He threw himself into work while Hermione moved to America to study, however it didn't work out and Hermione was back.

'Maybe she didn't like it.' Blaise said as he looked at Hermione.

'Maybe.' Draco said as he went back to his Wizard Mobile.

'Draco.' Blaise said urgently as he nudged Draco again.

'What now Blaise?' Draco said as he put his Mobile down.

'She's pregnant look!' Blaise said as they both turned to look at Hermione who was now facing them with her head in a book.

The two men looked at Hermione's stomach which was slightly protruding; she was definitely pregnant and by the way she rested her hand on her stomach definitely gave it away. Her figure was the same as always Draco thought however her stomach was more rounded.

'How far along do you think she is?' Draco asked Blaise.

'I don't know.' Blaise said as he looked at Draco. 'I'm not a woman.'

'She looks at least a few months?' Draco questioned.

'Are you thinking that's yours?' Blaise said as he looked at Draco.

'Yes.' He replied as he stood up. 'I need to talk to her.'

'Mr. Malfoy I have your book.' The sales assistant said as she came rushing towards him.

As the sales assistant shouted his name, Hermione looked up from her book and stood in shock at seeing Draco. She dropped the books she was holding and quickly bent down to put them back and then rushed out of the store holding onto her stomach as if she was scared he's hurt her.

Draco tried to rush after her shouting her name but she was gone before he could even reach her.

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