**Author's note? What author's note? **

When I became cognizant from what felt like a long sleep, I was standing in front of a large window. Out that window, I saw nothing but a white abyss, a seemingly tasteless outside setting.

I pulled my hands out of my pockets from where I must've had them shoved in while I admired this nothingness in insentience. Where am I? That was the only question I could ask, blinking at the glass pane.

Finally, I decided to turn around to take a gander at the room. I was shocked to see there was absolutely nothing – just a room colored with grays, white, and black. Not only did this made me feel uncomfortable, I felt the need to cry – I felt alone, alone!

I lifted my hand up to my bangs to push them out of the way, but jumped when I saw it. My skin… was such a depressing shade of gray!

Why was I seeing in black and white? I asked myself that over and over as I looked at my clothes, seeing that they weren't their usual colors. I broke out into a cold sweat, panting before I tried to make a whimper – but no sounds could be produced by my vocal cords.

I stumbled backwards until I hit the window, sliding down the wall to the floor, where I proceeded to cry. I felt…empty, sad, and confused… like I was going insane. The feeling that you get when you can't see color, when you can't speak – I wanted to scream!

Finally, I brought my hands away from my face before I saw something on the wall to my left.

White chalk scribbled on the wall to make an arrow, telling me to head into the room in front of where I was currently sitting. When did that get there, and why was it there?

For some reason, I trusted the arrow, slowly getting up and walking into the next room.

A screen door with a chalk heart caught my attention first, scaring me a little. I tried looking inside, but all I saw was another gray wall – the sickening color still making my own heart race.

I turned and faced the rest of the room – a kitchen. The chalk on the walls depicted arrows pointing up and down at the cabinets. After going through all of them, I found only one thing – a key. It fell onto my face while I was looking at a top cabinet – the last one I was going to go through, as the rest were empty – causing me to fall backwards onto the floor in fright.

Picking it up, I admired how plain it looked – the general key shape in a white color. I looked back up at the walls, seeing all of the chalk had been replaced with one arrow pointing to a door opposite the counters.

Little by little, I inched over to the door and unlocked it, opening to see that it was a bathroom. Right next to a kitchen? How awkward.

I saw another key in the sink, but as I reached in to grab it a sound caused me to jump – I became dizzy from the sudden speed increase my heart just had before I hit the floor.

The sound….I thought I heard breathing… I though I heard my name. Someone calling me in a quiet voice – "Alfred, Alfred, why are you still downstairs, Alfred?"

I regained consciousness, looking up at the ceiling in distress. I wanted to leave, I wanted to yell a demand to be released, but my vocals still weren't working.

After a while I was on my knees again, looking at the sink to see the key was gone. Since it wasn't in my hand, I assumed I dropped it and let it fall down the pipe. Damn it. I hope there's a wrench or something around here…

I left the bathroom and went back into the room I first awoke in, seeing some stairs that I missed earlier. After trying to look up to see what else there was, I gave in and began climbing them.

The first door I saw had a one scribbled on it in chalk, same with its neighboring door that had a two. I mindlessly entered the first door, seeing the room had another window, a door, and a dresser. I dashed over to the door, trying to open it, but threw my arms down in frustration when I found it was locked.

The pictures on the wall next to me caught my attention. A picture equation – key plus open door equals one human, but it does not equal key open door plus two humans.

Not only did it confuse me, it frightened me even more. Where in the hell is this place?

I decided that it'd be best to try and find another way out, so I dug through the dresser only to find another key in the middle drawer. It was just like the last key I used; except it had a tag attached at had the number two.

I left the one room and stood in front of the second, about to unlock the door when I heard the voice again – "Alfred…what took you so long?" I looked around, only to see that there was a door behind me with a head drawn on in chalk. Disturbing, very disturbing.

My sweaty hands still turned the key, twisted the knob, and pushed the door open. I needed to hurry and leave, hurry and leave…

In front of me was another dresser; to the right was a window.

Standing before that window was probably the most terrifying sight I'd ever seen. I tried to scream, even though I had to vocals, and once again I found myself on the floor.

A mannequin… with no head, and a heart shape cut out where the human heart stays, covered in light gray blood! Breathing – I saw it breathing!

The hell, what is that?

Nothing happened for a minute or so before its arm shot up, pointing at the wall next to it, as if it wanted me to see something.

I shook my head, trying to say that I didn't want to be here anymore, but the mannequin only shook his finger at the wall.

Standing back up took forever, getting to where I could see the chalk picture took even longer – but I wish I took even longer than I did.

There was the same heart drawing from the screen door, a slash, and then a head in front of an equal sign and an open door. I looked at the mannequin, realizing that it was missing both of the pictured items.

Then it clicked. Maybe it needed both of them before I could leave!

Just as I came to the realization, the mannequin scooted to where it was right next to me, as if it were telling me to hurry. Frightening, yes.

I scampered back to the dresser, quickly opening and closing drawers until I found another key and a wrench – convenient.

Since I couldn't speak, I pointed towards the stairs to try and tell the mannequin that was where I was going – but then I remembered it had no head. So I turned and left the room, expecting it to be there when I returned.

Wouldn't one almost fall down the stairs when they see a headless, heartless mannequin standing right behind them when they turn around? I was scared shitless, flying down the stairs to the bathroom so I could hurry and get the key. Every time I looked behind me, there was that damned mannequin!

It waited for me while I undid the sink pipe and gained the key, chasing me once again as I rushed upstairs to find another door.

The third door opened a room with two keys lying in the middle of the floor. I knelt down and picked both of them up, admiring the tags that were attached. One with the heart picture, the other with the head picture.

I turned around once more, seeing the mannequin standing there, clapping its hands in a bored manner. I swore I heard a voice say, "Good job, Alfred. Good job."

I looked back down at the keys, figuring they both led to rooms that had the needed parts for the mannequin. Which one would I go to first?

**There are two endings, the real ending and the alternate. Which one is which, however, is up to you. **