Taking Chances

Chapter Twelve

Falling Into You

The two weeks had past and Hermione was packed and ready to go back to the Burrow. Draco was not pleased with Hermione's decision to go back to the Burrow; he had tried many times to get her to change her mind however Hermione had decided she was going back to the Burrow.

Hermione thought it best for the time being she went back to the Burrow while Draco and herself sorted out their relationship. She had spent of the night before trying to explain to Draco that she wanted to be sure in their relationship before moving in and she didn't want to just move in just because she was pregnant.

It was Sunday morning and Draco was not in the best of moods. Hermione's bags were packed and she wanted to go. They had ate breakfast with his parents who were both a little sad to see Hermione leave but kept their feelings to themselves.

'Ready?' Hermione said as she looked at Draco.

'No.' He said as he crossed his arms.

'Draco, we've been over this.' Hermione said as she walked towards him. 'It's not like I probably won't be back in a few months.'

'Then why leave?' He replied as he sighed. 'I just would feel much more comfortable knowing you were here.'

'I'm safe at the Burrow Draco. Molly is there all day and maybe I can stay over here sometimes.' She said as she wrapped her arms around his waist. 'Please?'

'Fine.' He grumbled as he kissed her head.

Draco sent Hermione's luggage through floo back to the Burrow and then stepped in and pulled Hermione into him and flooed. As they arrived they were welcomed by the whole Weasley family.

As Hermione stepped out the floo she was passed from red head to red head for hugs while Draco stood awkwardly watching. Everyone of the Weasley's commented on how well she looked and how her bump had grew. Draco didn't like it when the Weasley men touched her stomach and he slightly growled in his throat which didn't go unnoticed by Ginny.

Ron and Harry took Hermione's bags back to her room while Mrs Weasley put on some tea and asked them about how they had spent their time in the last two weeks. After having tea, Draco decided he would leave; he felt uncomfortable in the Weasley's home and now he knew Hermione was back and settled in, it was his time to leave.

The Weasley left Hermione and Draco in the living room while Hermione said goodbye.

'I'll write to you tonight.' Hermione said as she snuggled into his welcoming arms. 'Maybe this week we could go to dinner?'

'And will you stay at the Manor if we go to a late dinner?' He asked as he rubbed her back.

'Maybe.' Hermione said as she smiled up at Draco. 'I want to take this slow. Whatever this is between us, I want it to work. I want it to work for us and for our daughter. I want her to grow up with us being together, living together and hopefully married to each other.'

'And that's what I want.' Draco said as he kissed Hermione's head. 'I just don't want to miss out on your pregnancy and watching you grow with our child and while you're here I miss out.'

Hermione felt guilty, Draco had a point. By living at the Burrow she was leaving Draco out. She looked up at Draco and learned up and kissed his lips softly.

'Can you give me a little while? Not long I promise.' She said as she looked at him.

'I'll try.' He said as he pulled her closer to him and pressed a kiss on her head. 'Write to me tonight Hermione; I'll miss you when I return to the Manor.'

'I'll miss you too.' She said as she stepped back from him and he stepped into the floo.

'I love you.' He said and then he flooed back to Malfoy Manor.

Once Draco was gone and Hermione had composed herself she walked through to the kitchen and joined the whole Weasley family for Sunday lunch. Molly always made a Sunday roast and Hermione was glad to be home; for a short while anyway.

After lunch, Ginny helped Hermione unpack her bags back into their rightful place and then left Hermione to have an afternoon nap. Hermione although happy to be home did miss Draco an awful lot. She struggled to fall asleep and after an hour of resting and not sleeping she went into Ginny's room.

'I thought you were sleeping?' Ginny said as she sat down on her bed inviting Hermione to do the same.

'I can't.' Hermione said.

'Got use to Draco's bed?' Ginny said with a wink.

'Not in the way you think.' Hermione said as she placed her hands on top of her stomach. 'I'm high risk so no hanky panky for us.'

'Does that mean you would if you could then?' Ginny asked giggling like a school girl.

'Maybe.' Hermione said as she stuck out her tongue. 'I do miss the intimacy.'

'Don't you want to live with Malfoy?' Ginny asked.

'I do.' Hermione said as she sighed. 'I want to, it's not that I don't want to I just think it's too fast. Don't you think it is?'

'No.' Ginny replied. 'You're having his baby Hermione, he obviously loves you and wants to take care of you and I know you love him so why not. Why not take that chance?'

Hermione looked at Ginny and nodded. Maybe she should have stayed. She couldn't go back now though, not after she told him she wanted to go back to the Burrow.

Hermione spent the rest of the evening missing Draco and wanting to go back to the Manor. Her mood had changed and everyone noticed. She removed herself from dinner and went up to her room. Molly sent Ginny up with food for Hermione and wanted the plate clean when she returned it which made Hermione smile; Molly simply wanted the best for her.

Once Hermione had finished her plate, she placed it on her bedside table and grabbed her leather diary. She opened it to the middle and started to write to Draco.

What would you say if I said I wanted to come back? I miss you already and I know I'm not going to sleep tonight. Would it be weird to say the Burrow no longer feels like home?

My bed feels empty and small. My room seems tiny and dark and did I mention I miss you?

I know I said I wanted a month but I don't! I want to be with you and take that chance.

You said you loved me before you left and I love you too. I want this to work Draco, I really do. I don't know where you are right now or what you're doing but I'd like to speak with you.

Once Hermione had finished her note to Draco, she lay down in her single bed and sighed. She waited and waited some more for his reply but it never came and then she fell asleep.

Three hours later, just after Midnight, Hermione awoke to find a shadow sat in the chair beside her bed. She grabbed her wand quickly and was about to shout a spell when a voice shouted.

'It's me!' The voice said as he grabbed her wand from her hand.

'Draco!' Hermione said as she sat straight up in bed. 'What the hell are you doing here?'

'You wrote to me and I came.' He said as he smiled. 'Miss me already?'

'Of course I did. We both did.' She said as she looked down at her bare pregnant stomach. 'I'm sorry I came back here. I should have stayed.'

'Well if it took you coming back here to find that out I am pleased you did.' Draco said as he learnt forward and kissed Hermione. 'Shall we go?'

'We can't! Not now.' Hermione said as she yawned. 'It's too late. Anyway how did you get in?'

'Mrs Weasley let me in.' He said. 'Well if we can't go, I'm not leaving you alone here. Move over.' He said as he yanked off his shoes and pulled his shirt and trousers off.

Draco squeezed into Hermione tiny bed and spooned her from behind. He wrapped his arm around her rounded stomach and laid his hand flat against it trying to feel his child move. Hermione smiled as she snuggled into him and smiled.

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