Today Castiel had a challenge set before him.

It was time to introduce Dean to music!

He thought it would be a good way to lead him into the finer things in society, to see that he doesn't have to cling to his wilderness so much. And plus, it would be a good way to learn English if he tries repeating the songs.

Even before he entered the cage he found Dean's form climbing up a tall tree, losing the sight of him into the green leaves.

"Dean! Please, come down." –Castiel called for him as soon as he stepped inside, setting the portable CD player on the grass clad earth.

A rustle of leaves was heard, and Dean came jumping down the ground, rushing his way to the doctor on all fours.

Castiel smiled as Dean stopped before him and offered his head for petting by pushing it into the doctor's hand.

He could scold, Dean, tell him this isn't right, ignore his requests to be pet, shame him for his wild side, force him to understand that this isn't what humans do, but he simply couldn't.

First because it would shut Dean off completely, when he has just started opening up to the cultural ways of society, second, because this is Dean's way of showing that he trusts someone and third...

Because he looks unexplainably loveable with half lidded eyes, a smile of content and slight purr as his fingers card through the short, blond strands.

"I have something new today, Dean." –Castiel repeated the phrase he always said when he tried something new with Dean, trying to burn that statement in his mind so he could recognize the meaning.

"Pie!" –Dean shouted the word with gleaming eyes.

"No, not pie." –And Dean's smile faltered as he recognized the 'no' and 'pie', connecting them.

"Look. It's a music player." –Castiel simplified the meaning, gesturing towards the small, rectangular player.

Dean furrowed his brows, slowly detached himself from Castiel's hand and crawled his way to the box, surrounding it in a slow circle, eyes never leaving the curious thing.

"No, Dean, don't!"- Castiel gave shout of surprise as Dean bit into the player's handle, giving him a wide-eyed look of innocence.

Castiel scoffed half-heartedly and went to crouch beside Dean.

"It plays music. Do you understand music?" –Castiel tried rousing an answer from Dean.

"Muuusic." –Dean simply repeated the word, but it was good enough for Castiel.

"I will show you. You listen." –He said softly and tapped his ears to indicate what Dean should pay attention to.

Castiel picked a random radio station and set the volume to really low, as to not fright Dean.

Alas, it was fruitless, as Dean immediately backed away with a hiss, his back raising upwards, much like a cat would in danger.

"It's alright. Look. It doesn't hurt." –Castiel said quietly to show Dean it doesn't affect him.

Dean looked at Castiel for a second, and slowly as if he saw what he needed in his eyes, his crouch softened, back dropping in his usual bent form, and slowly but surely crawled his way to Castiel and the player.

Once there, he lowered his head and laid his ear over the small speaker, his eyes still connected to Castiel's.

A small smile graced his face, until it kept growing and Dean was full on smiling with so much warmth and happiness.

Castiel couldn't help the smile that tugged on his lips, seeing Dean's expression of wonder and amazement at one of the simplest parts of culture.

It was Dean he decided that he will show and teach Dean how wonderful life really was.


It was to clip away Dean's most prized connection he held with his animal self.


It was time to clip away Dean's nails. Which were more like claws by now.

The long, sharp, dirty, dark with mud and earth nails. The same ones that he used to walk (read: crawl) with, climb trees with, hunt with, eat with.

Castiel tried convincing himself that he wasn't scared. That he was a professional, that he's handled far worse and dangerous situations before.

But, the claws were Dean's pride, they were almost a second limb.

But, he needed to be free of them, as they were more caging him than liberating when faced with the prospect of becoming a member of society.

So, today as Dean listened to the music player with a happy smile, head bobbing slightly in the beat of the music, Castiel felt sad to have to disrupt his little bubble of joy.

"The band you are listening to, Dean – Castiel said and tapped his ear again – is called Led Zeppelin. They play rock music." –Castiel explained, as it seemed Dean became most fond with this particular radio station that mostly played classical rock, and when Led Zeppelin began to play, he always seemed to perk up, recognizing the voice and music.

"Good. Music." –Dean said with a little difficulty, smile still intact.

"Yes." –Castiel said the words Dean came to remember as approval.

Sure enough, Dean perked up again, pleased to have done good, smile revealing a set of gleaming white teeth (courtesy of Dean's previous doctor, right before his hand got bit off).

"Dean, we will do something new today."


"No, we are already doing that." –Dean's face went puzzled, cocking his head to one side as he noted the 'no'.

"Give me your hands." –Castiel said and reached for Dean with open arms.

Although, Dean didn't understand his words, he understood his gesture, and happily crawled his way to Castiel, nuzzling his face into the doctor's chest, purring slightly, taking Castiel's words as an offer for petting.

Castiel flushed bright, feeling stupid for not being more straight forward. He looked downwards the golden skin on Dean's back, feeling the rumble of his throat vibrate through his chest.

He could almost picture a tail wiping back and forth from just over the tight, soft curve of Dean's ass.

And he really should get his 'poker face' back in order, as so much physical contact with a man who couldn't speak or understand his words had made him go soft.

While he made other things go hard.

"Dean..." –Castiel sighed in a troubled manner, and Dean picked up on the emotion of his voice, raising his face from the man's rumpled shirt, personal space be gone, and to stare at him with bright, bright eyes, and Castiel could pick out every single freckle and eyelash.

"I need to clip your nails. Here." –He said with a gravely tone, and rummaged through his pocket, lifting a small nail clipper.

Dean eyed the small metallic item with nothing more than curiosity, as it was not big nor seemingly threatening.

Castiel felt a small wave of relief wash through.

He slowly took Dean's hand up from the ground, where Dean still supported himself, took the hand in his own and with a quick movement clipped one nail off.

Which ended up being a bad decision.

Dean was on him in a second, a loud, panther like cry as he whipped his hand across Castiel's face leaving a long line of deep scars, and just like he attacked, he ran to cower behind a tree, his whole body tremoring.

Castiel breathed heavily as he realized what had happened, feeling the sudden rush of pain, raising a hand to clutch at his face, watching blood slick through his fingers.

His breath hitched at the pain, but there was also another kind of pain, the pain that came with the understanding that Dean had attacked him, that Dean didn't trust him.

He shut his eyes in pain, and made to stand up, but a sudden rush of pressure had him pinned down, falling with his back on the ground with a thump.

He opened his eyes to see Dean hovering over him, arms on either side of his fallen head, legs wide open around his hips, and a look of utter grief in his eyes.

"Sorry, Cas. Sorry." –Dean spoke quietly, his words slipping through with difficulty, but what matters is he tried.

"It's alright, Dean. It was my fault." –Castiel replied hoarsely, but honestly. He knew he should have found some way to explain to Dean what he was going to do before he did it. But, he let himself trust blindly.

"Cas..." –Dean said with a strangled voice that surprised Castiel, almost like he was choking a sob.

Castiel being left speechless, Dean took the chance and slowly dipped his head lower, until his nose brushed against Castiel's, sending light shivers through him.

And Castiel was surprised for the second time that evening, but in a good way.

Dean's tongue peeked through his lips and ran up slowly through one of the lines of blood on his cheek, then down, then turned his attention to another, sucking briefly where the wound was still fresh, making Castiel inhale sharply.

With soft, kittenish licks Dean worked his way over the wounds, practically in the way panthers offered each other comfort, cleaning each other's wounds.

But what panthers didn't do, couldn't, was what Dean did next.

He slid his soft, bruised lips downwards until he came in contact with Castiel's slack open mouth where his breathing run rapidly.

And Dean closed his mouth over his, swallowing down any hitches and moans that threatened to escape.

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